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Thursday, April 20, 2006
got back my MST for my stats unit... i passed!!!! n did well too! 33.5/40. woo hooo!!!! hope can get HD ( > or equal to 80) for this unit *prays hard* happy. noora did well too. yipee!! told her she din have to worry. brooke did well to. so did jon, erin n brooke. so we're all happy.

i still have loads to do for my lit review... a lot of chemical structures to draw. goodness. loads more to write n i have to cut out some stuff... my word limit is 7500.. ssshhhiiittt!!!! arghz.... simon so has to help me with cuttin sutff out... haiz... oh well... quick quick marissa. u have loads to do!!!

but i'm goin to sleep soon. i'm tired. *yawnz* headin into uni tmr to get work done. so yeah. get some work done b4 i go sleep.

oh good luck for ur last to papers beat! missin ya crap... hahaha!!!!

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easter break is just about over
Wednesday, April 19, 2006
uni starts again tmr... been back to school twice durin this one week easter break. not something i do durin my break the past 3 yrs. but not tt i have much of a choice. the internet on the com in the honours room is much faster. but not the com itself. always hangin. i have a good mind to bring my laptop with me. but then again.. it is troublesome coz i have too much to bring. my reference books n the journals n stationery n the com itself n blah blah stuff... so no choice la. use school com unless absolutely necessary then i bring la. like when i m stuck alone in the lab downstairs doin the experiment, which of course i haven't started yet. soon la soon...

oh well... been rainin since the night b4... couldn't sleep manz... went to sleep at 2.30. n it had to start rainin. sianz.. wind was strong. rain was heavy. kept me up for some time. n then the freakin sun had to b so bright at 8.30 in the mornin... shhhiiitttt.. so woke up like a zombie. called noora told her i'll b in uni ard 11. sianz.... went to school got a bit of work done. then came back b4 it started to rain yet again. din do any work coz i was already like a zombie. watched tv the whole nght till 12 then went to sleep. heee.... woke up at 9.30. coz it was rainin yet again. so no sun. yeah! newae... not goin into uni today. rainin. stay home n do work. but tmr must go.. have class n assignment to hand in. n shit... gettin back my MST tmr... hope i do alright... nervous *bites fingernails*

noora's feelin really down. she cried yesterday. twice.. haiz... i dunno wat else can i do but comfort her n b there for her. hope she feels better soon. cheer up alright babe... called her just now to tell her i'm not goin into uni... she still sounds really sad... n she is still cryin i can tell... nvm when she come online later then see how. to me if a guy loves u they will make u the happiest, luckiest n most fortunate girl in the entire world.

thought mayb draggin her to hungry jacks to get the choc puddin (nice i have to add) would cheer her up but she doesn't want... hiaz.... just hope she can concentrate on her project. it is more impt than anything else at the moment. we both have to do well. a goal we have set for ourselves to work towards. so yeah...

oooohhh... rain stopped a bit n the sun is peakin out a tiny weeny bit! but i m sure it will start agan later. i'd bet on tt.. i need more tea. heee.. nice hot to warm tea is good. lalalal...

yeah!! bernard is goin to send me the HOUSE series!! woo hoo!! thanks a million mate. :D u know exactly wat it is like here coz we went thru the same shit. god forsaken... thanks for being there for me whenever i needed u to b. u're like a bro to me, someone i can talk to abt everything :) *mates for life* our friendship is one of the best things tt happened to me here in tassie. weee!!!

hm... i wannt get the box set of the O.C season 2!!! argh... i love tt show. n of course season 3 when it coems out. can get for season 2 already. waitin for the sale at myers n see how much it costs... n then mayb get it. lalala :)

okok.. enough marissa. i'm goin to do me lit review b4 lunch. dunno wat i'm goin to have also. think abt it later. ciaoz....

*miss ya dear*

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easter monday!
Monday, April 17, 2006
was nice tt my babe booked out on thu :) meant tt i could talk to him for a little while each day for 4 days... instead of the usual 2 days sometimes only 1. yay!! made my weekend great... until i spoke to my parents on fri which made me cry... n my idiotic bro just know how to make things worse. nv better n made me cry even more... asshole. but after speakin to my babe it made me feel a tiny weeny bit better. but still very sad :'( the whole idea of not goin back for 12 mths totally sucks... if i seriously cannot go back in june... i might try go back durin christmas. dun care. hmphz... anyway... noora said tt absolutely no one is goin to work durin christmas n new year. but all these is still unclear.. haiz... i wanna go back n see family, u n frens. i miss my grandma...

the gang came over last night to play lan game :) first game of the yr. felt really bad makin them walk back at 2am in the freezin mornin when we stopped playin. but i was really scared to drive back alone. coz it is really really dark. plus there is no one stayin here with me now to make sure i was back. so hm... yeah... oh well.

so went to sleep at 2.30am. jumped out of bed at 11am. i was meant to wake up earlier ard 10ish at least to get ready n walk to noora's place n decorate the cake for pot luck today. showered n got ready in like 20 mins. a record time manz. so yeah.. had to drive over n got the deco done n all. did a alright job i reckon. the deco of the cake looked better than the muffin ones thought. then went over to jean's place. she was still doin her sushi. priscilla cooked chicken curry. n 2 malaysian guys cooked rendang. not too bad. heee... chatted quite a bit.

pris, jean, januttha n the 2 m'sian guys were really worried abt wat next sem would bring then. n us (noora, bk, halim n i) being nice senious (*hahaha*) tried to reassure them. so yeah. hoped it helped.

oh well... anyway... back now. takin a break b4 i go get some work done.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
been feelin sleelpy really early these few days for unknown reasons. i'm in uni from 10 plus everyday except tuesdays when i go in ard 8.45 coz i have lessons at 9. reach home ard 4.30 - 5. tt's quite a couple of hours of work everyday. totally drained by the time i get home. start feelin sleepy ard 9ish. this isn't good manz...

got 2 ulcers in my mouth... sianz... wonder if it is because of the cranky weather. been cold the past week but was just nice today actually. nice sun. but goin to rain on sat...

tmr is the start of the easter break... but i have to go back to uni to get work done. oh well.. no choice. have too much to do. but..... we planned the picnic thing for sat... looks like we got to scrap tt. will change it to either sun or mayb mon. actually monday might b a better idea. but gotta check the weather forecast tmr first. the picnic day will b the day when i will NOT do any work at all. a day to de-stress, have fun with the gang n not think abt uni. heee... noora is keen to have a drinks night one day... so we'll have to arrange tt too. might do it on the same day as the picnic.i've been workin hard everyday... n i think i deserve this break.

n jean just invited noora, halim n i to her place for potluck on monday... wonder which we will decide to do. discuss it with them tmr.

simon read thru the first part of my literature review. he said it was not as jumbled up as the previous ones n i definitely have to agree with him. put the headings into it. so it made more sense n all. yipee! just have to cut out some crap to shorten it a bit. a bit too draggy for the first part.

it is so different from doing practical reports. practical reports was more like copy, rephrase n u r done. with the lit review... i have to read so many journals. then read the primary references. n then combine thought from different journals n put it down. so basically loads of reading to do. lookin at the com for hours too which isn't good. in between writing the review... i'll.... b playin neopets n reading asia1.com. just to relax myself. n eat chocolate!!! hahaha n get all hyper.

lucky the people in the honours room make it more fun. esp scott. when noora, brooke n i lunch with him he does silly things. like stuffin all our rubbish into a small juice bottle... n he jumped (yes.. jumped) to scan the proxy card in his pocket to open the back door to the honous room. hilarious, the way he did it. heeee... so thanks guys! thanks for makin it bearable when the goin gets tough.

n scott thinks tt noora n i are havin a competition to see who has more references in end note n how fast we are progressing with out lit review. at the present moment... i have like 214 references in my list. but it ain't my fault!!! all my journals have like so many primary references... bloody hell. makes life difficult u know. n i currently have 17 pages for my lit review. hehe.. noora has more for her lit reveiw at the moment i think. we'll jsut compare at the end of it how many pages each of us have n we'll see. but it's a bit difficult to compare this way simply because her project n mine are 2 entirely different entities! lalala... oh well...

it's midnight n i m goni to sleep. tired.... *yawnz*

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work is pilin...
Friday, April 7, 2006
had my MST for the stats subject yesterday... hope it went alright. won't know the results probably till after the easter break. so probably in 2 weeks time... not gonna think abt it for now. i have loads of other stuff on my plate at the moment...

started doin my literature review for honours last week. the progress is really slow coz i have to read loads of journals. but i'm thruggin along. slowly but surely. heee.... got to crank the speed up though. i got to hand in a draft to simon in 3 week time. n i haven't even finished 1 section of the review yet... ffffuuucccckkkk....

wanted to do some work after the test yesterday.... but me being me... i'm always in a weird mood after a test or exam.... i seem to find everything pretty funny after the test. oh well... noora n i were talkin abt takin a break durin the easter break. 3 things came to mind:

1) picnic at the cataract gorge. we wanted a bbq.. but can't think of where to do it. so picnic will do. but have to find a day with good weather first. chilly day is fine. just as long as there is sun.
2) poker night at my place... n DRINKS!! woo hoo.... tequila shots (i love it!) margaritas (yummy....) n sex on the beach. heee! :P (mayb only. we need to find more kakis for this. coz at the moment only noora, halim n i. BK doesn't drink at all. so he's out of this. LJ Y DID U HAVE TO LEAVE US HERE N GO TO MELBOURNE??? do u know u make it more fun... esp when u get a bit tipsy?? heee... oh well... might ask me neighbour martin to join us, provided he doesn't go back burnie to visit his parents for easter. hahaha!! we'll see abt this one.)
3) a visit to prickly cactus in the city for a meal n FISH BOWL!! fish bowl is a basically a big bowl of cocktail. served in wat looks like a fish bowl i think. i haven't had the chance to try it yet. n i wanna try it b4 i leave this place and of course try it in good company (i.e. halim n noora - > esp)

oooohhh.... n i kinda wanna go to the uni bar with noora n halim... play some pool n get some drinks. i've been good studyin n doin my work. i so need a break. to b honest i din really start my work till prob week 4. kinda regrettin it at the moment... but i think i should be able to make it up. i've been diligently doin work in uni. do get quite a bit done. but it ain't good to sit at the com for too long manz... wait got to change specs n contact lens again.. sianz....

oh yeah... n have to head to the hospital over a couple of days durin the easter break. noora needs some guinea pigs (i.e. halim, BK n i) to practice on. coz the machines she r usin should b in by the beginnin of next week. so yeah... time lost again. means i have to work extra hard when i m at home. sometimes just lackin the motivation to do so... can someone give me some motivation please?!?!?

i will prob be dragged to the uni bar by halim later. there's this free bbq thing goin on for BeeMAHS (BioMedical And Health Science) Society later at 2. so i'd have to get some work done now. i haven't typed anything on my freakin lit review!! damn! just changed some of the references to the primary references on the advice of simon. so i have abt an hours or so to get some work done.

oh well.... more updates soon i hope...... ciaoz!!!!

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fruitful day!
Wednesday, March 29, 2006
very happy to say! i had an extremely fruitful day today. got quite a bit of stuff done in uni.

looked for all the sequences of alternative oxidases in candida species tt i needed for the preliminary part of my project. aligned the sequences and "blasted" it to see which are closely homologous with it. all these done with some special programs on the web.

did a whole lot of printing. i have never printed so much!! i prob printed easily 150 pages manz... the "blasting" results each took an average of 22 pages. multiply tt by 7. then the alignment results. goodness gracious me. but hey... printin is now FREE! hahaha!!! i love the priviledges.

got to read up some journals to write a part of my literature review. which hopefully i will start by the weekend.

have to study for the MST for SAPA too. will start tt tmr. suddenly the work is just pilin up.. OMG! haiz... i have to plan my time manz. sheesh....

but at least i m doin work in uni when i go down. so tt's good. i dun feel so guilty. today especially *pats oneself on the back* :P

ohhh... plus i have NEVER seem BK so happy b4!! he came to look for noora n i b4 his class n he will just smilin from ear to ear. all coz his hopefully-soon-to-b gf msg me an EXTREMELY sweet msg. which led him to say he has a lot of motivation to do his MLP3 projects. hehe.. he was just so happy. laughin the whole time n makin jokes all thru lunch n even after he finished class. h even said coz of the sweet msg which was also for luck she sent, he got 7/10 for his spot quiz... hiak hiak hiak... a guy in love. lalala! but happy for him. he deserves to b happy too. he is a great guy. a fantastic fren too.

hee.. better get back to the books now! i wanna watch little britain n OC later!

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