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The calm after the storm
Saturday. 10.27.07 5:10 pm
So I live here in San Diego, and the Harris fire came within miles of where I live. It was (and still is) a very humbling and thought provoking experience. I still can't believe that those fires were here.

I woke up Monday morning loathing my first midterm of the quarter when I get a call from a friend telling me to check out the news. Lo and behold, southern California is burning. All my classes were cancelled for the week because of horrible air quality, and fast-forward to the end of the week and here I am. I knew a couple of people who had to evacuate the fires, both in northern and southern San Diego county, but luckily their homes were not one of the ones devastated by the firestorms.

If anything, I would like to thank all the volunteers, firefighters, and anyone and everyone who contributed to helping out in this time of emergency. As for me, I did what I could, but I know that as long as their is a will, there will most definitely be a way.

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It's Britney... b*tch???
Monday. 9.10.07 2:22 am
OK, I did not watch the entirety of the VMAs tonight; it was too hard to follow and I really didn't enjoy the layout of the show. The 'main' stage was small if that was the main stage and all the suites and whatnot confused me (if I was there in real life, than I probably wouldn't be complaining, but I'm not, so boo) and yeah.

But the reason I'm writing this entry at all is because of a certain Ms. Britney Spears. I'm not a real big fan of her music personally, although I did enjoy her in I'm a Slave 4 U and some of her more personal songs like Let Me Be and Overprotected. But man oh man, something must have gone terribly wrong before she was to go on stage because she looked like she did not want to be there. From what I saw, she seemed bothered or uncomfortable; maybe both, maybe neither. Whatever it was, it wasn't pleasant as the cameras caught some pretty expressionless faces on some of the spectators tonight.

Someone who did rock my socks though was Alicia Keys. She was awesome and totally rocked the Palms.

I hope that Britney comes out of this performance and kicks it up several notches. Even though I'm not much of a fan or a fan at all in the sense, it still sucks to see her going through all the media blitz that is her life. She is still human even beyond what seemed like a trainwreck of a ride these past couple of years.

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