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sad panda =[
Thursday. 2.7.08 2:50 pm
Today is my little step-brother's 13th birthday. I really wish I could wish him a happy birthday, but I can't. I haven't talked to him in close to three years because of his annoying, idiotic, doesn't-deserve-to-live mother.

The thing that upsets me most is that I will probably never see him or hear from him again.

I just hope he doesn't forget me. And that he's doing fine ...

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Wednesday. 2.6.08 7:25 pm
I layed down around 3pm-ish and I was out in no time. I had turned on the Discovery Channel so that on the off chance I did fall asleep, I could wake up during It Takes a Thief, which is on from 4-5pm. When I woke up, I heard Cash Cab, which meant it was sometime between 6 & 7pm. I figured it was just past 6pm. Nope. Wrong. I look at my phone to see that it was quarter till 7pm. Apparently I was more tired than I thought.

I'm still stressing over the money situation. Lori needs finances for school, otherwise she won't be able to graduate. We still need to feed the household. Everyday necessities need to be bought {ie: shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, toothpast, etc.} Bills still need to be paid. It hasn't become overwhelming yet, but just the idea isn't helping.

My headache has not subsided any. I try not to focus on my problems while I'm at work, but it only works to a small extent. I've got my own seperate set of issues when it comes to work. I'm still trying to prove myself worthy of being bumped up to full time so that I can get more hours and possibly a {well deserved} raise. Something that would most definitely help the home issue.

I have to make sure I keep my mind focused away from the guy who likes me. I know he likes me and I like him, but I can't let him cheat on his girl. He loves her; she's the mother of his very newborn child. But because it's been so long since I've gotten anything, I'm quite afraid I won't be able to stop him if he were to do anything. But right now, that's the very least of my worries.

Lotus is very slowly starting to get bigger. I've had her for a few months now, but because she's still small, she still only needs to eat once a month. Cil, Anthony's snake, is getting bigger. Mice are no longer enough to keep her fed. She needs to start getting small rats. When those are no longer enough, she'll start eating large rats.

Uhm, I guess that's it for today. I can't think of what else to write.

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Tuesday. 2.5.08 8:05 pm
I'm stressing over things that I really shouldn't be stressing over, but being the worrisome adult that I am, these things are constantly on my mind.

My mom is no longer employed. She was basically forced to quit due to a traitor in the company, who was supposedly a friend of mom. It's a complicated story and a personal one so I'm not going to go into details. This is one of the things I'm worried about. My pathetic paycheck cannot support the household. And even though mom said she's not expecting me to put anything towards it and not to worry about it, I'm afraid that something will go wrong.

I'm stressing because my road test is on Friday. I haven't driven a whole lot; it's not difficult; something I can pick up without an issue as soon as I get behind the wheel. I've not parallel parked though. And I don't like the idea of people watching me. I feel as though I'm being criticized and judged by complete strangers. I've always had a problem with stage fright. Even when I was in band, had my solos memorized and practiced continuously, when it came time to present them at a concert, everyone's eyes were on me. My heart would race and pound in my chest and it would cause me to shake. Whenever I'm being individually tested, this is the feeling that overcomes me. If a person knows me well enough, they can always tell when I'm nervous because I shake and shiver, as if cold. People who don't know me very well believe me when I just simply tell them I'm cold. They either don't think anything of it or just don't care otherwise.

I'm stressed because my hours at work at much too far and few between. Granted, I do enjoy sleeping in and staying up late, but when I don't have a life outside of my bedroom, the extra time seems pointless and wasted. I would like to say that will change once I'm a licensed driver, but having lived here for 7 months and still without friends and a very low amount of available money, I doubt very much if anything will change.

All of this unnecessary stressing has caused my constant headaches to once again become more prominent. What most people don't understand is that my headaches don't actually go away. I always have a headache, regardless if it's dull or severe. The level of happiness or stress is what determines how prominent and noticable the pain is. 11, 12 years is a long time to have a headache.

I haven't been laid in 7 months. I haven't barely even been touched in that long. I know that this is something that shouldn't bother me too much, but I'm putting a strain on my will power. At the beginning I thought it would be easy to resist. I'm finding that testing my will power, to see if I can beat my record of going 9 months without, is quite a task to achieve. It seems like I'm wasting my energy on this type of thing, but I want to feel wanted. I like feeling as if I'm wanted. Even if it's not in the relationship sense.

Alright, I've gotten a small chunk of things off my mind. Time to go attempt at sorting out the rest. Maybe tonight I'll be able to slow my mind down enough to get more than a few hours of sleep.

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endulgence & blue balls
Monday. 2.4.08 8:05 pm
Last night my sister walks into my room, picks up my remote and turns on HSN. That was around 10:45-ish pm. HSN remained on until just after 2 when I realized I was no longer watching jewlery. The jewelry didn't come on until midnight, but the lingerie that was on was nice. Kind of on the expensive side, but nice.

At midnight Endulgence Diamonds™ came on and it was just beautiful. The prices show that the diamonds are genuine. No immitations. I fell in love with the chocolate diamonds that they had. This is what I want. You see the price on it though? It's almost 3ct worth in genuine diamonds. My sister wants this for her wedding. It's just as expensive as the ring I want. Watching it was driving me crazy. In a sense I'm glad it was so expensive because I wasn't tempted to pick up the phone and my credit card. The lingerie was a little harder because, though still on the expensive side, I could still have afforded some of it.

Anywho, I sent my cousin a message telling him. For some reason, I think I've already told him about my thinking his friend is cute ... oh well.

Haha, I've explained the first part of my entry's title; you're probably wondering what the second part is about. I changed the balls on my tongue ring. I did have green glow-in-the-dark balls on. Now I have blue glow-in-the-dark balls. I'll change them back to green when St. Patty's Day comes closer.

Uhm, I had some other stuff to write about, but I suddenly can't remember. Oh well. I'll write about it when I do remember.

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Sunday. 2.3.08 10:03 pm
Why do some actors have to be sooo effing attractive? It annoys me that I won't ever get a chance to even meet them, let alone do anything with them. Grr.

Anywho, It was incredibly slow today at work. I already knew it was going to be because of the Super Bowl. I would not have wanted to be working at Wal-Mart on a day like this.

I woke up this morning feeling very sick to my stomach. I have no idea what it was that caused it, but I was dealing with quite strong lower abdominal cramps. At one point I almost threw up, but since I have trouble throwing up and I hadn't eaten anything yet, nothing came up. I'm fine now. It was just really odd.

I watched a majority of the Super Bowl commercials on myspace, but the ones that didn't catch my interest immediately, I didn't bother watching. I loved the Wall-E commercial and the screaming animals commercial. Some of the others made me smile or chuckle slightly, but it's not something that I'd want to see over and over.

Oh, so I think I might have a solution to telling my cousin about my thinking his friend is cute. I'm going to go with one of three solutions. One, simply telling him {I'm opting for this one most.} Two, not telling him at all {this is my second favorite option.} Or three, casually mentioning it to my mom and hoping she says something to my aunt who in turn will say something to my cousin {this one seems far too complicated to actually work that simply, so I think I might go with option one.}

I'll be home all day tomorrow. Who knows what'll go down. But fear not fellow NuTanger, I shall inform you of how my day goes.

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semi-late post
Saturday. 2.2.08 11:08 pm
I say semi-late because it hasn't gone past midnight.

Today was my cousin Matt's 21st birthday. Not that it really means much because it seems he's been drinking in public for the past couple years {according to pictures that I've seen.} I wished him a happy birthday and said I hoped he'd have fun today. I haven't actually talked to him since I was 11. It's sad, really, but whatever.

I haven't done my taxes yet. I guess I'll work on them Monday. The sooner I get them done, the sooner I'll get the pathetic amount back just to have it stored in my savings account for use at a later time. But hey, when moving, every cent counts.

As I said, I'm a little peeved that I have to work during the Super Bowl, but I'll get over it. Because the kickoff is later in the afternoon, if I'm lucky, I'll be home in time to see the last 15 minutes of the game. So I'll know who wins. I'm hoping it's the Patriots just so my mom is happy. It would help put her in a good mood. Otherwise I could really care less who wins the game.

Go figure that the two guys who like me, one is waaay too old, the other is married with 4 kids. This world is a little screwed up sometimes.

How do you tell your cousin you think his friend is cute ... without it being awkward?

Haha, my sister joked yesterday calling me 'emo' because of the placement of the scratch the cat gave me yesterday. It's a small horizontal scratch on the underside of my arm right up by where my wrist bends. It'll be more annoying when when it starts to heal and the constant bending of my wrist irritates it more.

Anywho, this has turned into a very random post, but everything must have an end at some point. This is that point.

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