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Tasty Foot
Wednesday. 11.7.12 5:54 pm
The girls in my ministry are studying the Bible with a girl in a sorority on campus. I've taken special care to be...careful with her, and I've asked the guys with me hold to that. Of course, this prompted a volley of jokes about marriage and sweeping the whole greek community. It's like middle school again. Ha!

This morning, I was talking to Girl1. She asked me about and invited me to a concert with some band I've never heard of. I made the mistake of mentioning this to my roommate.

"Wow, Steve, you've caught the sisters' attention!"

"What are you talking about?"

"First Girl2 asked you on a date...and then..."

Girl2 took me on a date about a month ago. It was...quite a blast. So he's got me there.

"That's it! Only Girl2! I haven't been asked on any other dates."

"Well Girl1 is asking you now."

"No! She hasn't said anything about a date. Shut up. Last time, you made fun of me about Girl3, and now she doesn't talk to me."

-Que text message from Girl3, who was indeed not talking to me until just then.-

"Steve, admit it, the ladies have noticed you."

"I will make no admissions. These are freak occurrences. This does not mean anything."

-Que text from Girl4 (AKA my universe twin*) inviting me to Passion 2013-

...I give up.

*Universe twindom is not the same as Spiritual Twindom. She's completely unrelated, and if you've been reading me for a while you may remember her.

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Tuesday. 10.30.12 10:00 pm
I've always sort of wanted to be a twin. I have a brother, and right now our ages are close enough that we could ignore the age difference in most regards. Gotta love the little bro.

I was baptized on the same day as another girl in my church. We (the church) like to put lots of emphasis on the day we're baptized, treating it more or less exactly like a second birthday. And that makes us twins! And while it's mostly a joke, it IS sort of neat to share something random like a spirthday (haha it's a mongrel word!) with someone.

We didn't really know each other before we became Christians. For a while after, we only saw each other in passing. But lately we've been interacting more. Tonight she asked me what I was like before I got saved.

(After I bleat at her) "Was your personality before you got baptized similar to what it is now?"


"What changed? Were you religious?"

I won't tell you what the answer was. Clearly I was religious. But can you guess what's changed? I don't think anyone here is going to be able to accurately pin me down like that...most of you only see me in what I write here. A grotesque caricature, as it were. Any changes you see are way out of context.

Sort of a weird thought.

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Getting Older
Sunday. 10.21.12 8:17 pm
The password for my school account is expiring tomorrow. I usually take the time to change all my other passwords when Tech prompts me. I usually base my passwords on important things or recent events in my life, but nothing major (or -




You know how nuTang likes to tell you how many baboons you have at your service? Does that mean anything, or is it a random number? It doesn't seem to correspond to page speeds or anything.

I made a friend a little over a year ago. You may recall that I met her randomly on a camping trip and that we got along quite winningly, despite living in different states and having zero natural points of contact. I actually got to meet her again over the summer in another completely coincidental...church trip, actually. Huh.

ANYWAY. I made some decisions about that friendship, acted on them, and have now completely hamstrung it. It's quite sad for me, actually. She's upset with me to an unknown extent, and there's nothing I can really do or say to make it up to her. I'm wary to probe her much, partially because of the nature of the decisions I made, and partially because I really don't know how she'll take it. Seems like my best option is to leave her be, and see what happens. And that's what I shall do. This has been a learning experience.

In other friendship news, I also happen to have pretty much zero contact with my highschool best friends. Remember when I wrote an emotionally charged letter (writing letters and voluntarily exposing my vulnerabilities: two things I rarely do) in order to patch up a friendship by apologizing for my over-reaction to him going behind my back and dating the girl that I had feelings for? Yeah. We don't talk much. And that makes me sort of bitter, honestly. I went through a lot of crap with this guy, and I went to a lot of trouble to be there for him, and THEN I swallowed my pride and everything so that we could continue to be friends.

For what?

And don't get me wrong, I don't wish that I'd not bothered. Not exactly. I'm glad that I acted how I did. But...it'd be nice if it was reciprocated, right?

It's that way with a lot of my highschool friends. Ironically, one of the only ones I talk to consistently is unicornasaurus. It's ironic because we dated, twice, with violent results. And also because we have very little in common. AND YET HERE WE ARE.

I don't get it. Friends are weird.

On a brighter note, I have gained quite a few friends at Tech in the past year or so. Like...a LOT. I have around 730 friends on Facebook right now, and I estimate that at least a hundred of them are people from my church who are just awesome and super loving for no reason other than Jesus...which is the best reason? Anyway. As upset as I can get about the status of my old friendships, I certainly have no room to complain. Good place to be, yeah?

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It spreads
Tuesday. 10.9.12 1:08 am

Part of my life entails working with my campus ministry to spread the Gospel. This usually entails sharing my faith with random people, participating in open discussions we call Bible Talks, and getting into personal Bible Studies with people. This can turn into a lot of investment of my time and my heart, with not a lot of gain. Lots of people we study with eventually drop out or get stuck with something that they can't deal with. And that's really discouraging.


Recently I've been helping with the studies of this guy named Matt. This weekend, several nearby churches joined us for a retreat at a camp where we just played around, worshiped, heard some sermons, and generally had a good time with each other. We had a few more studies with Matt during that time, and we decided to put this man in the water.

He got baptized.

I helped baptize him.

I'm not just excited because I held part of some dude under water for a few seconds. Although that was pretty cool. I'm excited because I helped him get into Heaven. The studies, the water, the long late-night talks, all of it. I was actually an integral part of God's plan for somebody! While that by itself might not be as rare as I think, it certainly is rare to SEE the fruits of that investment. This is the first person I've helped baptize. Ever.

I'm so elated. I can't even describe it. Just...GAH, this is so cool! It's literally the only reason I'm still on this planet. If the church is like my family, then I'm actually bringing in new brothers. This is a guy that is going to be an integral part of God's plan in someone else's life! Just...AH

I'm done. I'm done! See?

Sorry to all you guys who think I'm spouting nonsense. You probably don't know what to think of me. That's OK. I don't know what to do with me either. Just...even if you've heard me say this before (a lot of you probably have,) please stop for a moment and consider the possibility that the creator of everything inside and outside of the universe went to the trouble of living as a man and dying as a monster so that you could have the choice to be set free of death. That might mean nothing to you. If it's remotely possible, shouldn't it mean everything?

I am not a good writer. Sorry for the repetitive word usage, folks.

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