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Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location , MD
School. Other
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messed up Wednesday
Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Let see starting from this morning, there was an accident at an intersection near where I live. All I know some woman got hit by a SUV or a van. I dunno but I remember seeing a SUV. She was hit, according to some ppl, while trying to catch a bus. The SUV also ran into the bus. I saw the aftermath when all the police already came and closed down that intersection. Some ppl saw it all. Well, dad was driving me to school and this stupid woman in the van ahead of us saw no cars were coming and it was green light for us, won't move. She better get her nose out of other ppl's business unless they're a relative, which I'm positive that she isn't one. If she wasn't going to help, although the ambulance already arrived, then move! I was almost late to school b/c of her. Thanx to her. I really feel bad for that woman who got hit and the ppl who were on that bus that witnessed it. But she didn't die which is a good thing. And that's about it. My chemistry teacher passed out this worksheet and I wrote diologues on it making that note easier to understand and funny. People laughed at me when I tried to kill a fly and it attacked me! I don't know what's wrong with ppl who drag race in the daytime where there's a lot of kids playing b/c I just heard this racing sound and I looked outside and it was two cars racing. I got caught doing my homework in English. The teacher yelled at me. I smile too much in chemistry. During lunch, I saw that idiot sitting in the seat next to me and I saw her knock off my bookbag and she didn't pick it up. Her giant bookbag took up 7/8 of my seat. I was basically hanging on by one buttcheek.

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fun day
Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Spanish was fun today b/c the teacher said the girls are smarter than the boys. My friend made a paper hat for me since I forgot how to fold one. Then during 3rd period, my other friend made that hat into a paper boat. Thanks to her I ended up fold 12 boats today! I gave 3 away after all those are my bad ones. Then in band class, the contra-alto clarinet player won't stop making fart noises with the chair. I bursted out laughing and couldn't stop until I almost got a refferal. My best friend told me that my ex only dumped me b/c I was annoying. She told me that he lied so he "wouldn't hurt me" when he dumped me. That lying bastard! ARG! He doesn't wanna talk to about this then fine! I don't care any longer! I don't care about him or his issues! I'm hungry. I want canadian bacon. I soo happy! That freshman trumpet player aint gonna go to the Veteran's Day concert! I get to play by myself without him making a bad comment about how I play. HAHAHA!!! I knew my ex will admit lying! I proved my point. Meaning all the stuff he talks about me are lies! I proved I don't lie. Well once in a while if I want to get away from doing things. But I proved my point! oh well time to go to night school.

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tired and bored
Monday, October 25, 2004
Homecoming was soo cool. It was cool b/c everyone I knew was there. Not cool was when Alex aka Old Fart tried to freak dance. He looks like a 40 year old! He's actually 17 years old. It was scary! It should be called the freak-me-out dance! I want revenge soo badly on my ex! He broke up with me because he said that I'm annoying. He had to tell my friend that and not me! If he told me ahead of time, I would have stopped. My attutide is easily controlled. He called me a liar when he's the one lying not me! That bastard!! I'm gonna mummified his house on Halloween. Once again, it's up and down the stairs again. That's not fair! I was on the internet b/c 5:00 is my internet time and we wasted it to go to target and not buy anything for my PS2! I'm making up lost internet time plus 35 seconds for making a call on my cell. It's a waste of my minutes and internet time! No make up, no work! I refuse to do work until I make up my internet time! I'm never allowed on the net. Oh yea...one of my friend, who bugged me to go to Homecoming fell on the floor and just sat there.

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Homecoming Weekend
Saturday, October 23, 2004
Let see...starting from thursday when I stayed after school, I helped decorate the sophomore hall. I stayed from afterschool til 9:30 p.m. It was dress ur class decade day. Yesterday was School Spirit Day and the Pep Rally. Man my class, class of '07 got no spirits at all. Everyone was cheering at the pep rally except the class of '07. There was some prblems with the microphone or speakers b/c when my chemistry teacher was saying something and it sounded like he farted. Right after the pep rally, it was time to chase those little freshmen. It was funny and the whole pep band, even the freshmen in the band laughed. The freshmen in the band were protected by the upperclassmen band students. They got a advantage when ur a band student. By the beginning of the freshmen chase, half of them were already gone. Most of them were running so they got chase. If u run, u'll get chased by upperclassmen b/c they know ur scared. If u don't, they won't chase u. The homecoming football game was cold and we lost against RM. Richard Montgomery got a girl football player but everyone said that she's a cheerleader in cleats. On Thursday, I got kicked on my stomach in soccer. I am not on the soccer team! I take soccer as my P.E. class. I drove my chemistry crazy b/c I went hyper in class. No more coffee for me. Today was Pancake Breakfast. My chemistry teacher was there and he was drinking regular coffee with no half and half. It's just wierd to me when people drink coffee with no half and half. He was hanging out with some other people and he got a motorola phone same one as my cousin and one of my friend's cousin. That phone makes him looks a little gay. I should have borrowed his phone and call my cell so I can prank call him. Dang! My stupid friend who is a friend of my ex-bf is perverted! My NSL teacher is skipping her weekend job. I saw her at the Pancake Breakfast. The QB for our school football team was a jackass! He walked out in the middle of the 4th quarter and he wouldn't come back even though many people were yelling at him to come back. What a dumbass! My chemistry teacher looks like a dumb person when he's not dressing professionally. He looks stupid with a hat on backward. Tonight is the homecomming dance. My sister came late to the game yesterday!

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another one of those days
Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Nothing to do except it is cold here. Chemistry was fun. I drew a piggy on the board and my chemistry teacher didn't erase it. The last time I saw it was in between 6th and 8th period and it was untouched! I asked, "Mr. E, can I draw on the board?" He replied, "I don't know...can u?...yes." BIG PIGGY on the board and he didn't bothered to touch it or is it that he didn't see it. He should have seen it if I drew it next to the homework assignment. I screamed out the answer when he asked, "What does Pt means?" and then I yelled out,"Platinum". NSL was boring! I'm ranked 9th in that class. Everyone in that class thinks I'm ranked first. Then I got taken out of class by the intern counsolor. She was training to see how well she counsol students and I was tape recorded! Well it was for her supervisor to see how well she was doing. She had to take me out during 4th period and not 8th period, my least favorite class b/c it's English. I got a stomachache in Soccer and I had to sit out for the entire class and it was cold b/c we're outside and it's like 58 degrees outside today. Raining again and it's cold! I wanted to get out of 8th period soo badly but no, ppl can't shut up and cause the whole class to stay after the bell for 2 minutes! I almost missed the bus if I didn't run. Chemistry is my favorite class b/c I got a teacher who looks like Dewey from "Malcolm in the Middle" but has glasses and looks older like an older version of Dewey. Homecoming is this Friday. We're playing against Richard Montgomery. No Night School tomorrow night. YAY! Homecoming Dance is on Saturday. I'm stuck going b/c I got forced! I gotta get the tickets tomorrow and I hope stupid Bacon aint going. I'm getting really bored lately. Elephant Ears (what I call my chemistry teacher out of class b/c he also got big ears) said he was going to get the gradesheets and he'll be back. When he came back, he got the gradesheet alright but he also got his cup of coffee and got locked out of the classroom again. Today is Clash Day and E.E really clashed. Everyone but me clashed and I can't find any clothes that clashed. Last year I tried to clash with an old cape from an old Halloween costume and wrapped it around my waist. Who knew couple of months later, it would become a new style of fashion. I started that! Someone in my night school called me a boy yesterday. I was wearing a big guy's sweatshirt and baggy sweatpants b/c I prefer to dress like that. Anywaz I smell food so I'm going to go pig out. GO KNIGHTS!

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nothing to do
Tuesday, October 19, 2004
I have nothing to do. We practiced for the Homecoming Parade this Friday. I can't tell my right from my left when I'm marching and it was cold and raining. Nathan wouldn't stop making elephant noises in the storage room and someone thought there was a real elephant in the storage room. He called it an elephone. It was basically a can with a large dent. Nathan kept making elephant noises when it was quiet. I found a funny pic of a chicken looking curious at five turtles. it's funny. I hate night school but I'm stuck going to make up Geometry B.

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