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This is a call to all my past resignations. It's been too long
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ohh Rollercoaster tycoon
Sunday. 1.28.07 6:05 pm
Well my weekend has consisted of playing rollercoaster tycoon, practicing trumpet and other boring things. However, I have found some great poatote chips I might write about tommorrow if I am in the mood. GYM teacher= BITCH. :D That is my statement of the year. Do you have a life? I do, went to the basketball game on friday, we lost stupid people. Anyways talkt to you alter everyone.

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Friday. 1.26.07 4:15 pm
Strong come back, 2 posts within a week. I was amazed I still was making money on my account. Well my P.E. teacher is a dick, mostly cause she has...I'll let you finish it from there. She is not allowing us to eat food in her class, NO BRAINER there sherlock. She also banned IPODS. <_< I hate you stupid woman. Anywho, I might go to the basketball game tonight, you get in free with ORANGE T-SHIRTS! W00t! Plus they are playing the cross county rivial. Stupid rivialry. :P Well thanks for your comments friends. :D

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Hey guys.
Sunday. 1.21.07 2:28 pm
Sorry for the long time in between posts but unforseen nutang difficulties involving dogs, baboons and a roll of tape kept me pretty busy. On the bright side, I finally have time to post a post up and am very happy to see all my friends are still here. Happy New Year. Thanks for commenting!

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Happy New year nutang!
Sunday. 12.31.06 11:32 pm
Sorry for the long wait in between updates but seems nutang had a bandwith error the other day when I finally got a chance to get on. What a bummer. I have been up to a lot. Went to two college hockey games at the detriot arena. Learned they may build a new one. Also, rode the public tram and it got stuck. It was an intresting wait for the fire department. Wishing the best to you in the new year and thanks for your comments!

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Merry X-mas
Friday. 12.22.06 8:46 pm
and a happy new year nutang! Life has been as busy as ever. However, I have solved the mystery of razzly, she is coming back to nutang around Jan 6th. She will be heading back home then. How's everyone been doing? More about my boring life, I have been staying up til 3 A.M. trying to put ubuntu on my old computer. I finall have given up after two nights and 4 days of trying. Oh well you can't have everything. How are you guys?

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Sunday. 12.17.06 8:51 pm
I have to go and get two tests taken tommorrow at school. Another one on tuesday. I am soo bored. Went to two parties. My great grandmas 91th birthday. Then my great cousins baptisim. So whats up with you guys?

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