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Gimme a call
two of a kind
Sunday. 10.11.09 4:22 pm
I always wanted twins!

Then I saw this article. Copy&Paste: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/11/health/11fertility.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1&partner=rss&emc=rss&src=ig

I don't know if I'll ever go so far as to get them this way. It's always better to let nature take its course, I say.

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statement of the obvious
Saturday. 10.10.09 11:35 pm
braces suck. wires hurt. goddamnit.

i can't eat anything!!!!!!!!!!! i can't even stand putting my teeth together, for crying out loud. Let alone closing my mouth naturally which means putting top teeth against bottom teeth or placing an edible juicy yummy piece of anything between my teeth and chewing!

My nightmare is accidentally touching tooth with tooth!


Save me. TT^TT

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congratulations are in order.
Tuesday. 10.6.09 3:13 am
i can say "i learned how to pull an all-nighter in my freshman year of college." first time, not for school. tonight=second time, yes. research paper due tomorrow morning at 9:40am. wish me luck.

second thing i want to mention, i went out to get pizza at twelve oh seven am. i got it, sauntered out, wind blew, and the box flew out of my hands. upside down on the pavement. fortunately, it fell with the top down and closed. slices were safe inside. whew.

third, RANDOM, no one is to read this blog from your real life, NO ONE, not even the short-haired cutie you introduced to me. NO. ONE. if she has read anything, tell me now, please. please. matter of privacy. it's important that i know if she or anyone has. thanks.

Oh, and second teeth extraction is tomorrow. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-k. I mean today. Gah.

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Deng to the ninth power.
Thursday. 10.1.09 2:24 pm
The title is a reference to the Miss No Good Taiwanese series which I just finished today. Not bad. Ending isn't great.

New schedule
Mon.-Thurs. = class
Fri. = schoolwork and studying
Sat. = dance + rehearsal
Sun. = go to work

Why does my Psych professor love using sex in examples during class????? Like neuron impulses and the refractory period and negative reinforcement, etc. Jesus.

Schoolwork: test on Mon.(MAT), a paper due Tue.(ETH), an annotated bibliography due Wed.(ENG)

@Nuttz: No, I'm not going to school part-time. I'm actually full-time student. It just so happens that two of my classes are in the evening. =0)
@Random: I can't remember...are we meeting this coming Sat. or the one that just passed and you were supposed to call me?

Well, I actually am finally getting my braces underway. My first tooth extraction appt. is tomorrow, second appt. next Mon. Already the new metal band has carved out a new hole in my cheek; I wonder when it will heal?
My aunt says I can room with her and my other aunt~ Although that was before our shouting match, but she did talk to me on the phone twice afterwards and she didn't sound much different. Anyway, I may not take her up on the offer after all. Who knows, time will tell.

I wonder if I should get Twitter after all. Hmm...

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Life time.
Monday. 9.14.09 4:46 pm
Once tomorrow is over, my new temporary schedule will dissappear. What is to become of me then?

BTW: Random, do you really want to meet up with me? It's been weeks, girl.

Old: M & W = do homework during daytime, class at night, T & Th = class in morning, work rest of day until abt 9pm. Fri = all to myself which means catching up on sleep and homework. Sat. = free except for dance at night. Sun. = free / homework.

New: No idea. But my boss wants me to keep working.

Tomorrow is Election Day.

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songs i wanna add to my faux ipod
Monday. 9.7.09 3:29 pm
paramore misery
fall out boy dance dance
usher u got it bad
mary j blige be without you
backstreet boys show me the meaning of being lonely
backstreet boys incomplete
avril lavigne my happy ending
switchfoot dare you to move
michelle branch all you wanted
daniel powter bad day
nickelback if everyone cared
gwen stefani the sweet escape
alicia keys fallin'

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GMAIL, YOU SUCK. Wait, nevermind.
Tuesday. 9.1.09 5:25 pm
@Alam: I want a DSLR. =( But all my $$ is for college.
@LostSoul: Nope. But we're in the same city!!! Yeah, it does make me want to get a real tattoo...
@random: It's not high. Mine's pretty deep actually. I think I answered in my camouflage-as-girl-teenager/office-receptionist voice. Sorry. =P
@Nuttz: Mine, too.
@thaitanic: Then I shall!

So gmail was not accessible all day. Until it gets written about on the Gmail Blog and oh, look! it works.

I was the official delegator of all the communications from outside into my job. Until this weekend when my inbox at gmail started looking increasingly lonely and empty. I verified today, I'm no longer the official delegator.

One less responsibility, but somehow I feel a little like my inbox. But hey, I'm embarking on the college journey instead of intensive work, work, work.

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Pink-eye OVER
Sunday. 8.30.09 1:14 pm
So I'm pretty sure it's gone. Only my good eye started twitching this morning...I know I've had twitchy-eye before since I have an entry about it somewhere [I should really delete my over-a-hundred pages].

RANDY! I shall call you again soon. I bet you're feeling awkward about calling me again. Go ahead, random-dearest. I still like calling you Random better...

College: Welcome Week is tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to getting an air brush tattoo tomorrow~ I'm actually hoping to get two: one on my collarbone and one on the small of my back. Maybe one on my shoulder. It all depends on their designs. I'm hoping to get my initials, a rose or a star(like seven-sided).

There's also a sign up for movie night apparently. Maybe I'll do that. They're watching Final Destination.

I think Ill be back more often...I can't guarantee I'll read blogs though. ;)

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