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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Car Crash in SB!
Tuesday. 2.22.05 7:52 am
At approximately 11.30a.m, the tranquil school environment was shattered. A light blue honda (i've got no idea issit a honda) crashed into the stairs leading from the workshops up to the foyer of the School of Business block in Singapore Polytechnic.

The Honda driven by a student was driving up the slope when it veered off course and rammed onto the handrails. The cause of the accident was unknown. The driver was alone and not injured.

Somewhere on the 3rd floor overlooking the scene of accident, witnesses described the accident.

Mr Goh JK: "Wah, jialat must pay the school liao"

a student who only wants to be known as T: "What's the licence no? Buy 4D!"

Merrick: "Wah, cool sia lah. Interesting!"

The outcome of the situation is unknown as the writer had to return and pay attention to class.


BSG results are out. improved. but so sad that my earnings kenna wiped out by my interest payments. became loss. haiz.


Bball IVP in sch today~! so many tall tall cool guys. shuai or not, not really sure. too tired and walked by too quickly. was in the vacinity coz was painting banner for SB club, D&D. paint till the uncle wanna lock the clubhse le. so tired. painted from 3? till 8.30. shag man.


and i think i wu yuan wu gu kenna yrbk sai gang again. bleh. just my luck i promised Ken kwan to help out just yest. freak. some weird hosting thingy. geez...

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Monday. 2.21.05 9:25 am
Q: wat is the easiest way to shut Jana, Lifen, Joan, Aud and me up, ie: total silence?


Jana's on Business Times~! and Hock, and li shang and jonathan and leonard! dun play play arh~! it is THE BUSINESS TIMES. our most fantastic NTU Financial Trading Games winners (sg tertiary level). reading the article, its pretty much Chris's standard speech. and some blurbs from the articles Chris made every one of the winner write. I'm pretty sure Hock din say "hone our reflexes". lol~ not his style. no doubt all these pple will be on THE LIST all financial companies will be considering employment for. haiz.....the rat race has began, and mi, right at the bottom of the rat race. depressing.


watching too many movies, popping too much pop corn. gaining too much weight. cheated out of too much of my feelings. kenna cheated by the gang. coz they promised to watch Constantine with moi but in the end watched Hide and Seek. this is the 2nd time~! first time was when my Constantine was sub-ed by I Do I Do. so sad. shall find other kakis to watch with mi. since they so against Keanu Reeves. bleeah.


trading today. sad to say that today is the only day i'm more or less awake/conscious/not as hao pian and i still only got +1 p/l. sadded sia. Jia you jia you~! credit v qi chum, MUST jia you! o yes~ and the culprit that spread to everyone that i super hao pian last week or wat is kuku T, according to Aud whu also spread that i v blur. bloody hell gang up bully me. realised that estimation works eh~! i know huizi also think that i v hao pian.. haiz. wat to do~


there's a (relatively) new store at Jurong Pt~ that sells toys. those kind u put in coins and turn the knob and your mystey toy falls out in a capsule. kinda ex~ but there's some Nightmare b4 Xmas figurines. got myself fan tuan hp chain~! got ebi fan tuan, egg fan tuan, and mei zi fan tuan!! sooooooo cute! (^___^)V


while evreyone was dreaming the TOTO dream. my aunt's boss, whu operates a car showroom at Kembangan....no he did not win TOTO grand prize, but he's been winning 4D every week since CNY. 25k for the first time and 7.5k the last time. rich pple are getting richer, also getting neow-er. din even give kai gong angbow. new year buffett at her place where she invite alot of guests, she only got 5 dishes incl the dessert. and was catered by her bro-in-law, aka cheap. but still not nice.


Ans: Ben and Jerry Ice cream for each of us~! bought b&j ice cream at GV. everyone was concentrating v hard on our ice creams and ignoring the screen. lol~!

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