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Wednesday. 7.15.09 11:06 am
Yay for work, I get to come here on every break and write nonsense, which is fun for me...maybe not so much for you.
I can't wait to get a house again, but this shelter actually isn't as bad as some I have been in. They don't let women and children eat first (its first come first serve) which is alot different.) But usually the good stuff is still left over.
I'm liking work alot but I think the girl who sits next to me isn't gonna make it very far. She wants /everything/ taught to her before she hits the floor. And taught so well that she can't forget it. But there is always gonna be stuff you don't know when you get on the floor. But she complains alot so yeah
Anyway break is over I'll be back later

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Wooooo I'm here!!(West Virginia)
Tuesday. 7.14.09 8:29 am
Well, I made it to West Virginia. I got here on 07/08/09 and got a job on 07/09/09. I started on 7/13/09. I get paid 9.25 an hour. Its awesome. Hopefully my first full paycheck (08/07/09) I will get a new house!! I love it here in WV its so pretty. SOOOO many trees. I went to I think it was called Blackwater falls and looked off the edge of a mountain, omg it was so beautiful. It almost made me forget I hate being up high. But it was sooo awesome.
Well thats it for now, I need to find something to drink. I go back to training in 20 minutes :D

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Worst Joke ever (lol)
Monday. 6.29.09 8:57 pm
But it made me giggle.
A little background,
My sisters husband (asshat) bought a yellow long haired cat named Bailey. he kept her all of two weeks and decided he didn't want her anymore, she has been camping outside my mothers bedroom window. Last night another cat attacked Bailey. We talked about her chances of winning in a fight and my mom said
"Our cat won't win, shes a pussy"
oh god...
lol roflmao

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Tuesday. 6.9.09 5:48 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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