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1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Announcement ....
Monday, May 7, 2007
There's nothing to be anticipated about the announcement. What I wanted to announce is that I will be making a birthday wishlist. Yes and it's 4 months away from my birthday. The reason I make this wishlist is because Mr. A asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I could not answer him. That's not because I don't know what I wanted. I know what I wanted but that cannot be achieved monetarily.

So I decided to make a wishlist so that friends out there will have a better understanding of me.

I have made the list but my friend got freaked out. So I will reviewing the list again before putting it on the blog. But don't worry.

I'm not a financial vampire.

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Feed Me!
Sunday, May 6, 2007

I came back from my business trip from Penang. Although it was short, I really enjoyed it despite not having any sales but as the saying goes all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. My Japanese ex-collegmate from Seberang Prai came all the way to Gurney area just to meet me up .... My friend treated me to Asam Laksa and gave me a ride to the bus terminal... and I really had a great time there. Thank you guys!

The next day I went to have dinner with jolenesiah at a Korean restaurant. And I was looking forward to read her blog about the Korean food we had and some rumbles about me ....

An announcement will be made soon. And guys ... please be prepared. That's because I have already freaked out one friend with my pre-announcement.


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I Love U
Friday, May 4, 2007
I Love U.

I seriousyly Love U.

I will Love U no matter what.

I really Love U.

I really do Love U.

I will always Love U.

I will always Love U for what you are.

I Love U at the first sight of seeing U.

I'm not joking if I say I Love U.

I Love U.

I Love U because U r the cutest thing I have ever seen in May 2007.

I Love U for just being the cutest Jack Russell puppy I have ever encountered.

Just my expressions for my neighbour's Jack Russell puppy.

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Please don't kill my brain cells
Wednesday. 5.2.07 9:45 am
I had a rather long holiday from work this week. Imagine yesterday was Labour Day and today is another public holiday for Wesak day. And then tomorrow I will be attending some workshop. And then the next day I will be heading to Penang with my manager-who-wants-face.

Although it's a long weekend, I spent those hours replaying my conversation with two people I had earlier before the holidays. One is with the office jerk and the other is someone from damn famous environmental NGO worldwide. Let's start with the office male jerk.

If you have been following my blog entries, you will definitely know I have a renaye 'fan' out there who calls my office just to say hi to me. He called me on Monday - again. He really freaks me. Which fan will constantly call you to say hello?? If it's on my cell, I'm less freaky. I told that jerk to reveal every caller of mine before forwarding to me... so I could always be mentally prepared ... not only to my fan but to all of my clients.

So I innocently answered the call. And yay! it's from my fan. No choice. Have to keep on talking. I told him in a nice way that I'm not interested to have a boyfriend at the moment and I'm only interested to be ou friend ONLY. He said no worries because all girlfriends and boyfriends started out as friends FIRST. Wah ... so positive thinking. Bad for me. And then I told him I can't talk to you long because I'm coughing and having flu. Then he said I got sick because of my monthly p.e.r.i.o.d. Excuse me? I can't get sick because I was drenched in the rain from head to toe twice?

I managed to bat him off. And that male jerk was laughing while listening to my conversation.

I told the jerk to please think of my safety nicely. If my fan could think of calling me up, there's always a possibility of him showing up at my office. Don't worry. If he did that, I will invite you all to my funeral. That jerk laughed at the SAFETY word. Do you, especially if you are a girl, think it's funny? I asked him if you have ever been stalked before? He said yes. Ok. Good. Then why are you not understanding my feelings?

He added "But I'm a guy. So what if the girl rape me? I got nothing to lose" in an stupidest male egoistic manner. That point fried my brain cells. I realised I'm working with a guy that doesn't care of his fellow workmate safety. I feel like I'm in a danger zone. I feel sad for him. I feel sad for his future girlfriend.

Even I - an "oppresser and a surpresser" of guys' rights - won't make a joke like that. I would just tease guys but not jeopardising my male friends' safety and trust in me.

And then my mind wandered to my other workmates. And then I realised I'm all alone - all alone - in my working environment.

The second conversation I had was actually more of a correspondence. I was asking him if my mother, a fulltime housewife, could participate in his volunteer project in conserving the turtles in Melaka. You know what he said?

"Sorry if I addressed you incorrectly (i hope you don't mind cause i was simply adopting the name attached to the email address). Don't worry we do take in people from diverse backgrounds. Our only concern here is that bare in mind that it's nothing like a holiday, as this is hardcore field conservation work and it can get very physical and the conditions are not at all condusive for a normal living. I'm not sure if you would one to put your loved one through all that cause it may be very challenging; but only for those who are not used to the camping environment."

I have informed my mum the conditions before asking the guy if my mum could volunteer. Do you think she's that weak. What if my mum is just 40 years old and been on those 4 wheel drive in Siberia? Man. Don't judge a book by its cover.

And worse thing is this guy don't bother to see my name signature of my email. And you got the guts to say you are adopting the name attached to my email address. So unprofessional. So what if I'm a Tan Sri and my honourable title is not attached to the email? Man. You got to think further than your turle nest.

That's all for the complains.

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Whatever Monday
Monday, April 30, 2007
I'm having flu and cough. It sucks and I'm at work. That sucks more.

I think my blog need a new outlook but I got no idea what to do with it. So at the mean time, I might just make everything transparent because I'm just too tired to look at flowery backgrounds. And it sucks that I can't manage to get modules on the right not only on the left. Man. I'm mad.

And before starting work, I was telling one of my workmates that we shouldn't bother about arrogant and backstabbing people due to karma. So I asked the male jerk in my office to explain what is karma knowing he knows much more than me. But then, I was under torrential attack verbally by gibbering that some Chinese religions don't believe in Karma ... Indian religions don't believe in Karma ... and damn ... Chinese don't believe in karma. What the hell??

I have never ever been this mad on a Monday MORNING. So I declared WAR on him by not talking to him the whole day. This has alleviated my mood tremendously and I feel so much happier.

That jerk deserves it. Bwahahahaha.

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Meow is Alive!
Friday. 4.27.07 9:20 am
Meow people.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog although you will be wondering what happened to my wallpaper and the transparency. Right. I was just experimenting with the css codes for the past few days. Haha. What You See Is What I Did. Haha. Of course, this time it's another failure.

I just can't seem to have left and right modules. I cut and paste a lot of css codes onto my blog and no results. Damn tired.

And ... there's no internet in my house at the moment. No idea what happened but the technicians are working on the problem.

And ... I'm having sore throat. Right. Hopefully I don't get fever.

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