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sHouT BoX
I have been learning to play the
by Zanzibar
tin whistle
i*ve been watching
by dannixfresh
You, Handmaid*s Tale, and Terrace House. I*m guilty of also watching Vanderpump Rules lol.
by thaitanic
i’m so curious how it ends; i have no idea where they are headed.

by LostSoul13
They*re ending on their own terms, though. Instead of drawing it out too long and then getting canceled.
by thaitanic
i can’t get enough of that show. so sad it’s ending.
I just watched The Good Place again
by Unicornasaurus
The new season is great
anyone binging any shows lately
by thaitanic
or taking up any new hobbies is anyone here
by bauhaus
Hello people!

by renaye
love destiny is awesome.

by ThisCharmingMan
how are ya now?

by LostSoul13
I had some left over sushi from dinner last night and chocolate cake
mini corn dogs
by thaitanic
oatmeal cream pie

by randomjunk
I just ate a fried egg on toast.
HEyyyyy everybodyyyy
by Zanzibar
What are you all eating today? I am eating an apple at the moment.
I*m conflicted about inviting more
by randomjunk
people, because I think it*s still advertised that Nutang pays for blogging when it actually doesn*t anymore, and I don*t want to mislead anyone.
will this work?
Thursday. 5.21.09 10:40 pm
why is it that people don't realise what they had to begin with until they have lost it? why does everyone always complain and whinge. why isn't anybody satisfied with what they have? if i stop treating him the way i use to, if i stop putting in as much effort as i use to, will he realise the things i did all along for him and stop complaining already? i hate this. its been over a year and a half and we still fight so much. one of my friends told me that this is only the beginning of a long relationship. boy, to be honest, these 19 months have been so tiring and long i feel like ive aged 10 years! it isnt supposed to be like this, is it? do i deserve better?

somebody tell me.

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i'm trying to tell you
Wednesday. 1.21.09 9:07 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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stuck in between again
Wednesday. 12.17.08 1:54 pm
i dont know what to do (once again)... i swear my mum dislikes my boyfriend no matter how much she says she doesnt dislike him that much... she tells me that she only dislikes him because he's lazy, but thats not even true. He's not lazy. if anything, im lazier than he is.she tells me off for going out to dinner with him too much... so i thought, maybe she likes me to eat dinner at home with her more often... so i do, but sometimes, just sometimes, i bring him over too... and she starts complaining about how he comes over for dinner too often... its only been twice this week.. and he hasnt been to my place for AGES now... literally... a couple of months... at least 4 or 5 months now... and i respect the fact that she doesnt like me being home alone with him... so i always tell her when hes coming over and making sure she's home on the day too... she dislikes us having my room door shut even though we're only watching dvds or youtube on my computer... so fine, i leave my room door open too... what more can i do? i know she doesnt like seeing us hold hands and cuddling in front of her... so fine, we dont even touch eachother at all when he's here.... but last night when she told me to 'be careful' of him just because he's come over for dinner twice this week, i couldnt really comprehend.

what was that suppose to mean? he's not trustworthy because he's been having dinner here too often? when i go out for dinner, she dislikes it. when i ask him to come over for dinner, she dislikes it too. initially she said it was because we dont always have time to cook fantastic food and she feels embarassed in a way, having to share crappy boring food with guests... but even if she does cook nice food or something, its not like she likes to have him over... i hate the fact she's so twofaced as well, she pretends its all good when hes around and even sometimes in front of me... then in the mornings when im still in bed and partially awake... she'll be badmouthing very LOUDLY as if i wouldnt hear her about how hes always here for dinner and stuff.

can someone teach me what to do, PLEASE? she hates everything. i dont know what to do. i've been with im for over a year now... what am i suppose to tell him at the end of the day when hes come all the way to my local shopping centre (2 hrs by public transport) just to see me and shop around with me.... 'hey man, go home, you can't come over for dinner' i just couldnt say something like that, its not like hes a picky eater, he eats everything... sometimes he feels bad for coming over for dinner, so he asks my mum if she wants to go out for dinner instead, his shout.... and she always says no.... he's already trying to do what he can, im already doing my best, what more can i do? i feel so crap, im so stressed, i dont know what to do anymore.

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Why you shouldn't take kids to the zoo
Wednesday. 11.26.08 2:02 pm

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just rant
Friday. 11.21.08 10:09 pm
fucking asshole .... whenever hes being an asshole he only reminds me of my ex... why? cos he was an asshole too... what kind of fucking loser tells you to shut the fuck up but then expects you to respond and when you dont they start screaming over the phone as though you're deaf and doesnt even go to consider that it damages your ear as well as causing a lot of unnecessary pain? then they get all pissy and start swearing and shit .. like seriously what the fuck is wrong with you? i should be the one pissed here, you fucking told me to shut up for no fucking serious reason then expect me to respond to what you say... a little contradicting there... whoever happens to be reading this... if you believe im just bitching then so be it... i AM bitching atm but go think about why i may be bitching!

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TEN comMANdments
Friday. 11.14.08 6:56 pm
i saw this article in the newspaper today and i think it's worthwhile for those who wish to maintain a relationship to read for fun =]

1. Thou shalt remember important dates:
And we don't mean the Test cricket dates or his mother's birthday. It hurts our feelings when he forgets anniversaries, Valentine's day, our birthday. Hi sfailure to remember makes us think he doesn't care, whereas remembering gives him the perfect chance to show us just how much he does. So, men, it's fairly simple. Put it on your calendar in big red letters and, a few days before, make sure you put a reminder in your phone to allow time to plan the spoils. we wil appreciateit and you wil be rewarded.

2. Thou shalt not look at other women:
If we're with a man, then we expect (and deserve) his full attention. While we understand that you cannot change a man, this should be one of the first habits he drops when you start seeing him. Looking is normal, but looking a lot is a problem.

3. Thou shalt practise bathroom etiquette:
We like to think of our bathroom as a haven of retreat. Men should respect this sacred place and this means:
-no using our favourite (not to mention expensive) products - buy your own.
-no leaving the toilet seat up. Put the seat and lid down. IT's a simple request but one so many men struggle to uphold.
-no leaving of wet towels on the floor. the towel rck is tere for a reason.
It's often the little things we break up over, so you're wise trying to fix them early on.

4. Thou shalt not spend longer getting ready than us:
part of the illusion of being a woman is that magical moment when we step from our boudoir polished to perfection from top-to-toe, wearing that special dress with killer heels. should he still be in the shower, having a shave or trimming his toenails, he'll kill said magic. remember men, it's thewoman's prerogative to keep the man waiting. sure, we want you to take pride in your appearance, but anything over our beauty-boosting regime and you're entering Narcissus territory. And say something. if you just look us up and down and don't comment, we'll think you don't think we look good.

5. Thou shalt not question our...
-shoe habit: asking in exasperation, "do you really need another pair?" while staring suth of our ankles is not the way to get out of this alive.
-hairdo: yes, it might have looked better of POsh, but that doesn't mean we need him to tell us.
-style: men, we understand fashion. he should like the fact that you take pride in your appearance ad be proud to have you on his arm. this, of course, cuts both ways in a relatinoship. if you don't like certain outfits that your partner wears, don't make a negative comment. instea, tell them how gorgeous they look when they wear something you do like.

6. Thou shalt not mock PMS:
emotional outbursts or not, its just plain rude for men to immediately assume that just because a woman is acting a certain way it is her time of the month. even when our men know that it is the case, saying so is a sure way to stoke the fire. the majority of men arent experts when it comes to our cycle - and it's common to fear the unknown. take away the mystery - tell him you're feeling a little tender and apolofise if he finds you're being more snappy than usual. girls, dont use him as an emotinal punching bag.

7. Thou shalt not practise DIY if not skilled in said department:
while we love being able to do things ourselves, we still love a man doing things around the house,be it putting up shelves, wiring plugs or even mowing the lawn. But there's nothing worse than a job half-finished or, worse, when he ransacks our space with the over-confident use of tools.

8. Thou shalt not ignore the finer points of grooming:
while we want men to be quicker than us in the bathroom (and respect its domain), we still appreciate a well-turned outman. there's a myriad grooming products available to men in today's world, from lip balm to eye cream and soothing saving tonic to brow gel, so there's really no reasonfor your fella to feel uninformed.

9. Thous shalt share the load:
The days of women tackling the housework and having dinner waiting for hubby when he returns from a hard days' work are long gone. you're both hard-working professionals, you split the cost of your home, therefore it's only fair that the chores are splt equally too.

10. Thou shalt never say...
-"what have you done to your hair?"
-"they both look the same to me."
-"Do you think you should be eating that?"
while it's inevitable they're going to say the wrong thing from time to time - hey, we're not perfect eitehr - simple common sense dictates that these comments ar likely to be met with contempt and disdain.

source: [http://www.handbag.com]

hmm... however i suppose some of those things may not apply to very couple. im a girl and i personally prefer the toilet seats up, i find it annoying having toilet water splashing onto my toilet seat when i flush =[

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different expectations between couples
Wednesday. 11.12.08 6:37 pm
do you ever feel that they expect you to not do some things, however they go and do it themselves? as a matter of fact, they dont even really realise that they're doing it at all. then the shit part - you find it unfair but you dont want to confront them with it because you feel that it'd indicate that you're whinging or provoking an arguement?

its happened to me too many times. i suppose ive confronted him a couple of times about things, but there are just too many and if i were to bring it all up, i reckon even i'd be annoyed at myself!

how do you really deal with the situation?

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given up
Thursday. 10.16.08 5:46 am
damn, its one of those times where you just have to cry cos you havent cried in like ages :s strange how that works for a girl... either she'll find some emo movie to watch so she has an excuse to cry or she'll just burst into tears when her bedroom doors are shut. as for me, its just another one of those times i need to forgive and FORGET! its so difficult... even after a year i still struggle so much to cope... its so difficult and none of my effort is acknowledged... hurt again and trying to find the faith in the relationship... this just seems to be some vicious circle... why is it that as you grow older, its more and more difficult to forgive and forget? can anybody out there teach me how to? i feel so tired and lethargic i dont even want to think about things anymore.

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