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just some thoughts to put down here and explore later
Monday. 3.2.15 7:06 pm
'the good news is you came a long way. the bad news is you went the wrong way.'

him: your heart was broken before this. that's what you need to realize. when and where did that happen?
me:nah, son, i'm good

him:five years. alright two years. you need space
me: i want her. i dont want space
him: of course you dont nigga and i want doritos but i know what is good for me and what isn't.

say my name playing in the car.. these songs are depressing.. you have to learn to laugh at your own pain. taste them tears.

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kevin gates gets me
Friday. 2.27.15 5:55 am

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wise words from a decent man
Tuesday. 2.24.15 11:16 pm
"You got the whiff and the taste of something really, really wonderful. It's as though you were sifting in the river and you found some huge vein of fools gold. You took it out and said "its gold, its gold!," with this crazy greedy, joy. Then, you cracked it open and you realized it wasn't real gold. And its a bummer.

But I don't think you can be upset that you found it."

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Sunday. 4.20.14 11:51 pm


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almost my bday :)
Sunday. 1.12.14 11:30 pm
I missed my Nutang 10 year anniversary. I can't believe I've been writing here for ten years... but yea, here I go.

"Don't get me wrong, Jonathan, education policy is an important issue. And I think that a change of pace in California would be nice for you," said my mentor, confidant, and friend to me as I sat in her office on a Thursday afternoon. "But... it's really, really important that we win Virginia," she says in exasperation. "And about the girl.. I know that's rough, but believe me, you'll get through it."

It'd been nearly two months since I left the Obama campaign in protest. My initial plan to find another job proved more difficult than I anticipated, so when the Campaign higher ups called me the prior week to inform me that they let my old boss go and wanted to give me my old job back, I felt a mix of joy, relief, and angst. "Look, I get if you just want to say 'fuck you all,' and hang up on my face, but take a week and get back to me," the guy from the campaign said to me when he offered my old job back.

I was back in Boston by that point, living on my big sister's couch and slowly going insane. My big sister is a beautiful person both inside and out and is probably my biggest influence in life. She taught me how to read, how to stand up for myself, how to cook, and used to stand up for me whenever I was teased as a child. But she's super clean and has a little bit of Monk in her thanks to her OCD.

It was lowkey driving me insane trying to make sure everything in her home was in the exact position as it was before she left for work in the morning. So I accepted the offer and decided to head back to where my life had previously turned upside down.

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another placeholder
Friday. 1.3.14 8:51 am
took a roadtrip to houston.. will update tonight when i get back 2 my room. yay. wish me luck

<3 untang

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