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Age. 30
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[Completely Obsessed!!!]
28/03/08 14:08
I am...

feeling: Happy
watching: Love in the Ice Live - DBSK

UGH! I am so bleeding obsessed with DBSK!!! >_<;;

It's getting unhealthy.

Seriously, I went to Ani's house last Thursday and stayed over till Saturday and what did I do? Go on about DBSK (and steal her DBSK album that she bought in 2005 XD) and then I went to France with my family from Sunday til Wednesday and what did I do? Think about DBSK practically the whole way, about how they'd been to Paris, about how omw-I-might-be-standing-in-the-same-place-they-once-stood and about how omw-maybe-I-could-bump-into-them? (I didn't, of course).

And then I woke up on Thursday and what was one of the first things I did? Look at DBSK stuff online. ARGH and last night I downloaded practically all of their songs (I didn't want to before, I wanted to wait to buy the album but what can I say? I wanted their songs.)

Their voices are beautiful though. I found a review last night about this one song they did live... Omw...

It's... Gosh I have chills down my spine every time I listen to it. Their harmonies are perfect!!! Omw... =chills=... Even though I don't understand the lyrics I can feel the emotion they're pouring into the song and... Arrgghhh I'm about to cry... I actually had trouble breathing just now because their powerful voices and spot-on harmonies just left me completely breathless... Wow... It's seriously amazing >_<;;

They've come so far since their first album. Wow.

Haha I actually heard about them in 2005 but was never interested until earlier this year =3 But at least I'm interested in them now XD Ahhh it still gives me chills @[email protected];; So amazing *_*

Anyways aside from that, I had a wonderful time at Ani's ^_^ Went to visit her for her 18th Bday! =DDD She'll be coming here to mine soon too for my bday~ <3 And then I went to France with my family--Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Studios, Eiffel Tower, the big... door... thingy... XD

No photos from Ani's though cos we were just way too busy having fun XD But I have a ton from our family holiday, though I won't be uploading them cos dad has them and hasn't put them on the computer yet =3

I also did some changes on my Personal Website so please visit and have a look! My main entry thing will be used for what I've decided to start today: "Kuri's Views On The World", aka Kuri's VOWEs :)

I've decided to get more up-to-date with worldly events and I've had my own opinions on them when I've seen them so I've decided to write down what I thought. Should be good for my German practise as well since some of the news I view is in German (although my review will be in English).

I've also started a new page for them so if you want to see all of the reviews I've done please go there :) The first one I've done is an article on Beijing Olympics--Western countries judging China again... They're being very hypocritical =_=;;



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17/03/08 13:56
I am...

feeling: Happy
watching: Nada

I got baptised yesterday =']

I was so happy... I dno, actually it's been a bit strange for me. Just before my baptism I felt a little distant from God because I hadn't spent as much time with Him as I should have done...

Cos I've recently become very interested in a Korean band called DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki) after watching the Korean show Star King with Ye Eun, so I've just been staying up really late watching vids of them on YouTube...

I hadn't prayed to God properly for ages and... Ugh I just... didn't have a good morning either. And when I got there, because everyone had a written copy of my testimony before I'd even gone up to give my testimony, a couple of friends of mine were sorta laughing at me over my testimony and one was reading it in front of me which really stressed me out.

I cannot stand having my stuff read out to me. I hated that everyone had a written copy of my testimony and it irked me even more that they were talking to me about it before I'd even given my testimony.

I'm one of those people who hates having her work read out to her. I hate re-reading my own stuff too. I couldn't even bring myself to read the Chinese translation of my testimony that Carrie did for me. I got as far as the first few words and I had to stop reading.

And just... stuff like that, it stressed me out... And I just didn't feel as close to God and I felt really strange >_<

But afterwards, as the Baptisms were going ahead (there were 5 of us in total) I couldn't help my tears... Like I'd said in my testimony, it felt like a very, very long engagement to God and I was now finally getting married to Him and I just felt so happy and wonderful and... wow...

And I cried as my turn to be baptised came...

My dad was recording it and it was being projected onto the screen so people could see what was going on and I found out later that he'd zoomed in on my face as I was crying. Joy =_=;; Now there's even less of a chance I'd ever watch the baptism video. Oh. I hate seeing myself on video too. I can't stand watching myself when it's me speaking or something. I can handle watching myself play piano though.

But afterward the baptism, it didn't really feel that different... Many people were like 'how do you feel???' as if expecting a massive change or something, but I dno... I didn't feel that different. I did feel a little more mature though.

Anyways, I'm slowly getting back into my relationship with God. I know I haven't been as close to Him as I should have done lately and I know that's because of Satan's temptations and I haven't been able to drag myself away from the computer to pray properly so I'm still praying for strength, but I'm glad I've finally taken that step of obedience. My time came and I just knew it had to be done :)

Sorry I don't have any photos from it ^^;; Well, there are a couple on Facebook but... I'm too lazy to upload anything... >_>;;

I've been feeling so strange lately though because of DBSK. It's not the first time I've really wanted to meet a celebrity (or in this case, a group) but can't. Although I will hopefully be going to China at the end of this year so I'm really hoping I'll be able to meet them.

Cept they don't speak English or Chinese well and my Japanese is very limited and my Korean is as good as my Spanish (meaning I can say 'hello' and 'thank you' and that's about it ._.) so I really don't know what I'm going to do...

Either way, trust in the Lord and see where he leads me.



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[You Were Born To Be Loved]
13/03/08 17:38
I am...

feeling: Deeply Touched
watching: Star King - Yoo Ye Eun on Youtube

I saw this video yesterday and it touched me so much... God ...is so amazing... I praise God so much for this little girl... I had tears in my eyes yesterday.

I re-watched it just now, though, and I was in tears practically the whole way through... It's so touching... She's so amazing... 5 years old, blind, never played the piano before... God... She is so beautiful... God, bless her so much! May You forever bless her...

Ye Eun, you were born to be loved...



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10/03/08 10:40
I am...

feeling: Stressed
listening to: Bao Gui Shi Jia - Zan Mei Zhi Quan

FFS I'm stressed.

Whyyy the heck do I leave all my work to the last minute and panic??? WHY WHY WHY?! I'm such a retard. And I cba to work either. ARG. =Pissed off= +_+;; I'm such. an. idiot.

Oh well, on the bright side, I finished my testimony... I'M GETTING BAPTISED ON SUNDAY!!! <333 But yeah... not too happy with the testimony, it probably could be better, but I've changed it so many times already I'll leave it =3 Feels okay anyways and I'll probably be improvising on it on the day anyway so that doesn't matter :)


Wish me luck.

It's due in in.... 2 hours.

10 sections.

I've done 2 ¬_¬;;



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[We'll See!]
03/03/08 09:57
I am...

feeling: Tired =S
listening to: You - Chris Tomlin

Ahhh I'm at school again... Supposed to be working on my drama portfolio but I've kinda just lost all motivation to do so cos I've no idea what to write for this particular section and don't want to move onto the next which I could potentially do. +_+ Grrr

Ehhh I hate being so lazy!!!

Anyway an update of my life after my past entry: I'm much better now =D Well, he has a gf now... Haha... Whatever, I guess! I was really depressed over it for quite a while, but last week I just had such great elation over something a friend of mine said.

"Well, once you get to that state of depression you just feel really happy afterwards because you realise you just can't get any more depressed!" -- Damn straight! XD

I was literally just smiling constantly after that... I just could feel God's love just completely surrounding me, because the night before I'd gotten to the state where I was just so depressed I wanted to end it all. But I didn't. I knew I just needed to get over that hurdle and I knew I couldn't do it alone so I prayed like mad...

It works ^_^

And now I no longer cry at the thought and I feel very... peaceful, I believe is the world Carrie used to describe it, about their relationship. Because it's in the hands of God and what God wants, what God has planned, will happen. Something really good could come out of this too <333 ^_^ All part of God's plan I guess! He's amaaazing <333

Anyways I've sent off applications for jobs in China! Hopefully I'll get a job! >_<;; I really want the gap year =3 I've kinda put this blog up as part of my resume for websites that I have so yeah... ^^;; And yesterday I also signed up to help at the Beijing Olympics =DDD

On the site it said a confirmation letter should arrive in a week or so... We'll see where God leads me! ^_^ Hehe I got dead excited about it as well!

Okiiieee... We'll see what happens :)

Oh, and I went to Loughborough Business School Open Day on Saturday--It was really good =D I've put Lbro down as my insurance choice now ^_^ Sent off my replies to UCAS yday =] Now just have to wait till I get my results back in August to defer my entry or... something... XD

Also met up with Maru after aaages of not seeing each other XD And took some photos yay! =D Cept I can't be bothered to upload them, sorry... v_v;; I'm very, very lazy >_>;;

And I should get back to work =3 Oh! I watched Miss Congeniality yday! T'was good XD Was thinking of buying it for Ani, but called her and she said don't. Fair enough, though, I know what she's like with DVD's ¬_¬;; I still bought it for myself though XD Only £2.83 so I figured, hey, why not XD

Right. Really gonna get back to work now!



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11/02/08 22:19
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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