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lucky cha cha cha!

Age. 26
Gender. Female
Location , NJ
School. Boston Univ
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P.S. The passwords to protected entries will always be "watermelon" as for 9/27/06. For all password protected entries before then, just ask me for it but most likely the password it "pleasedont".
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167th day of 2004
listening to - hitomi - WISH

lmao....yesterday me, ris, bryan, eri and alys all confessed who we like...how convienient that...
ris likes erika and she likes him but she is gonna move to nevada which is on the other side of the country....lol long term relationship....
well, anyway, bryan set up one chat room and he invited ris but then he left so we were stuck in the room together....and i was like "he planned this" and he was like "i know" and i thought that bryan told but he was like "um...i dont know"...*phew* he didn't tell....

more later, i'll just edit this one...

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School is OVER
166th day of 2004
listening to: Puffy AmiYumi - Violet

It's over....-___-;

bryan p and michael g were absent.....so we didn't have to see their faces again until september...at least, bryan...michael's not coming back....no one even said last goodbyes or anything last friday...well, i wouldn't know cause he sat with the boys at their "table".....

miss corrigan told us to bring paper, a pencil, a pen and a library book (which we had to bring from home because we didn't have library anymore and she had packed the class library books the same day that we returned our li. books for the last time)......we didn't really do any work, just read for an hour and then she told us to sit together and "play games". turns out that alyssa and bryan r were the only ones who brought games (chess and checkers...remember "without a "T"! chess without a "T"!" lol) but most people brought game boys....jaclyn, ciara and i played uno...i won the first round so i had to wait for them to finish...so i played jaclyn's gba...(i knew i should've brought my own!) .....pokemon: crystal version...."HikariX" and her trusty cyndaquil "Sotanushao" (it was a temporary thing, i just chose the first names that popped into my head!)....

well then at like 11 we went to (for our last time,) gym. everyone was like voting: "DODGEBALL!" but we played soccer for the longest half hour (it seemed like) ever.....i wanted to be goalie (cause its the easiest :P) but:
starting, i wasn't in
first switch, i was right defender cause courtni said "two rounds!"
second switch, richard took the goaile spot and said it was his turn, i was stuck a defender
third switch, i had to be a forward (i almost made two shots but bryan r caught them !!!!!!)
and fourth switch i finally got out...
(my legs hurt sooooooo much!!!!!)
and then we played dodgeball......i suck at it, so obviously i was one of the first out...BUT our whole team sucked so i was like the 6th out of 9 (?) to get out....I(in only 5 minutes!!!!)

.....and so ends school. (off to piano!)

p.s. ris: u do that thing........
ris: finger....
ris: HOLE IN ONE!!!!!!!

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Survey time~
165th day of 2004
Last Person Who...??
1.Slept in your bed - um...me
2.Person who saw you cry ? my family...XD

3.Slept over your house ? um....some of my dad's friends....(i dunno!)
4.Went to the movies with - my family....XD
5.Sent you an e-mail - the serquina yahoo group...(i never check anyone, just assuming)

Have you Ever...??
1.Said "i love you" and meant it - not sure...
2.Gotten into a fight with an animal ? does trying to get a giant dog off you count? lol

3.Been to California - like 3-5 times
4.Hawaii ? not that i know of
5.China ? not that i know of

6.Canada - i think so...or maybe not...
7.Dreamed of something really crazy, and then have it happen the next day - if any of my dreams happen the next day, it's a miracle
8.Got a really bad feeling about sumthing and then something bad happened - yep
9.Had an imaginary friend ? she got killed by the dentist's cleaning stuff...XD (i was 3!!!)

1.Favorite color - blue-violet
2.Spring or Fall - fall
3.Math or English - english is easier but math is more fun
4.What are you doing after you are done with these questions ? put some REAL stuff on my blog
5.Last food you ate ? BBQ, rice and these AWESOME fries from this grill place

6.Buddies online ? 3-2
7.Last time you went out of state ? last year
8.Worst feeling in the world ? dunno
9.The first thing you think about when you wake up ? 5 more minutes...
10.How many rings before you answer the phone - 10 (half are away)
11.Chocalate or Vanilla - vanilla
12.Sleep with a stuffed animal - nope...i used to but it made me sneeze XD
13.Right or left handed - right
14.Whats under ur bed ? wooden floor and i wonder if the computer's still there....? and this baby drawing board thingie...
15.Hair - black that looks red-brown in the light
16.Eyes - brown-black-ish
17.Height 58in....so like 5 something?
18.Location - new jersey...the land of cherry blossoms....
19.College Plans ? somewhere nearby...
20.Percings ? ears...
21.Do you have a job - nope
22.Like being around people ? depends on the people ^__^

In the Last 2 days have you...??
1.cried - yeah ("see? when you say she does something wrong she gets mad...and when you say that she starts to cry!" i hate you)
2.Bought sumthing - um...food....?
3.Sang - does humming count?
4.Said "i love you" ? to my mom...
5.Met someone new - some dudes that were at tito conrad's house...not really "met" per se....
6.Talked to someone - obviously
7.Missed someone - yeah
8.Fought with your parents - i'm not sure...
9.Dreamed of someone you can't be with ? uh...yeah

Yes or No...??
1.Keep a dairy - used to (i had like 3)
2.Like to cook ? "microwave" or help someone cook
3.Have a secret that no one knows about ? doesn't everyone!
4.Talk in your sleep - i wouldn't know
5.Bite your finger nails ? nope

1.Movie you rented ? cheaper by the dozen (XD)

2.Movie you saw ? "Down With Love"
3.Song stuck in your head ? "Addicted to You" - Hikaru Utada

4.CD - one that i burned...
5.Person you called - my grandma...
6.TV show you watched ? newlyweds

Do you...??
1.Wish you were somewhere else ? yeppers
2.Believe in online dating ? depends
3.Want more peircings ? please, no
4.Want more tattoos ? more tatoos? no
5.Like cleaning ? when you get really into it, yeah
6.Like roller costers ? depends on the roller coaster
7.Smoke or Drink ? no
8.Write in cursive or print ? usually cursive but if it's for fun then print

Have you ever...??
1.Cried over a girl ? over a girl? no
2.Lied - no (j/k, yes)
3.Ever been in a fist fight ? with words....and with actions but that was for fun
4.Been in love ? no....
5.Stolen ? i was forced...honest
6.Gotten high ? not that i know of
7.Gotten Drunk ? no

1.Times you had your heart broken ? 0
2.People you consider your enemies ? 5
3.Things you regret ? 100+

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And so it ends.....
163th day of 2004 (Again)
currently listening to: Hamasaki Ayumi - Moments

so...we had our end of the year "party" today...we were divided into girls and boys (as usual) and we moved our desks into two "large" groups".....so jessica took pictures for erika (because she's leaving) and michael g took these funny pictures with derek and krishan....one had ris punching derek and another with derek "stabbing" ris with a pen that they colored with red marker...(fake, of course) jessica got pissed cause it was her pen...they actually had good acting....(lol...)

um..well...anyway...here were the pictures that i remeber they took...(just names i gave them and maybe a comment....i didn't actually take the pictures, nor do i have them, but i wish i did)

1 - All the Girls (I tried to squirm out of the pic, but they made me :( )
2 - The "HeShes" (Younger sisters....I wasn't in it of course)
3 - 5 - Groups of girls (THUMBS UP!)
6 - Boys (*yawn*)
7 - Ris punching Derek (Haha....So believable)
8 - Derek "stabbing" Ris (Less believable but so WEIRD)
9 - Courtni scaring me (I had to act because i knew she would scare me so I tried acting natural...lol)
10 - Robert getting scolded for putting something on Bryan's chair and he sat on it (His fault for not looking where he sat his fat *butt*.....)
11 - Another pic of the girls, for the boys (haha, my fist covered most of me face ^__^)

um...that's all i can think of right now...oh well...

oh yeah, and at computers alyssa was playing around with the love calculator....(lol, ris and erika got 99%...) and i was so bored...i forgot what i did, actually...oh yeah, neopets (see link on sidebar)......the boys were all playing a tank game...i wish i had my old seat so i could spy on them.....they were all sitting together...and the best part is, mrs. whealan didn't care...lol. neither did miss corrigan.....ah......they called me something, but i forgot what it was.....something like bastard or something...ah well, who cares...?

oh yeah, and also played some cards at the "party"....rich man, poor man...and ate these cupcakes and capri sun...(only one each...talk about cheap, they had two boxes of both! and there are only 18 of us!)

went Shopping too after school...(cause u guys didnt invite me to erika's "surprise" party)...costco (phew, only got gas) and home depot (for home supplies and stuff...my house is under construction...^__^) and then sears (didn't buy anything cause we went to the wrong place....remember the "spanish radio channel that no one listened to and their booth was near-empty"?) and then fortunoff (where we were supposed to be)

oh yes, and those stupid classmates of mine (j/k) let me see another article about me and ris. i can't borrow it though, alyssa's property....oh well, i guess i can't put it here, nee?

wow. long post. sayonara.

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163th day of 2004
Everybody knows that Trisha has a things for Derek! Trisha can't make up her mind. Trisha likes Derek, but she also likes Krishan. Krishan calls Derek gay so Trisha thinks Derek is gay and then she can go to Krishan. Trisha talks about Krishan on xanga, Derek talks to Trisha on the phone, on the computer, and in and out of class. She definitely has to make up her mind, especially because she's using some people as backup.

WTF?! well, the did publish it a while ago but i still hate them for it...

it's our last computer class...aw man...we didn't play jepordy (or however you spell it) which we really wanted to play today (since it's the last lesson) because it's so dang addictive and fun. ah well. there's always next year, nee? but still, some people won't be here...*tear*...(well, not really cause michael g wrote that "article" and erika willingfully published it in the "Hyper Insider"...)

More updates later, as anime dat is drawing me in ever so slowly beucase of the cosplay reviews...


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2 days....
162th day of 2004
listening 2 .:. hitori JENGA - Yaida Hitomi

so....only two more days?! wah...i'll miss you, erika and courtni! well, michael g too, maybe. oh yeah, and shani. who else is leaving this year? um....that's all i can think of right now anyway....

so anyway, we went to music today...we had to play that "wonderful world" song (i forgot the real name)...half had to sing and the other half played on the recorder....one "half" was bigger than the other though....and since no one practiced the homework, we just played "lightly row" (which was still pretty easy)

we also cleaned out our stuff....which kinda makes sense since there are only 2 more days of school left (dang, now i remember again :( )...so anyway we were cleaning our desks and stuff, and since i didn't bring any spray i had to borrow some from various people.....which sucked because i had to keep running around to ask for some...and i couldn't erased what michael g wrote all over my desk: "DEREK"...argh...i got most of it out but i think it's still visible...and i was the second to the last to finish cause of that...

wow...i've never written this much on xanga....bye bye

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