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Sunday. 2.3.08 10:03 pm
Why do some actors have to be sooo effing attractive? It annoys me that I won't ever get a chance to even meet them, let alone do anything with them. Grr.

Anywho, It was incredibly slow today at work. I already knew it was going to be because of the Super Bowl. I would not have wanted to be working at Wal-Mart on a day like this.

I woke up this morning feeling very sick to my stomach. I have no idea what it was that caused it, but I was dealing with quite strong lower abdominal cramps. At one point I almost threw up, but since I have trouble throwing up and I hadn't eaten anything yet, nothing came up. I'm fine now. It was just really odd.

I watched a majority of the Super Bowl commercials on myspace, but the ones that didn't catch my interest immediately, I didn't bother watching. I loved the Wall-E commercial and the screaming animals commercial. Some of the others made me smile or chuckle slightly, but it's not something that I'd want to see over and over.

Oh, so I think I might have a solution to telling my cousin about my thinking his friend is cute. I'm going to go with one of three solutions. One, simply telling him {I'm opting for this one most.} Two, not telling him at all {this is my second favorite option.} Or three, casually mentioning it to my mom and hoping she says something to my aunt who in turn will say something to my cousin {this one seems far too complicated to actually work that simply, so I think I might go with option one.}

I'll be home all day tomorrow. Who knows what'll go down. But fear not fellow NuTanger, I shall inform you of how my day goes.

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semi-late post
Saturday. 2.2.08 11:08 pm
I say semi-late because it hasn't gone past midnight.

Today was my cousin Matt's 21st birthday. Not that it really means much because it seems he's been drinking in public for the past couple years {according to pictures that I've seen.} I wished him a happy birthday and said I hoped he'd have fun today. I haven't actually talked to him since I was 11. It's sad, really, but whatever.

I haven't done my taxes yet. I guess I'll work on them Monday. The sooner I get them done, the sooner I'll get the pathetic amount back just to have it stored in my savings account for use at a later time. But hey, when moving, every cent counts.

As I said, I'm a little peeved that I have to work during the Super Bowl, but I'll get over it. Because the kickoff is later in the afternoon, if I'm lucky, I'll be home in time to see the last 15 minutes of the game. So I'll know who wins. I'm hoping it's the Patriots just so my mom is happy. It would help put her in a good mood. Otherwise I could really care less who wins the game.

Go figure that the two guys who like me, one is waaay too old, the other is married with 4 kids. This world is a little screwed up sometimes.

How do you tell your cousin you think his friend is cute ... without it being awkward?

Haha, my sister joked yesterday calling me 'emo' because of the placement of the scratch the cat gave me yesterday. It's a small horizontal scratch on the underside of my arm right up by where my wrist bends. It'll be more annoying when when it starts to heal and the constant bending of my wrist irritates it more.

Anywho, this has turned into a very random post, but everything must have an end at some point. This is that point.

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Friday. 2.1.08 9:28 pm
I couldn't think of a good enough title.

Today was ... well, let's just say there wasn't a good vibe in the house for a while. Ma was pissed, I was pissed and our two attitudes causes everyone else to be in not-so-good moods. After a while everyone simmered down, but I'm still very annoyed.

Anywho, I had a weird dream last night. I don't remember all of it. I just remember that I was at a club/venue where The Tribe was playing. I was there because I happened to be close friends with the lead singer, Steven Strait. About the only other thing I remember is that when they were taking a break and the DJ had temporarily taken over, he was in the crowd dancing with me. And at one point his arms were wrapped around me.

The funny thing about that dream is that part of it is true. The actor Steven Strait is commonly known in his roles as Caleb Danvers in "The Covenant," Warren Peace in "Sky High" and Luke in "Undiscovered." He'll be starring in the upcoming film "10,000 BC." He really is the lead singer for his band The Tribe. I only wish I knew him on a close, personal level.

I'm off work again tomorrow. My only plan is to do laundry. I'm a little bothered that I'll be working during the Super Bowl on Sunday, but I only really watch it for the commercials. I can only hope they did the same thing as last year by posting them on the internet. If not, I'm shit out of luck.

Till next time ...

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time wasted
Thursday. 1.31.08 11:04 pm
I'm such a lazy procrastinator; sometimes it's actually pretty funny. Other times ... not so much.

I have no idea what I'm referring to.

Today was spent relaxing. I didn't feel well for most of the day and now I know why. Mother Nature decided to 'work her magic' 5 days early. Damnit. I wish sex was the reason {as it has been more than once,} but alas, it's not. Again, damnit.

Anywho, Steve used his points to treat ma and I to lunch. We went to the Texas Buffet. I wasn't terribly hungry so I didn't get a whole lot. It's a good thing it didn't cost us anything otherwise my lack of an appetite would have been a waste of money.

Tomorrow is payday. I'm not sure when I'll be going out. Sometime after I get up; sometime before the bank closes.

Uhm, I'm glad NuTang is working again. I shall post again tomorrow.

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Wednesday. 1.30.08 5:51 pm
Sooo, I was going to try and avoid writing anything depressing today, but alas, the cards dealt have not allowed me to do so. I warn you now, I'm basically just going to be complaining so read at your leisure.

First, apparently 'the crew' hung out again, but was I informed? Not at all. How do I know they hung out again? Two of them were talking about it today.

I've pretty much accepted that pursuing Sam is a lost cause, but that doesn't mean I want to cut off all contact and friendship. It seems, as of late, that's how he wants it.

One of the people who I thought was my friend from Tucson, apparently isn't. Her deleting me from her friends just kind of added insult to injury.

I haven't talked to Tiffany in what seems like forever. I miss it, but I feel like I'd bring her high down just simply by talking to her. Which is why I haven't really attempted at contacting her lately. She's got so much good going for her right now, my boring, dullness would definitely not help.

I feel like the world is coming down around me. I thought things were starting to look up, but before I could get my hopes too high, the good feeling was trampled down.

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*yawn* *sigh* ugh
Tuesday. 1.29.08 7:32 pm
I don't think I wrote yesterday, but I honestly can't remember. Nor do I want to take the time to look.

Nothing happened yesterday.

I didn't have to be at work until 6am today which means I did actually get 5 hours of sleep last night, but for some reason, I've been very tired and lethargic today.

Even half-way through the truck, I was not as awake as I usually am once I've been working for a couple hours.

When I wasn't working on the truck, I was doing busy work stocking up the Valentine's candy. In my opinion, Valentine's Day is another waste of a holiday. About the only significance the day has to me is that it's my cousin's birthday. He'll be 17 this year.

The smell of the chocolate started to get to me about an hour before I was finished. It's a good thing I'm broke, otherwise I would have bought myself quite a bit of chocolate. Instead I bought two small boxes of 100 calorie pack of M&Ms and Twix.

I work tomorrow at 4am and then I'm off again until Sunday. This job is becoming bullshit. I didn't start working because I only needed some extra cash. This is the job I'm supposed to be living and surviving off of. I now know how I'm more broke now than I was in Tucson. Yeah, I'm getting paid the same, but I'm working less than half the hours here than I was in Tucson. It's bullshit.

Ugh, I have no emotion right now. And before this entry gets any worse I shall end it here.

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