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Tuesday. 3.18.14

SO! It's been too, too long since my last update.

Scheduling is much better at the Italian restaurant, now. Getting scheduled nice and regularly, sprinkled with a catering gig here and there, and some good tip nights. So I'm going to make it! This is a great feeling, nearing the end of the month.

This week is my spring break. So instead of going to class, I'm sleeping in instead of getting anything done. I need to finish my little research paper and read Apuleius' The Metamorphosis. Maybe Thursday? (More likely Sunday night, probably. O, the procrastinator's life!)

Yesterday was St. Patrick's day. In Kansas City, it's kind of a big deal, with one of the country's largest St. Patty's parades, and everyone going down to Westport to get drunk. A couple friends and I went down to one of the bars down there just to watch all the drunkards make asses of themselves. Probably the strangest thing we saw was a couple girls wearing hole-y fishnet tights and underwear briefs. And I think they were wearing turtle shell backpacks. There were some sights to see; and we left around 5-ish, before everyone got off work to get down there, really. It's in the evening when everyone's off work that Westport gets more crowded, louder, and rowdier.

I've applied, and been accepted to, University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC)! I made a campus visit last week. Lots of walking. Now I just have to meet with an adviser and get enrolled, really. Right now I know I want to live closer to midtown KC, but I'm not sure if I want to be close to campus, or closer to Westport where I love. I'm trying not to think too much about it until June when I can really start seriously looking around. (My lease is up at the end of July. I still have pretty much all summer.)

So that's exciting!

Now I'm just waiting for this semester to be over. By then summer will be here, and moving and the rest of my life will be just ahead. I'm ready to move on from here.

Even though I don't like to think about having to move all my stuff again. :/

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Nevermind December
Tuesday. 1.7.14
Good Lord, it's January. Twenty fourteen.

And, my, have things happened!

One night out with some friends at a bar we liked to frequent this summer, someone asked, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" And I thought, "Shit, if I don't do anything soon, I'm still going to be at the friggin' library!" Since that night I have been considering this in the background of my consciousness but it wasn't until about November when I started planning out just what I was going to do.

1. Quit the library job.
December 31st was my last day. As much as I love the people I worked with and the job that I had... I really needed to do something else, to move on. It had come to the point where I wasn't going to go anywhere in that place, and now that I live in the city I really needed to move on. Especially with having no car.

2. Go back to school.
Some of my considering included what I wanted to do about my education. When I was going to JCCC I had no purpose, focus or vision to keep me going. So, like any motivation-less individual, dropped most of the hours I attempted the last couple semesters I was enrolled there. I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I had no plan on how to get to "nowhere/anywhere". Having now decided I really do want to study English literature I now have a vision! What would I do with an English lit degree? Teach? Ha, don't think so! But what else? I don't know! I just know I would like the journey of getting one. What I do with it afterwards is beyond me. And not really the point, if you ask me.
I am in the process of applying to the University of Missouri Kansas City (or, UMKC) for their English program.

3. End up in the UK somehow.
I've always had a dream of seeing various bits of the UK and parts of Europe. So much of what I love comes from England, Ireland, Scotland, etc. I have been heavily interested in ancient histories, especially the Celtics. I have an (over-romanticized, dreamy) idea that I would like living there, even if it's just attending a book shop, or serving coffees and whatnot. I just want to go be a part of the society, living and breathing there. Seeing it all, taking part, contributing. Sure I could do all those things here, but I'd ever so love to be there. See it first hand. Maybe all I need is a visit, but somehow I see myself living on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. I'm not good at dreaming, I usually don't remember the dreams I have most nights, but this is one vision I can visualize and so want to make it happen.
We'll see!

Meanwhile I got a job at an Italian restaurant down my street (three blocks!). So that's convenient. Although they haven't scheduled me much (read, scary/whatabouttherent). I'm chalking it up to the fact that I'm still being "trained." I've not been scheduled at the Tivoli as often as I'd like, either. Which is also not great. Blahblahblah. Hopefully just leaving a note for the scheduling guy with an update will ...work? "Hey! I don't work at the library anymore. My availability has changed some. Please work me all Saturdays ever so I can eat okthx."
I really need this to work.

So many changes! I'm not sure how well I'm really handling them. Mostly I do lots of nothing, and not thinking about what January will look like at the end of the month. Will I have made enough to cover rent? Do I get to eat? How reliable are these hours after all? Questions constantly running in my mind that I don't have answers to yet because it's all in the futuuuurrrrrree.
This is hard for me.

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Remember, remember...
Friday. 11.8.13
It's not the 5th, but whatever.

I began A) listening to Christmas music, 2) listing what I'm giving folks for Christmas this year, and iii) purchasing said gifts. Much of what I'm giving my family as gifts this year I'm making. i/e cross stitching something for my mom, making a scarf for my sister, that kind of thing.
Except this map of the Republic of Texas (circa 1888) I bought off ebay for my Dad (a.k.a. Mr. IamTexanandloveTexasandeverythingTexasohandTexas).

I'm going to make an amigurumi (crochet doll) of Link from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for my brother. I tend to go for Zelda-related stuff when I give him things. His one true love is video games (especially Nintendo ones). I refuse to buy him any video games (because, really, he buys them for himself all the time anyways) so I usually give him game-related stuff. For his birthday, for example, I gave him a Twilight Princess t-shirt and a mini Wind Waker figurine.
And now I'm going to crochet him a Link.

For folks at work I'm planning of dipping mini pretzels in chocolate and giving them out in little decorative bags.

Make, make, make. Now I just need to get all my materials. All I really need is something to cross stitch for my mom. I haven't quite figured what exactly I will stitch; I figure I'll just find a kit at Hobby Lobby or something.


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Tuesday. 10.15.13
I didn't end up going to the Franz Ferdinand concert, but I did end up at the Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin show. So, yes! I'm glad I got to go to the one I wanted to see most. Even if FF are English, and whatever.

The SSLYBY show was fun. It was at a bar just 10 minutes' walk from my place. So that was a bonus. Ended up going with a friend--thank God. I did NOT want to go by myself. I was dearly tempted.
The two opener bands sucked. Well, I did'nt like the hick-country-something the first band was playing, and the second was super boring. I kept threatening (no one) I would fall asleep during their set. They were called A Great Big Pile Of Leaves, for crying out loud. Outside of the venue I would probably like them, but that night I did not because they were not Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.
SSLYBY's set was a good one. Being somewhat familiar with merely half their discography, I felt pretty good about the set list. They opened with one of my favorites, "All Hail Dracula", so that pretty much made my night.

And they were cool to sign all 4 vinyl records I'd been carrying around all night like a dork.

Like this

So that was rad.

Not much going on. No money, so I'm not doing much and spending way too much time at my parents' house. Love them, and their free stuff, but I do not like spending tons of time there. Or sleeping on their couch. I'll make it by, it just won't be at my accustomed comfort level. That is, eating out 3+ times a week. I know it's sooo much cheaper to eat at home, but I hate cooking. So making something to eat for dinner almost never happens. And even then, it's usually noodles topped with some sauce I found in the fridge. Lame and boring.

New job prospects still in the "thinking about it" level. I've emailed myself several job openings to further look into but I just deleted them all. Looking for a new job is scary. Especially when you have to make consistent, monthly payments. And you like to eat out constantly. I'm afraid to leave my comfort zone, and I have no idea where to go or what to do. Aaaaaggghhh! :S

This month is half over, so that makes Christmas 10 weeks away and Thanksgiving just 44 days to go! I'm making a bunch of scarves. (Never mind that I haven't half finished my first one yet. Hush.)


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