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Saturday. 1.19.08 2:15 am
Today started out alright. I finally got to sleep in. Having to wake up at 3am for 7 days straight took it's toll on me towards the end. I was awake at 7am today, but I dozed off and on until about 11am.

I got up, took a shower and waited for ma to get home from running her errands so that I could go out and get my check. Finally around 3ish, she got home, picked me up and we headed back out.

I got up to work, got my check, joked around with Jean for a minute, went back and said hi to Ed {who I hardly see anymore} then went into the breakroom to see if the new schedule had been posted. I knew it hadn't, but my intention was good.

Sam was chillin out in the breakroom, so I stayed in there and joked around with him for a few minutes. Haha, that's kind of the reason I went in there, but shhhh. You don't know that.

Anywho, Jean and I had been planning on going bowling Saturday night, but we ended up going tonight. It was fun. I haven't been bowling in over a year and it definitely showed. I already suck at bowling, but the second game I managed to score over 100. I got a whole, big 102. That's basically because of J {one of Jean's friends} who helped me out a little bit. I did all the bowling, but he told me to stand in a certain spot and it actually worked. I was also drinking, so that might have had something to do with the suckiness of my bowling. I know that if it had been helping, I would have scored higher.

It's a shame Sam isn't 21 yet ... we could have hung out longer. Though something tells me he probably would have gone home anyway. He worked today and is understandably tired.

He picked me up and dropped me off. The way he went was a longer distance from the way I usually go and I was happy to have the time with him. Not gonna lie. I felt myself starting to push my luck towards the end, though. I hope it didn't affect him too much. I really do want to just chill with him. He's a cool guy. But I always seem to screw it up somehow. I'll have to see what happens.

I suggested we go to the movies together at some point; seeing as how we both want to see Cloverfield. He's cool with it, we just have to figure out when we're both off work and have time.

I need to go up to work tomorrow to check my schedule and see when I go in Sunday. I really hope I'm off; I could use the third day to just catch up on sleep and relax, but something tells me that I'm not going to be so lucky.

TMI section coming up. Feel free to read, but don't complain afterwards.

I really need to get laid. It's been 6 months. There are 3, maybe 4 guys who I honestly wouldn't mind getting it from. The question is, will it happen? Probably not. I say maybe four because the guy I met tonight was really nice. And kinda cute. The odds of ever seeing him again? Probably about as high as actually geting laid from one of the other 3 guys I see on a more regular basis. Gah! I hate that I'm testing my will power. I want to just give in one night.

Alrighty, I do believe this post is far long enough. At least it was actually something to talk about rather than the usual "I'm bored. The day was uneventful" bullshit I write about.

Oh, I had a weird dream last night. I was being chased in a mushroom factory. I woke up just as the creepy-ass guy caught up to me. I hope I never have that dream again.

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entry for today
Thursday. 1.17.08 6:03 pm
Alright, I napped for a little bit, but due to my stupid addiction, I was up at 4 to watch It Takes a Thief. Damn addictions.

I'm off for the next two days! Yes! I have every intention on staying up later tonight {in hopes of actually talking to Tiffy} and sleeping in tomorrow. I do have to go out, but I will not be getting up early just to get things done. I can't cash my check at the Texas anymore {lame} so I don't have to worry about fighting a huge ass line. If I go out too late, the line at the bank will be kinda long, but I'd rather wait on that one than the one at the casino.

The plan Jean and I were working on for Saturday was to get people together to go bowling {since she knows a hell of a lot more people than I, it was basically up to her} but she hasn't been able to find anyone. The only other person who was going to go was Sam and he's sick. So it's looking like I'm not gonna go out ... again. I've lost count of how many times I was "going to be invited" and not. Or I was, but got a call saying the plans were canceled ...

Anywho, I haven't eaten anything yet today. I've been up for about 15 hours and have had no food. I've only had one 16oz cup of hot cocoa and 1 litre of water. It's not healthy, but whatever. It's not like I've never gone without food before. And I'll be eating dinner in about an hour.

Uhm, I had something else to say, but I completely forgot. I was going to do a pwp blog on my bug account, but I ended up not doing it. I didn't use any names so I should be good.

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Thursday. 1.17.08 1:12 pm
I can sleep now. Finally.

Real entry to come later.

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un plus de jour
Wednesday. 1.16.08 2:06 pm
Today was day 6 of 7. I dealt with my fair share of quilts, sheet sets, towels and washclothes. I finished my work about an hour before I was supposed to leave and I didn't want to stay on the floor, so I went into the warehouse and started pricing things. It gave me something to do that kept me busy and off the floor. I also didn't want to start something and not be able to get it finished in time for me to still clean up afterwards.

'Twas a decent day. I kept a casual face when Sam was mentioned as my boyfriend, but inside I was smiling at the thought. I also got to flirt around with Mario today. Everyone was in a good mood; there was no truck. All-in-all it was alright today.

The only thing was the effing wind. It made my ears go numb and my eyes water. I'm glad it's not sunny, but the wind is a little much.

In the next two weeks, I have to learn how to parallel park. I don't know why I have to learn. It's not like I'm ever going to need to parallel park. And if I'm ever in a situation were I need to, I'm sure there'll be some sort of parking nearby; I'm okay going the extra distance to avoid parallel parking.

Anywho, I had a very odd dream last night. I was at a bar in PI {Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney} and I ran into one of my teachers from high school: my junior year History teacher, to be exact. He was there with his best friend {who happened to be my senior year Trig teacher} and we were all happy to see one another. My ex-history teacher bought me a drink and eventually, I had a pretty good buzz goin on. Then we hooked up. To make this situation seem a little less weird ... he's only about 7 or 8 years older than I am. I wonder what would happen if the dream came true. It'd probably be weirder than the dream itself.

Okie, I'm done for today. One more day of work and then I can sleep in Friday. Woot!

** Oh yeah. The guy who founded Carl's Jr, Carl Karcher, died over the weekend. I only found out after I asked my mom why Carl's Jr was flying their flag half staff. And for those who can't put two and two together, they're flying their flags half staff in remembrance of the founder.

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what's new?
Tuesday. 1.15.08 2:08 pm
Absolutely nothing.

Ma drove herself to work today. She's not supposed to with the medication she's taking {which is actually supposed to help keep the swelling down and the blood from pooling; not for the headaches} but her excuse was that she hadn't taken it yet, so she was okay to drive. I just shook my head because there was no use in arguing with her. And she'll be driving herself home from work too {because "by then the meds will have worn off" so she'll be okay driving again *rolls eyes*}

She needs to go to the store after work to get dinner, but I don't want her to drive that far, so I told her I'd drive her. The store actually isn't that far, but she's not supposed to be driving and she'll be taking her meds again after she gets home. I need the time anyway. And what better parking lot to practice parking in than Wal-Mart at 3:30 in the afternoon. Ha, should be interesting.

I'm working on day day 5 of 7 days straight. It's getting a little harder to get up in the morning. But I'll survive. Hell, it's only getting up at 3am. What's so hard about that? {note the sarcasm}

I was kind of all over the place today. Starting out with the truck, then ... doing something ... I suddenly don't remember what I did between truck and the toys. Huh; weird.

Anywho, after that I headed into toys to help Jean out. I was up on the ladder putting toys on the risers {the very top shelves} so that we could make room for summer items. When I was done with toys, I headed over and had to shove 8 cases of pillows {64 altogether} into where they belong. Who would have ever thought squishing pillows was exhausting.

I work tomorrow at the same time; 4am. There was originally supposed to be a truck tomorrow, but now they're saying it might not come. I hope it doesn't. I have a bunch of domestics to get out on the shelves. Where I'm going to put it? I haven't a clue. But with no truck, it should give me the extra time I need to find space.

Uhmmm, movies. I want to see Cloverfield and Juno. Will I? Probably not. At least not until they're out on DVD. I also want to see Sweeny Todd, but I already know that's going to wait. There was something else I wanted to see, but I can't remember what. Oh well.

Alright, I think I'm done for today.

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Monday. 1.14.08 12:35 pm
I can't think of a good enough title for this entry and I'm too lazy to figure out what number post this is. Somewhere close to 600. That's about all I know.

Anywho, work was alright today. I worked with a bunch of baby stuff and domestics {towels, rugs, matts, etc.}

I had to leave work a half hour early though. Ma hit her head on a 1/4in thick screw and it was bleeding for about 45 minutes. A couple hours after the incident and when her headache worsened, her boss released her and told her to go to the doctor. I left early because I needed to drive her home.

It's the first time I've driven since the car accident back in August. And before that I don't remember when I last drove. The Pontiac is actually easier to drive than the Nissan we had. The only thing the car needs is a tune-up. I've got just over 2 weeks until my road test. As long as I keep driving {and practice parallel parking} I should have no issues passing the test.

Uhm, I completely lost my train of though so I'll write again whenever.

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