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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Tuesday. 3.22.05 8:26 am
Met up with Seba today for a super short dinner. journeyed all the way from NYP (borrow their lib to study) to home (bathe/change) to bugis to meet him. went thru all the trouble coz i feel so bad when he jio me so many times but i could never make it.

he is still the same since we last saw him. as in same same same slanted.... still so considerate, caring, sweet,friendly. more mature? still singing, in fact, he was singing to me when i was trying to eat my chicken rice. his singing has improved. anyway, he was singing coz he wants to let me know what songs he's been practising.

v pei fu him. he is the only one of my few friends whu i can truthfully say that "He is pursuing his passion." He hasn't given up on his passion. His love for teaching, his love for singing. We can say that we LIKE trading. can we say we can't live without trading? i sincerely believe that he will die if u ask him not to sing.

he gave up his poly dip to pursue teaching, because he loves chinese. he loves to teach. he is following a path he wants to lead. His lifestyle habits may not be v healthy. smoking too much, drinking too much, gambling too much. i'm just a passerby, how can i judge him? his body can't take it much more, i just hope he has the will to quit like he says.

he has a concert coming up. its a charity concert for old folks which he will be singing oldies, his forte, in an old folks home. together with some other pple. he invited me to go watch. think i will if i can make it. even tho i wun know 90% of the songs sung. lol.

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Monday. 3.21.05 12:55 am
I'm finally done~! with BD, with fmrp, with pm, with projects! lets pop some champagne! delirious from lack of slp and overwhelmed with such happiness that there's no more projs from sch ever and ever and ever! thats it! no more!

i'm either going home to slp or go treat myself some nice dinner.

was transforming into a panda with each passing day since last thurs. finally got a breather at this moment where jaiyme is working on the ppt for PM and me iding away, writing blog coz me and t skipped CSB to put together the report. which, contrary to han's grp, we were desperately trying to lengthen our report from 6 and a half to 8 pages. (success btw)

ppt coming up in half an hour. basically not my prob anymore.

BD was ok. not fantastic but feeling really blessed after hearing how jana got shot to into a million tiny pieces floating like ash out of the lab at 1.30pm that day. our panel overlooked some fundamental probs that we ourselves spotted but couldn't ans. most of teh questions they asked we could ans it ok. at least in my opinion it wasn't as much a horror story as willy wong, who seemed prejudiced against jana's grp idea. was jitterly the on fri night but on sat was amazingly calm despite running all the way from main lib (coz its teh only place w printer open on sat, gotta prepare handouts) to t225 sth. was just feeling really warm. lol.

There's no sch tml! yay!

wanna add that there are plans for a class vacation in Taipei. unfortunately, i think its a sure fail plan altho i'll love to go. either way, i've decided that i'm not going. i feel like going for some exotic beach resort and soak sun soak water. joan's quite against going to beaches. nvm, Fad's interested. and that's enuff!

lets go sentosa on the 9th! any takers?

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