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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
I quote
Monday. 3.14.05 7:03 am
Lifen wrote:
Yanping: This lady here. English super good. Want to edit your project? Please find her, thank you. Lolx~~ She's very feminine and lady-like. But can be very childish sometimes. Haha~~ her handphone's "fan tuan". -_-" Committed to her school work and Yearbook Comm.

heh heh~ and ricky calls me "No ettiqute" and that i need to take 6 modules of ettiqute class.

T wrote:
Yanping - my machiam permanent projz grp mate... foreva editing my report cuz my english suxs.. i dun mind such a secretary in the future siaz.. lolz

i took the above 2 quotes from lifen's and T's blog. where they dissected and gave their vew of our classmates.

its really interesting.. how others have come to see ya in the 3 years in poly. no matter how u disagree or agree with the person's image of u. anyways, thot to continue with the pple i missed out from the first time i wrote abt the class pple. which was abt Aud, Fad, Ben, Hock, T, Joan.

using lifen's as order reference:

Eliz: out going, friendly girl whu always has alot of interesting accessories. rem the time Ktai called her teh addidas girl just becoz she has a few addidas items. and she got so bu shuang abt it. lol. think went out with her once, at downtown east? playing cards.. yep think thats abt it.

Faith: the ger whu aspire to be a jia ting zhu fu, thats a homemaker with her ah seng. she amazes me all the time. from her incessant questions that drives everyone nuts, to her devotion to christianity, to her ah seng (4years already?), to her dance at the achiever's ceremony, to her kind heartedness, to her passion for voluntary work (going to mongolia on 21april), to her thriftiness.

Huizi: competitive. yes, definately. put also a person whu puts in 110% in the things/pple she cares abt. violent to most of the guys in class, zhihan and co live in fear of her. lol.

Jaclyn: really cute mummy's girl. also top in honor roll and competitions. adorable and sweet character. remarkably hardworking and smart.

Jaiyme: siao girl whu is forever late, and forever saying hi to pple all over sch. peng you man tian xia. also someone whu keep calling herself gorgeous. lol.

Jana: someone whu has interests in everything. from kickboxing (or was it thai boxing?) to salsa, to tv's ruhua to bossa nova. a very re xin girl. always bringing me ard to places to cut hair lah, trim eye brows lah, etc. took me threading just now. damn pain sia lah.

John aka Johnny: Mushmallow~! always see him carrying huizi's bag fer her. kekeke

Kok Hong: Kok Hong is really cock! kok kok mee is really one lame guy. bth. really fast with association. forever making all of us luagh, and nv seen him angry even when no reason kenna scolded by KS. Kok kok mee aka Aud's lao gong.

Lynn: the only indian in our class. really funny and nice gal

Marina: only joined our class this year. one thingy abt her is that she has lots of quirky accessories.

Michelle: Sunny girl. the kind that i think lots of guys like. long hair, tall, ke ai. v serious when it comes to work and stuff, but equally fun loving when it comes to play.

Micheal aka KS: read previous entries

Ying Ying: Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg

Zhi han: considerate guy. top TA trader. smart. him? quiet? prob only just not rowdy vs the rest of the class. as far as i know, he is impossible to get drunk, drinks liquor like water sia lah. scary. our future psychologist (not intending to pursue finance line of work)

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Life sucks
Sunday. 3.13.05 10:13 am
started to think abt stuff...along the lines of:"if i die"

call me morbid. i dun give a damn.

everyone is always whining abt "Life Sucks"... it just slips out of ya lips, barely part of ya consciousness.

crossing the street with the green man shining. and you start thinking abt ya exams coming up. "life sucks" u say. and WHAM! u got hit by a car. so there you go, your last conscious thot - Life sucks.

seems ike some dramatic irony shit when u look at it like you are seeing things thru a glass window. but if YOU are the person hit. is that what you want your last thot to be? not when ya gf/bf held ya hand? not when u created some excuse for a party? not when u were happy?

high high atop a building coz Life Sucks you say and jump.

foaming at the mouth due to overdose coz Life sucks

i dun wanna die thinking my life is one long (or short) screwed up tv serial that someone decided to pull the plug on.

am i supposed to go slow and smell the flowers?


should i experience everything there is w my limited time on earth?

tell me.

if i die. i want my funeral/wake to be super simple. cry if anyone wants to, at home. dun cry in front of me.

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