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The Grass Is Greener

Age. 22
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. ginger
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It's a rainy day
Monday. 4.25.16 11:24 pm
So, I got my tax return back. And I was really unsure of what I should use it for. I really wanted a MacBook, but I wasn't totally sold on it, because my phone is the rose gold iPhone, and they didn't have the MacBook in rose gold. (Like, come on, you're going to offer it in all the other colors you have the iPhone in, but not the pink one? Lame.) And then they came out with it in rose gold, and my color-coordinated heart was sold.

I'm selling my old laptop to my boyfriend's dad. He really liked it, and was going to buy a new one anyways.

This thing is so thin. And fast. And pretty. And I really like what they've done with the keyboard. And the force touch thing is actually pretty cool. So yeah. Here I am.

There's a squirrel outside my window, and he literally looks like a poorly made gif. He's just kind of twitching back and forth.

I've been really working my butt off with my job at FedEx lately. I'm trying to get promoted and make a bit more money. Mostly because I'm trying to get to the point where I can afford to get my own place again. I could afford it before, but then when I wrecked my Prius and still had to finish the payments on that, and pay for a new car? Kind of screwed me over there. So I'm living with my boyfriend Ian, and his dad, and one of Ian's friends who's staying here for a while until he gets a place too. It's a bachelor pad cluster. And it's not very fun for me all the time. I'm way too into peace and quiet and cleanliness for this to really work well for me long-term. So I'll be looking into apartments as soon as I get a better pay rate.

I miss having space to myself.

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Saturday. 4.2.16 10:43 pm
It's almost been a cool year since I ventured over here. Or had reliable wifi.
I have cats now. I'm a cat lady. And it's amazing. Cats are so great. SO. GREAT.

My job is going much better than it was a year ago, so that's pretty rad, too! I'm almost an assistant manager. If I kick enough ass, it should happen in about 90-ish days? 90 days-6 months should be about when I get promoted. I'm rather pleased about it. :)

I also joined a Planet Fitness recently! Several people think it's a waste of money... but it's also none of their business. (Where's the help desk emoji when you need it?) Also, getting unlimited massages for only $20/month is kind of cool. And I like how much better I feel. I mean, it's been a good way to help manage my depression and anxiety. Especially since I'm no longer really on medications anymore. (Disclaimer: I DO NOT RECOMMEND QUITTING YOUR MEDS COLD TURKEY.) They made me feel so zombie-like, and I've really progressed to a point where I don't have enough low days to justify taking all the pills my money-hungry psychologist had prescribed to me. I've been off of them for about a year, and I'm doing really well so far. I'm still monitoring how often I have low points and how severe they get, though. Hospital stays are expensive, and I don't want to have to go through that ever again.

Current Netflix obsession? The Fall. It's so intense and dark and YESSSSS.

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Not having internet is not a good time
Saturday. 5.23.15 10:34 pm
I feel like every time I post on here, my life is a huge 180 from where I was at last time I posted. Haha,

Things did not work out with The Russian. We're still friends, though.

I got back with The Ginger. Who is treating me like royalty and makes me very much ridiculously happy. :) So, life is good.

Work is kind of shitty lately, but I'll live.

But here's the big update you've all been waiting for:

I'm living in a place with one of my best friends and her boyfriend, and it's really nice. I really enjoy it, so yay yay yay. :) Finally being out on my own is awesome! Kind of lame, though, since being a grown-up means you can't afford food. But on the bright side, when you date a stoner you don't have to budget for your greens.

Also, if you were looking for something to restore your faith in humanity, here's a gold nugget:
Today at work one of the neighboring businesses came to pick up their menus we printed for them. I go to that restaurant a LOT because their food is delicious, the place is chill AF, and everyone there is really cool. So, the manager that came to get the menus asked me why I hadn't been in lately and I told him I just don't have the money to drop in there until I get paid. You know what he says about that? "Dude, that sucks. Just come in later, it's on me. We miss you!" I almost cried because I hadn't eaten all day. (Which is my own fault...I do have groceries at my house and am fully capable of eating breakfast before I go to work...) They're just ridiculously nice there and always cool to talk to. I love that place. Basically, if you're ever in KC and you want a good meal, go to Longboards and get a grilled wrap. You won't regret it.

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Friday. 3.13.15 9:22 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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