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R.D.S = Razzu's Daily Sketches!!

Get well soon, Terence ;__;
Sunday. 2.11.07 11:50 am
I was sleeping when i received a phone call from Monica. Her voice sounds weird and i realized she was crying. She asked me for my lecturer's handphone number and i asked her why. She said my classmate Terence has a car accident with his girlfriend and now he was still in coma. His brain was swollen.


That phone call woke me up completely.

I still remember him laughing and joking with us in the Multimedia Studio last Friday. He was fine, lively, and as funny as ever. And the accident happened on the next day.

Terence, you have to wake up.
Class won't be fun without you, and you know that too.

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Class doodles
Sunday. 1.28.07 1:36 am
This is what I did during Suang-Suang's studio class... Haha. Just realised when Hervie asked me to put this doodle inside my blog. So here you go! XD For my studio classmates who didn't come at that day... Sorry if your pics isn't here. ^^;

Again, happy birthday, Hervie! This was drawn during her birthday!

--- comic blog & doodles commisions will be updated later =p ---

Here's some unimportant FAQ :
1. Who's handwriting is it? The one with pencils?
No, it's not mine. It's Daniel's. XD He keeps saying he's cute.
2. Why do the heads get smaller and smaller downwards?
I was getting lazy to continue at that time. Hehehe.
3. Where did you draw it?
In class, inside my notebook, during studio class.

I keep LOL-ing at this pics because Brandon keeps complaining that his hair looks like wires. LOL sorry, Brandon.

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Finally... T_T
Monday. 1.23.07 2:06 am

The other winners, can you all send me the photo of you again? I'm so sorry...

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No comic this time (yeah, i warn you... don't be dissapointed ok ;___; )
Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This is my first entry since i came back to Jakarta four days ago. I'll be staying here until 6th of January 2007. That's a long long long holiday~
So how's life?

I've been going here and there... Looking for Indonesian's traditional food. Haha. Say that i'm a glutton. XD Thank God my weight always stay in 43 kg. Even if i ate a lot at night and gain weight at that time, it'll returned back to 43 kg in the morning! Surpriseeee... (i'm also surprised. Remember the sushi buffet? I ate a lot! ). Hurray!

No comic this time... Hopefully, i can draw one or two cartoon figure of the game winners on friday or saturday. Oh, and maybe some comics too. There's a lot of things that i really want to tell you guys! =D

My dad is very cute (haha), he missed me a lot, and sulking when he couldn't pick me up in the airport because he had to go to the meeting. My mom picked me up with my lil' brother. He's as cute as ever, but... he... grows (of course he does! *punches herself* ). He's taller than before, and considered quite tall among kids on his age. The thing that hasn't changed is : he's still popular with girls. Lol.

One of the changes that made me laughed : now he's shy towards me. Last year when i came home, he always run naked (yes, naked) and asked me to bath him, or change his clothes. ^^; Now, he doesn't even want to open his clothes in front of me. He'll go to the bathroom, and take a shower by himself. That's an amazing improvement! =]

Haha i feel like a mother.

Thanks for all the comments and recommendations! I wish i could reply and visit all of your blogs today but i have limited time to go online here. The internet also isn't as fast as the one in Singapore. I'll visit all of my friend's blogs the next time i'm online (usually i always visit blogs in my friend's list, and also those who had recommended and commented the entries).

As for the game winners photo check:
1. kkama67 --- ok
2. LostSoul13 --- ok
3. Ikimashokie --- ok
4. Katrina --- XDXD i've seen your photos but that one has been deleted. Can you send me another one, Katrina?
5. Silver-dot- --- can you send me a photo? =D
6. middaymoon --- oh snap! ok! =]

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