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» Hunger strikes!
Tuesday, 8/19/03 - 4:43 pm
Beat: Yellowcard - Only One

I went to the library early in the morning to get my book from Dinah.. Apparently, she didn't show! I saw Jen and CJ and they're going to try to get into my English class. I saw Nick also! His class ended early and he didn't want to walk home so he was staying in the library until 2pm [it was only 9:30am].Gah.. I waited for her for 30 minutes.

Math class as usual to start of the morning. More people I know showed up to the class such as James and Charles.

After math, I headed for the library and this Japanese girl asked me where the library was. Good thing I was headed there. I waited for Dinah again infront of the library. No show.

I was suppose to go home to eat lunch and come back later for Bio lab. Bio lab, didn't start in 3 hours. I decided to stay and get some work done. I met up with Nick again, he was still there. I did my math homework and his friend Karlina [I think that's her name..] came over to chat. Then some guy, I don't know if Karlina or Nick knew him or not, sat with us. He was really nice. He was also doing his math homework. It was the same as mine. I was getting all sorts of weird vibes from Nick because that guy was there. Then, Nick and Karlina left for about 30 minutes. Then later I left. I never found out the name of that guy.

Gosh, I was so hungry. I didn't go home at all to eat or buy any food at the cafeteria. I didn't want to spend anymore money at school. I was headed to class and saw Roussel. I spoke to her for a little bit then went to class.

I have Aaron in my class! It was cool cause I spoke to him. He sat next to me in the back. Rayle is also in that class. I also met a guy, Andy, really nice guy. The class sounds real hard.. and only for one unit. Gosh, another 3 hour class.. By the way, my stomach kept rumbling in class!

My brother couldn't take me home cause he had to do something at school still that was going to take long. I walked halfway home with Aaron. He's really cool. I like his style. He got really dark! He's been to the beach too much.. and today, he's going again! He invited me to open mic but I have a lot of English homework to do.. It's all due tomorrow! Gah! Later days..

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» Day one.
Wednesday, 8/18/03 7:00 pm
Beat: Yellowcard - Breathing

I started school yesterday. I was a little excited and scared. I went to the bookstore to see what books I needed. My first class is a math class. There are a few people in my class that I know. There's Den, Oscar, Virgil, Lisette [haven't seen her since 8th grade], & Brent so far..

I walked Den halfway to her English class afetr math. I saw also Dinah and she offered to sell her math book to me. She said to meet her over infront of the library the following day.

Well, I went to the library to borrow the math book so I can do my homework. I had an hour to kill until my next class.

Next was English. Glenn is the only person I know from that class. It was too damn cold in that class! The teacher made us write an essay about ourselves and he gave us a packet of stuff to do, which is a lot.

I went home to lunch after that class since the next doesn't start in 3 hours. Oh yea, I got exercise! I walked home! It's only like 5 minutes away from OC anyways.

Later, I got a ride from my brother to school again, just in time for bio. The bio class is huge! I know some people in it,OJay, Arley, Jenalyn, & Xanthe. The teacher is really nice and funny. The class is really long though.. 3 frickin hours.. I went home after that. Gosh.. I was so tired.

I watched Meet My Folks. I like that episode that was shown. Giancarlo is a really good looking guy! I'm really happy for him. He got the really pretty model lady. It's so sad what she's gone through. They deserve each other.. besides, I wanted her to win anyways!

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» Party Again..
Monday, 8/18/03 - 11:23 am
Beat: Feeling Left Out - Spilled Milk

I went to some house warming party today with my sister. I didn't want to go but she forced me to. Yeah, that's all that really happened.

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» Party
Saturday, 8/17/03 - 11:40 pm
Beat: Rockell - In A Dream

Party! I wasn't all in the mood for partying today.. but I had fun. It was alright.  It was Steph's birthday. Got there around 4 or 5ish? There were live bands/performers and stuff.. Another Hope, Jason & Yul, Better Luck Tomorrow [I think that's still their name], Salty Peenutz, and my brother, Joe, Kristina, Ernie, & Jeremy. The performers were great.

It was so frickin cold. Gosh, I thought it was summer damnit!! I wore a skirt and didn't have a jacket. It was hella cold. I hung out with Marilyn and Brittney mostly.

Anyways, Mr. Antisocial was there. He looked good playing guitar. Marilyn leans over to me and says, "Gosh, he's hott!" I gave her a weird look cause she didn't know I had a thing for him. I told her like 5 minutes later and so she was giving me all the weird looks.. It was hella funny though.

Oh yea, there was a really cute guy there. I think he's white. He had a blue trucker hat on, a blue shirt, and a really weird pants. He's hella tall. I'm not sure if he's gay though. A lot of the guys there were gay. I'm not against gay people but sometimes it's disappointing you know?

Oh yea, Steph's little brothers are so cute. They're twins, Joshua and Jacob. They don't like girls. They only want guys to carry them. I was really sad because I wanted to carry Jacob so bad.. They're both so cute!

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