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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Don't Cry
Tuesday. 4.10.07 11.36 p.m.
Don't Cry

Tip tap
the rain falls
like crystal stalactites
onto my face - painlessly - soundlessly

Tip tap
I stand still
With the rain rhythm
Playing its minuet specially for me
I saw the most picturesque view - enveloping me like a warm blanket
I smiled

Tip tap
The rivulets of crystals left
A gift I could ever need -
The sweet-bitterness elixir on my lips

My eyes greet the light -
To my left is a vast brownish empty land
Of remains of the past
To my right is the blackened vacant land
Of remains of the past
In front of me is the grayish bare land
Of remains of the past
And my back is the yellowish ruined land
Of no hope

If only this is a dream -
I would never trap in

Morning dews trickle to the ground
Only this time
They are mine

* I got nothing to do apart from revising for my exam. I thought I would compose a poem in conjunction with the Environmental day.

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My few Princes Charming ...
Saturday, April 7, 2007
Right. Don't you dare to say I'm snatching away your prince charming,jolenesiah .

I changed my mind to update my blog after asking jolenesiah what's up with her 'Dear Prince Charming' in every blog. She told me she just could not see her Prince Charming's appearance in her dreams.

And then I realised I could see mine in my dreams. In fact, I have dreamed a few Prince Charming in my dreams. What they did in my dreams is ABSOLUTELY my secret. Bwahahaha. But then ... it's usually the same person. I have actually seen this guy visiting me in my dreams like 5 times in 2 years and recently a few months ago. And yes, I remembered what were the dreams about of course. =p

But oh well. I think someone has visited me in my dreams as well.


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Gay Fiction wanted
Friday, April 6, 2007
Ok. I give up. I really give up.

I was actually trying to find a gay contemporary book that I have read 2 years ago. I went back to the library online search site to search for the book but I can't believe that I just cannot find it back. I clicked n every title and then did another search on a publisher site to read the sysnopsis.

I just could not believe my eyes that I just cannot find that book back. NO!!!!

The closest I can get is 'Joseph and the Old Man' by Christopher Davis. I did a search on the library site, there was no such title and author. How sad is that for my heart?

What's the story about?

It's about young boy who is raised in a high strata family becoming a sex pet to a quite old high class eligible gay guy. This old guy is only interested in this young boy but this young boy is just playing this old man. And at the same time, this young boy has an army lover who happens to be one of his maids's son. This young army fellow is really in love with this young boy.

But in the end, the young army died because he was killed in a battle. And then the young boy discovered that this old man is actually the father to his army lover. The old man was pressured to show interest in woman and happened to make the young boy's maid pregnant when she was young.

The story plot might look plain but the way the author puts it... they just take your breathe away.

So anyone out there. If you really happened to read and know what JOSEPH AND THE OLD MAN synopsis is. Please tell me!

Thank you very muchie.

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Genius? Not at all
Friday. 4.6.07 7.36 pm
I know many of you must be wondering why there's no post other than 2 images. Haha. That's because I didn't have the time to type any ellaboration other than cutting and paste the HTMl codes of these 2 images.

Oh well, bad news people. I'm not really a genius afterall. You see my genius score is just 127. And then Katrina got like 137. And a few more people got higher than me. So I'm just not a brainie as them. But then, let's look on the brighter side. If I'm too genius, then, I will be wanted by some err bodies that might want 1) to dissect my brain in the name of scientific experiment to investigate why I'm so smart; 2) to kill me because I'm 'exploiting' my genius mind that could threaten them [yes ... some smart people have been killed ... because the guy who sat behind me said that his lecturer is a wanted person by some body just because he's just an innocent genius]; 3) to simply possess my brain not for my beauty - darng!; and 4) eat my brain with the hope that they could be as smart as me as well [you know Sylar in the Heroes series? He did that to get other people's power] .

Testriffic IQ test

So 127 is the safest score for me! I'm safe!!! Yes!!!!

Oh I got nothing to do as well in the office so I took another test which is the personality test. Bwahaha I can't imagine I'm the Philosopher type.


Right people. You guys can condemn me as much as you want. I'm a genius afterall.


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Error codes ...
Wednesday, April 4, 2007
Hahaha. I know what are you guys thinking: what happened to my blog yesterday? Oh well, let's just say that this genius accidentally deleted one of the css codes that customize my site. And that was because I was trying to re-adjust the Nuffnang ad blogs on my site.

Oh well, this genius needs to get back to adjusting the blog ads on this site.

And that will be while watching Heroes - now.

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The day after April Fool
Monday, April 2, 2007
Hello people,

Bwahahahaha ... whoever commented that there was no advertisements on this blog are actually very wrong. There are actually 3 invisible blog ads on this very site and they are above this message. Don't ask me why they never reveal themselve. I have inserted the html tags for the ads yesterday but they just turned invisible on my site. I asked jolenesiah for verification as well. And might be because of that, Nuffnang that gave me the html tags are not monitoring my blog response.

Argh... don't tell me I have to play around with the tags because I'm so not in the mood when I only want to resume reading my storybook by Virginia Andrews called Secrets of the Morning. Anyone has read this book?

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