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About Me:
Hi2U. I am just a 17yr old kid who is just like any other teen you can find in your neighbourhood. This is my weblog which you are viewing. I think that behind every cool kid there is a weblog. Really! =))

I would not want you to call me an eavesdropper thus just take it that im listening to some emo/punk-rock music instead of conversation between the maid-next-door flirting with her bangla boyfriend.

I have a strong objection against people who thinks i am of bankrupt intellect so i am listing a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here even though i may or may not read some of them.

Since I can’t list my porn collection here, I’ll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.

Sunday. 3.11.07 2:19 pm
Early in the morning had to go temple to pray so woke up super early like 8am. =)) then after that went home shower and rush down to sjsm church to see wilson and jeri sing. LOLOL ( weird eh. morning temple then 10am church.) My purpose of going to church today is just to see them perform cause RARELY get to see wilson and jeri like these. im still waiting for daryl and joshua to go sing sing sing! Winson overslept! never come to church. yesterday he was still reminding me in-game that dont be late.

Daryl, the super pangseh, forgetful and late idiot. Service ends at 11am. He reached at 10.50am just in time for the closing. He forgot to bring his book to lend me too. AND last week movie he suddnely say he dont want to come but will pay for the tickets. We were like what the hell. Yuhui and Weiyi came today too! surprise appearance. Daniel's birthday today too! so coincidence i made my appearance at the church =))) .. SO HAPPENING!

after service we went to eat prata. following go back for cell group. During cell, i TOTALLY! dont understand anything =( cause its all christian things. weiyi left halfway cause he had to go to his church at expo.(he came to join us for a moment). so i sat beside yuhui all the time. everyone sitting in a circle though. yuhui isnt really a christian so she also blur blur.. hahhaa then we just whisper to each other so as not to disturb others. then at times when they say refer to the bible i just look at hers'.

after all these activities. its approx 1am. HUNGRY TIME. go eat suki. thats one of the best and shittiest moment. joshua, daryl, wilson, jeri, shaowei, carole, yuhui and i all went together. THroughout the day jeri is being bullied by daryl joshua and i.. =)) but we were scared of jeri's wrath.

suki eat and eat and eat and eat and eat. sushi buffet. eat and eat and eat. we sit 4by4 so im with shao wei carole and yuhui. nearing the end we were all so so so full. then there is the unagi maki on the table. then i stared and yuhui and she stared back then the QUESTION IS HOW!? lol. split! finally finish all the chunk. only 20dollars leh! eat all you can. including RED PLATES. oh my gawd.

Weiyi came back after his church to meet us for a while then we hang ard the area then go home.


Daryl: bus 7 will come in 30mins im so damn sure. within 30mins it will come
Joshua: PFT! i say 29mins!
ME: give it 5mins (Bus 7 always come whenever i say it comes thats why alot of people like to take bus 7 with me)

we saw the advertisement that if you collect 7 bus tickets got maggie mee free. so daryl and joshua say we BET 4 maggie mee.

5mins later BUS 7 REALLY CAME! WAH! ALL DENY THE BET AND REFUSE TO SEE THEIR WATCH! BASTARDS! my maggie mee is gone leh! kao kao kao! luckily 171 is infront of 7 so everyone has direct bus home.

I really miss taking Bus 7. sigh! SIGH!

mmmm thats all ! A very entertaining day.

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Saturday. 3.10.07 12:57 pm
wilson and jeri gonna sing on stage at church. im gonna make my special guest appearance to see them sing. rofl. yuhui was like trying all the pitiful looks on me at yoshinoya to convince me to accompany her to go with her to see also. finally i gave in. there are also many other happy things! yay yay yay! i like this sunday =D

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If you are not in the top 10, WORK FOR IT.
Saturday. 3.10.07 6:13 am
boys and girls

Talent isn't genius, and no amount of energy can make it so.

If you cant get into the 10 selected dont whine...
Most of you should know that you joined us after our hard times. The pioneer of us had to start from scratch, farm for our stuffs, spent effort going in to try, died and re-try and re-tries after re-tries!! find out the best position to stand the best thing to do. When you guys joined, even w/o the requirements we still bring you along cause we can. In the past i had to go farm for my stuffs and in the process alot is learnt. Weiyi would tell me cannot, if you go is just wasting the other people time. Now Burning Crusade is a brand new thing. karazhan is not a playground. You need the something more special to make it. Its hard to bring a fool who has no situational awareness and slow reaction time to karazhan as BC is not like last time, things are harder now.

you should know yourself if you are a player or a gamer.

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Wednesday. 3.7.07 11:57 am

Honestly i think its average only. (FYI, the telephone number must be read in chinese then you can get the little humour). Was bored while working today. So got some ideas then when i came home i finshed all the left over while i did at work. My work is only 20mins worth of stuffs but im there for like whole day. Needa find books and more entertainment for my self. Photoshop might not be a long term solution to cure boredom.

Oh. My colleague. nono my friend actually! lol. When i see him he gives me the feel of jimmy lin zhi ying. When i first met him i was like woah! I think those that like lin zhi ying should one day see him, he has certain resemblance. What else after these 3 days of work? hmm anther friend, gabriel. he is a super nice guy he talked to me and stuffs during the first day of my work. Kent, the last guy on the first day he was like abit cold towards me but on the second day we click well =D he reminded me that im using layers in photoshop lol.. that i can just enlarge and some parts wouldnt be shown. Sheesh! That technique is so fundamental, my memory is getting from bad to worst after reading up too much complicated techniques. Then today i say beside him and teach him and give him tips on photoshop cause he only know a little. Taught him how to use the Extract Function. I think everyone i teach i will teach them that function first (eunice also learnt extract filter first before anything else). Then Lastly Ernest, the leader of the camp as in the main speaker. ive known him for nearly 5 yrs. nothing much. an old man but he has a rahter tone body so he doesnt looks like nearing 60. The 3 other guys are all 20+. Generally they are all fun people and i gel with them so easily mainly cause my sis knows them very very well.


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My Best and Worst inspiration.
Tuesday. 3.6.07 2:24 pm
Its 3.24am in Singapore time. Desperately looking for my 2 ext. harddisk receipt in hope that its still under warranty but i couldnt find them nomore. 2 of my ext. hdd crashed or rather its spoilt by 2 diff people. shihao didnt intentionally spoil it but somehow or rather there is a surge of current and bam! wire melted and think that inside the parts got abit damaged. the other hdd sigh. i know who but i wont say cause he will deny his ass off. damn it!

Ok. thats all for why i decided to create another AWESOME ENTRY(nutang members would get the joke). Back to main topic. Its a long entry. so if you dont wanna read its fine. I guess its an entry to say bye bye to the friendship of this friend.

I was reminded of this guy named Andy(not his real name) when i sat down and as i scroll thru my msn list his email caught my attention. I got to know Andy through winson. Everytime we would chat on vent(a program where you pick up your mic and talk) all the time. Sometimes 3 of us sometimes just andy and i. He migrated to australia since young age so he doesnt sound singaporean. He is a highly intelligent creature i would say. From what i heard from winson, he can sit at lecture theatre and stare stare and the next minute he can teach you what is being taught, also his talent to play any piece of song on the piano just by listening a few times. All these doesnt really matters to me either. What made he and i such good friends for like 1month plus is cause of our passion for digital art designing. I have only seen his pic when winson send me some photos of them when he is in australia studying. Andrew studies medicine but his part-time job is multimedia web designer. HE HAS CRAZY IDEAs, sometimes he would tell us what might happen if we inject penicillin into the penis and the finger. and the tongue. At times he would talk about some medical terms on vent. Only winson understands him cause he is a medic currently in National Service.

Till now Andy sounds like a perfect being? Actually nope. He has a SUPER bad peer to peer communication. Not only that, in-game attitude and out-of-game attitude is totally the opposite. He can like insult you like there is no tomorrow in-game and then next minute call you out for a drink or something.

WHY he is my best inspiration? he creates really fantastic signatures(its those that in a forum people have that each time they post a reply it will appear. either a pic or you can just put words.) Wallpapers too. Also creative Web Designs. I learnt alot of colour combination, creating depths in picture, how to decide a focal point in a signature or any picture, and also if want to create a website what are the important things to have in mind.

WHY he is my worst inspiration? EVERYTHING i done, some friends i know might say nice, fantastic, not bad or though some are really bad they will say its bad. Once it reaches him. What he would say normally is, LOL what are you trying to do? its the worst piece of shit i ever seen. Nightmare. I dont wanna see. It sucks. Every word he throws is an arrow that just shoots non stop. =( but after insulting he will give me pointers(which is the best part).

SIGH. i guess after he changes his email, and Burning Crusade starts, His uni is also starting, i wont talk to him anymore. No more chatting like at 9am either he would say hi to me or i would say hi then we get on vent and chat. Either he needs a stock photo from me or i need a guidance from him. NO MORE. =(


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Thats it! Enough of How-to, Get-to, Understand the concept of... blah !
Tuesday. 3.6.07 9:11 am
I was resource-ing for Super-Teen camp at hougang sec. practically i had nothing much to do except 15mins of work. lololol ... so i had the world of time to read my current fav book, Photoshop CS Studio Techniques. I realise its been one year ive been learning all these curves, filters and stuffs.

3 days back, while at funan with lucy i chance upon this designer book. He said 'every designer should have a portfolio or a book where they keep many creative ideas from anywhere they see, can be a page from magazine or a postcard design or something, one day during mental block, flip open and it might help while browsing through.' This made me realise that i shouldnt be reading those photoshop cookbook already. THough at times its good to find out how to do some special stuffs. Also shouldnt be still reading other books on the same stuffs.

Time to move on to a new chapter. Get books on designs, graphic designs and see those interesting ones and keep. Its with those techniques learnt earlier on, you can apply and make designs that are not yours in YOURS. Its the part where you see through things, and beyond them at times. 2 average designs can turn into one great breakthrough if you can find faults with it. A bad design will talk alot(telling you to add more things). A good design will be quiet(meaning stop adding, im am full..)

YAY! thats it! once my dvd is burnt finish then i prepare for bed to sleep for some time before waking up at 3am to watch champions league =DD ... byeee

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