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It's me!

Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Caucasian
Location Cape Coral Centr, FL
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Curiosity killed the cat! But I... am not a cat.
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I hate stupid people.
Wednesday. 7.28.10 10:06 am
So...this random person adds me on facebook, and I assume it's for Farmville or something, so I accept. Then, he starts messaging me, and I figure out pretty quickly it's not for Farmville, and he's just hoping I'm one of *those* girls who has random cybersex with people she doesn't know. So I tell him I'm not, figure he'll give up and stop talking to me, or talk about other things. He asks like three questions and then tries to send me an inappropriate link, which I don't click because I'm not dumb enough to believe it's anything less than it is. I tell him (again) it's not going to happen, figuring three strikes rule. And he keeps trying. So I rip him a new asshole. But my god, he was really stupid. And then he said he didn't think he was being pushy. I was like "Really? Repeatedly bringing up a subject after being shot down several times isn't pushy?" I mean, come on. How stupid can one person be?

On another, less infuriating note, I have a lot of cleaning to do this week because my slightly OCD sister is coming to visit on Friday. Here is my list:

Dining room
Sheets, mine and mama’s
Laundry room
Hang curtains

Bathrooms and bedrooms

Windows and doors

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Friday. 7.23.10 9:42 pm
OK, my job this week was not bad at all...except for today. Almost everyone I called did not answer, and those who did answer yelled at me. Especially if they're with Bank of America. They thought for some reason that I'm with Bank of America, and yelled at me doubly. Does Bank of America suck, or are those people just mean?

Also, I only got paid $7 an hour, even though I'm pretty sure my boss said 8 in the interview.

Worst part?
I can't complain, because I really need the job.

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Love's Loss
Monday. 7.19.10 12:01 am
I'm trying to improve my writing. I wanted to focus on metaphor, having no set rules (other than grammar), and writing about something I don't necessarily feel.

In a dream I shall feel-
Inside the cool,
Pierced with light-
Her sweet madness,
Beautiful as snow:
That by starlight

Of black devils and black wolves;
The evening shadows pulling faces
Who grin at the sky.
The hidden window, with a cloak of ignorance
The wolves howl back:
Great conquering black eyes
From violet forests
Where the stars are sleeping.

The black gallows moans,
And do all these worlds
Embroidered with black moss
Weep on her shoulder.

The great dreaming swan,
But endless into the ferocious tide rips.
I have seen maelstroms eternal,
Never endured more triumphant clamorings
To know the skies-
The scented twilight-
Devoured by vermin.

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Thursday. 7.15.10 8:57 pm

...as a telemarketer. But it's awesome. ^_^

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Busy, busy, busy!
Thursday. 7.15.10 12:25 pm
So, as the title suggests, I've been really busy lately. The pool is done, other than putting chemicals into it (YAY!), and the fence needs panels still, and then Mama wants me to finish the garden and build wooden steps so the dogs can get into the pool, because they can't climb the ladder. Luckily, my British Lit class is fairly easy thus far. That'll probably be picking up soon.

I sunburnt my face a little a couple of days ago. Sunburnt face hurts worse than sunburnt shoulders, but it feels better now.

I wrote a poem last night, but I'm not sharing it because it's a terrible first attempt at couplets, but I did like one line: "There's beauty in the reckless sin."

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Made the dean's list, maybe broke my hand
Thursday. 7.1.10 5:05 pm
So, because of hurricane Alex, our almost-done (yay!) pool was about to cave in yesterday. The only thing I could think to do to save it was to lift the (maybe 100lbs) stairs into the pool. By myself. Cause no one else was home. I managed it, but not without doing some serious damage to my hand. Weirdly, it's only slightly swollen and bruised, but it hurts way more than the broken toes I've had in the past. That could be because broken toes don't hurt that badly. For me anyway, because I'm used to them.

However, I made the dean's list, and my essay on Beowulf made someone in my class afraid she wouldn't be able to keep up with the class, so that cheered me up a little. And I guess I can't complain too much about a maybe-broken hand because of Alex, because people have died from that thing already. I should be grateful it's only a hurt hand, right? Still, no health insurance = no doctor and no x-ray = I hope like hell it's not broken and just heals on its own.

I need a job.

Just for shits and giggles, here's a list of other things I need:
a boyfriend.
the will to stop smoking and stay on a weight loss plan/not lose my will to lose every time I see pasta
to dye my hair
new clothes
my license
the desire to work on my novel when I have the time
a boyfriend.

Yes, I realize I put "boyfriend" twice. I just really want one. I'm tired of being single. And I've never actually had one. Not since elementary, and those don't count. Grah. Maybe I'm too picky/shy/reclusive/all of the above.

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