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aboutz ME

Age. 28
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. filipino
Location Pacifica, CA
School. Other
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rizzeading room..

Tuesday. 10.21.03 10:41 am
why did you leave NuTang?

ok, found the problem: at the end of your second chatterbox, you had a start comment <!– which commented out the rest of your page

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Tuesday. 10.21.03 12:07 am
otms? nah im lazy..

well lets see..today?..i went out to lunch with my familia!..then i went home and got ready for the HAUNTED HOUSE meeting at the Youth Center ..ey yall go tomorrow its at 430 in the youth center[st augustine]then choir was cancelled..agen..my parents are makin me quit,...ugh..mae gave me a ride home..i ate dinner and took a shower..and now yea im bored..haha..later homies!

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my TRIUMPHANT return
Monday. 10.20.03 6:52 pm
i couldnt TAKE IT..i miss NuTang..:-) but all my frends are on xanga..ugh.. i need to drag them over here..haha..ok guys..im back..from now on imma just have DOUBLE BLOG..haha..just copy and paste from my xangato here..kuzz i miss nutang so much..WHUDDUP NUTANGERS IM BACK!

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Saturday. 9.27.03 11:08 pm
celestialEXCELLENCE...yea thats my xanga hit it up..i dont kno..i made a double switch i dont kno why?

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damn good times...
Saturday. 9.13.03 5:57 pm
wow..feels good to be on nutang...

man san fran is going thru major heat...

anyway..schools okay..

heres the juice..
i was talkin to sandra yesterday..we used to be best frends for like 2 years[?] and then all of a sudden it stopped..i derno..we were hella close..we would talk everyday..on weekends whoever was awake would call the other to wake us up..haha..we were just talkin about it yesterday..so many good times..dude i miss talkin her ....sometimes i wanna just pick up the fone and call her..but i dont...and she told me shes wanted to talk to me sometimes...like when she needed to talk ..but ..she didnt kno my number..or something..man..we talked about all those fun times..like when we were on the fone and i had to hide it when my parents would come in the room..haha..and while we were talkin today,..i was lissenin to my music and it was on shuffle and our song played..selfish by nsync..i remember i used to always sing on the fone...and i still do..its my passion to sing..ill sing anywere or time...anyway..we talked for so long yesterday..and i told her..even tho were not close, if she ever needed to talk to anyone about anything,..she can call me and ill always be available..and she sed the same to me..then she asked if anyone had replaced her, i sed...someone took her spot, but no one could ever replace her.. i asked her..and she sed she hasnt had anyone taken my spot..or replaced me...aww man..."officially missing you " is playen..haha...man i wish i could go back in time and just...prevent us from ever splitting..we were like peanut butter and jelly..man...i miss her... ...the good old times..

well im gonna go take a shower...

heres some gin for that juice.
It's not what u have in your life, but who u have in your life that counts"..stole it off ate kims page[sandras sis...i call her ate kuzz she was my big sis in wms]


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Saturday. 8.23.03 1:15 am
lol JULIAN oh JULIAN JULIAN JULIAN..say in high voice..repeat 3 times..lol..

training was pretty sick..

yesterday at training lunch break we all changed nametags and i was nica..so i did that...lol JULIAN oh JULIAN JULIAN JULIAN..say in high voice..repeat 3 times..lol..
her boy is julian..so im acting like her..hella sprung on him..ahaha...

yea...and im doing 7th and 8th graders..me and christeen..no little 6th graders ?no not really...

haha jerr is supposed to kall about now..lol...oh wel..she prolly fergot the number agen..jerr is prolly in total discombobulation since she just got back..lol..thats her werd..lol..and the biyatoh nicole wont answer..and some person called and i missed it and i dont wanna kall i back kuz i onno who the eff it is..lol...it looks like a familiar number tho..
oh well...training today was pretty fun agen..we were talkin at lunch about some funny stuff..lol...i think to much to post here..lol..but oh man ..it was hella funny..it was me chris kevin nate jenn and nica..i was kicken it with them for both dayz..yea..and hazel belle christeen aissele and sabi kicked it with them too..but today at lunch it was the MV crew..[nica kevin ...]and you just had to be there...non stop laughin...we had free corn dogs..and me kevin and nica were full with one..but nate had like 3 jenn had two and chris had like 6..hahaha..it was funny..he kept gettin up to get more..kuzz it was in the MUR and we were chillen by the gras..haha..and at the end nathan stuck his name tag on belle and she didnt notice for hella long..it stayed there for like a half hour..ahaha..then we played some ball..i need to brush up...haha..but i was in full clothing so its all g double o d GOOD..lol...time for some randomization I THINK SO

r-r-r-r-r-r- and om

smiley thats the 6th graders at orientation...ugh...

quote[man i didnt bring my b-b-b-b-burberrry,...]lol that was me...

[mario tune]
haha super mario bros theme song..from jojo's homeboys nutang..haha..its PIMPED

ahaha..alright guysh ..im out....


hazel kalls me that..its a kool name haha..i like it..by the way onlee she can call me that so dont say it or shell kick your

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