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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
Is It Wrong To Be Strong? Bunny the Lifeguard's DingDong Wantsta Sing Along! Lmao
Saturday. 3.3.07 11:48 am

"Is it wrong the be strong?"

Don't you just LOVE Chris Pontius?!
I fricken LOVE him! He is soooooooo jokes! XD
I especially like him as Bunny the Lifeguard & Satan haha :P
Lol Nothing! Just wanted to blab about him haha

The past few days i just kept bombarding myself with Reggaeton CD's i got from friends. *cough* =D
And somehow i'm scared that the time will come that i might like Reggaeton more than Rock. But i'm praying please please please let that NOT happen. Coz i still love Rock. But too much exposure to Reggaeton might make me "reggaeton-y"?? See i'm so confused. X_X

Anihoo with life. All's good.
Yesterday went shopping & this afternoon going to go shopping again haha (And this time my parents' are paying! XD)
The friends are chevere! :P
The crush is getting closer & closer... (haha! >=D)

Right now: loving life! <3

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New Sumthin Sumthin :P
Tuesday. 2.27.07 7:54 pm
listening to: Bandoleros Don Omar ft. Tego Calderon

Well another pause from Nutang & again, i'm back. :P
Just posted a gif in one of my modules. [Look @ left corner]
And i made a funny little gif for my sis *insert evil laughter*

i am the meanest sister ever! :P

Wehehe what's up, NuTang? =)

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Que Chevere! =)
Friday. 2.23.07 5:19 pm
listening to: Chevere Julio Voltio

Weh! Long time no blog! :P

Me feeling chevere now. :)
Life is good. :)
Stopped so-called rehab && never felt better!
Accomplished not being that "addicted" to him haha XD

Actually dun know what to blog ^^;;
Prolly just go commentin on other Nutang blogs now? Lol
Missin Nutang so much...
...but dun think i can come here that often this week coz my eye got some kind of infection or something (coz of too much exposure to computers << do u think that'd stop me?!)

Wehehe. Ayt. On with the blog-surfing!

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Goodbye Lover?
Monday. 2.19.07 8:08 pm
listening to: Chevere Julio Voltio

Wow. Been a long-ish time since i updated.
Last post: Valentines. Eck! Lmao

So recently, my school has just banned the use of P.E.D.'s or the so-called Personal Electronic Devices in the school grounds. So even if we just want to use it in the hallways or in the caf, it's a no-no.

Okay, so before in my old school (which is like a super duper conservative, Catholic all-girls school) i still wasn't allowed to bring cellphones hehe ^^;;
But still! I mean, PEDs include cameras, Psp's, camcorders, palmtops, laptops, anything that has wireless connection even voice recorders. Ugh.
I blame this ban on all those people who don't know how to use their property wisely and on those who record fights just for the fun of it and on those who randomly take pics of others & post it on the internet (which are several of the reasons why they're banning PEDs)!

Ayayay...and what about the rest of us? =( Boo.
Pfft. As if i don't bring my phone & mp4 @ school. Stupid ban ain't stopping me...haha XD

Operation C. Rehabilitation Update:
So far so good. Officially Day 1 of Rehab (because previous days, he was absent & we had no classes & it was a weekend).
I still can't find a good valid reason why i must stop crushin on him.
I am desperately psycho. :P

And oh yeah, how dare Facebook come into my life?! >=O
Now i am semi-addicted to it too! Rawr.

(What?! No smileys?! Yes...and revel in this moment, Nutangers. I am uber-lazy right now. =D)

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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