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*~ Live without regrets
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*~ Be kind to your family, respect ur parents
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*~ Swear till your hearts' content
*~ Love who you are and be satisfied
*~ Eat when u r hungry
*~ Money is not the most important thing
*~ Have faith in something you feel strongly about
*~ Respect all religions
*~ Don't take life so seriously
*~ Give hugs
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*~ Cherish ur group of friends
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*~ Be passionate about your job
*~ Invest in a good eye cream
*~ Don't waste food
*~ Respect elders
*~ Don't be afraid to have a say!
*~ Love animals

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Count me in
Holiday mode - can't concentrate!!
Monday. 11.12.07 8:46 am
I'm in frickin' holiday mode...meaning I can't be F$%@ed doing anything but think of what I want to do on holidays... Dammit! I hate this feeling cuz I have an exam in an hour and all the info that I have tried to cram into my head seems to be leaking out. :( Hahaha...I mean look I'm online and typing up a blog entry. I guess I am as ready as I can be, but still I just feel like I should be cramming more theory into my brain. There's just gonna be 2 hours and 4 essay questions, it's one of those sweat from the forehead, hands trembling exams...cuz I have write at least 3-4 pages in half an hour.

It is soooo hot today, I just don't want to leave the house. Why can't universities trust us enough to sit our exams at home? I really can't be bothered going out anymore. haha.

F and I have been looking around for the perfect High Def digital camcorder, and I think we have found it. The SONY SR7, I would rather the cheaper version SR1...cuz it is $400 cheaper...but he loves the best. I like technology, but I also think it is stupid cuz it changes so fast! I can see us 5 years down the track having an out dated camcorder. Though it is a HOT little gadget. And we NEED it, cuz Sofia is growing so fast, time is against us!!!

Oh I hope I pass my exams, so I can finally graduate...*sobs*. It's been so long now...with too many obstacles trying to stop me. It's not the most important thing in the world but I have to FINISH it.

I want this toy!

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Heidi's Hen's Night
Monday. 12.4.07 10:53am
The weekend was pack-filled with stuff to do! I usually don't have such a busy weekend. On Fri night, I stayed with my parents and Sofia in Burswood Hotel. It was a nice relaxing stay. The family also had a dinner together at the Atrium, restaurant. It has been a long time since we have sat down to eat together and talk about what's been happening.

On Saturday...it was Heidi's Hen's Night, organised by Gail and Danae. It was very funny!! From the beginning when I walked in I saw what Danae had bought, penis straws!! She was busy spending up big at Adultshop. haha. Then Gail shows me the cake she baked, and cut into shape - A penis cake!! With all the details of course. Poor Heidi refused at first to sip out of the penis straw...haha but it was just mind over matter...and eventually she took a drink.

Heidi is a very sweet-natured, innocent, girly person who is also brought up by a strict Catholic upbringing with her father being a Minister of a church. She is also the only girl amongst 5 brothers..so she doesn't know a lot about the evil ways of the world. Her Hen's night was more of an education lesson of what to expect on the wedding night and of marriage life. haha.

What else happened...we played a quiz. Where we had to answer all of Heidi's questions and see how many we got right. We played toss the rings over the penis. And even porn was organised! Poor Heidi had to cover her eyes with her hands. There were no strippers unfortunately, cuz Heidi was very sure about that. All in all, it was a good night at Gail's house just us close friends...giggling and going on about sexy stuff.

On Sunday, I was so tired...F's mum came over to see Sofia and we made our home-made pizzas for her to try. I didn't study AT ALL!!! So I'm feeling really bad and guilty...I even had dreams last night of cheating on my exam...That's BAD!!

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My new hobby...collecting palettes
Thursday. 11.1.07 3:23 pm
Amongst all the study, I have been trying to fulfill my new obsession with collecting make-up palettes. I dunno why I started it, but I just love collecting them. I don't intend to use them which is the silly thing. I just like the way how they were designed, the colours, the different uses, the different brands. It's just so exciting when I get one!! I am currently starting with the Yves Saint Laurent's range.

So far since I have started I have obtained :
Yves Saint Laurent's:
- White Gold Celebration Palette 2007
- 'Expression of Love' Gold Celebration Palette 2006

The others on my list are:
Yves Saint Laurent's:
- 'Baby Doll' Palette
- 'Star Glow' Gold Celebration Palette 2007
- 'Gold Rush' Gold Celebration Palette 2004

If anyone has seen these, please let me know where I can hunt them down :) I know it may sound ridiculous not to use them, but they are so pretty, I don't want to!

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new student
Tuesday. 10.30.07 2:44 pm
Today I went to my lecture for the first time this semester. Due to having a kid and getting married this year it has totally thrown my uni studies out of whack! I sat in a class today because they were doing the revision of the unit, everyone had to get into groups last week and do a presentation on the chapter questions. HAHAHA! I wasn't there last week...my usual excuse was that I was held up by motherly duties. So when I came into class today, I just sat and got handouts from all groups without participating.

Ok ok...to be honest..driving on the way back home I felt rather guilty for not having any input. My lecturer was like 'people who did not participate should give their handouts to those who have given a presentation'. So when it came to the 15 min break I bolted out of class. Naughty I know!! But the lecturer understands my situation and why I skipped classes.

I guess towards the end of my degree I just can't be bothered with classes. I know I can study from the text and just manage to pass. I'm so over this 'study' thing...I really want to get on with the more important things in life. *SIGH*. So weird how you can now get a reasonably paid, office job witahout even having a degree. Why the piece of paper to do an office job? *sigh*. I really should have done something like fashion, physiotherapy, or acting to get me out of the office. Awwww well... I could always have dreams for Sofia to do what I couldn't...but then again...it comes down to what she would love to do.

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friends can't be together forever
Monday. 10.22.07 11:54 pm
I think I have finally grown up and realised that friends cannot be together in the same place forever. We can't grow old, and visit each other always and have our children raised together cuz life takes us on different journeys and sometimes it can be far away, where we cannot see each other for years. Having my small, lil family it has got me used to the idea of not being around my friends as much. Even though I miss them so, I know I have my own life to live and they have theirs. And we will always call and stay in touch cuz that is the only way!

If I was to ever leave Perth, it would be very sad. I am a person who cherishes her childhood friends like gold. But have learnt to be on my own and embrace new friendships. Come on!! I have accepted Michelle leaving to Pt Hedland for 2 years already...and grown to the fact of not seeing her and discussing day to day things with her. Seeing as she and I have been friends since we were 6! Also seeing her photos on facebook with her work friends, shows me that she very happy and having fun enjoying her life. Even though it is no longer the same times days like we used to have in primary school/highschool...and it is not with me, I am still glad she found her happiness away from Perth.

Same goes for Tiff and Yohana, all I can hope for is that they are happy. Cuz I am not beside them in person when they are going through the hardtimes and stress. I can only give them a call and pray for their lives. Growing old has suddenly 'sucked'... things will inevitably change. We will grow up, grow apart and our goals will no longer be the same like 'finish highschool', 'pass the TEE', 'Go to uni' etc... it's on a more personal pathway now.

Heidi who is getting married soon, tells me how she despises change and does not want us to leave Perth. She wants us to all have kids and grow up with each other, whilst us mums (girlfriends) sit, chat and laugh over coffee or hot chocolate hehe. I do wish that too! But I also think she is getting "cold feet"...cuz marriage is a rite of passage. To some...being married suddenly labels you as an 'adult' who does 'old' stuff. haha.

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Things u come across on the www
Wednesday. 10.17.07 11:15 am

This is gonna be a short entry...cuz I really have to get back to my studies. But I found this website through an ad in friendster. It was so funny I had to share it with you. It is a SUGARDADDY website, old dudes looking for "SUGARBABES". OMG!!! What is the world coming too, where old foggies have to use the net to find hot, materialistic chicks who doesn't mind a bit of Old Spice. Ewwwwwwwwww... yuck yuck! I think it is so wrong. Cuz the only purpose for creating these meeting places are solely for profit, sex crazed, money hungry people who I don't think are genuinely looking for love. If you read the description of the website it states "Our goal is to find the happiness within the lifestyle you desire". And I also noticed that the word 'love' does not show up.

It is also a website not set up for everyone, there are criteria!! Like the women have to be models, and the guys have to be millionaires. Geez...picky! Anyways I thought this world is going crazy!! Making money off other people's insecurities and vunerabilities.

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