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About Me:
Hi2U. I am just a 17yr old kid who is just like any other teen you can find in your neighbourhood. This is my weblog which you are viewing. I think that behind every cool kid there is a weblog. Really! =))

I would not want you to call me an eavesdropper thus just take it that im listening to some emo/punk-rock music instead of conversation between the maid-next-door flirting with her bangla boyfriend.

I have a strong objection against people who thinks i am of bankrupt intellect so i am listing a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here even though i may or may not read some of them.

Since I can’t list my porn collection here, I’ll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.

Time-table and school term dates.
Saturday. 10.20.07 3:21 am


NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC's school term and time-table-ing





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Facebook, the next Dot-Com burst?
Friday. 10.19.07 7:24 am
Facebook has been such a phenomenal issue over the past few months. Just a social network craze, supposedly spark by the rise of Friendster over the past 2 years. can create such a big hoo-haa.

Everyday you get emails from Friendster/Facebook telling you that your friends' profile has been updated or someone left you a note. I get them frequently too. Then in facebook you start to have your own groups and start inviting same people again, with the many fun applications they have, there are even more invites coming to your email. Slowly they start to pile up and everyday probably they take up 20% of your new messages or for those who dont really use email to communicate would be worst, up to 80% or the only email you receive daily is from them. This also caused creations of many other social network websites to surface, such as Myspace and wholivesnearyou namely.

This very social network has a very huge possibility to cause the 2nd Dot-Com burst in the coming years. What is a dot-com burst? In short it is something like an economy becoming over heating and then it bursts. Same principle applies.

The 1st Dot-Com burst came about in year 2001. Dot-Com was then a VERY POPULAR and HOT issue around the world. Everyone wants to be like the next Amazon.com and others online site. Some small companies became millionaires overnight ON PAPER. Everyone wants to jump into this sector, people throwing money into flimsy plans, over-evaluated companies, starting to wear hats bigger than their heads. Examples are like people start thinking the fibre optics cable prices are going to rise, Service Providers ended up with too many empty slots as the amount of subscribers do not match their prediction. As these start to accumulate, companies start going into the Red Zone and then slowly into bankruptcy and closing down. Levis is one company to escape the situation with monetary losses mostly and also given Levis portfolio, Yes they can support the lost. Levis also tried to sell things online just like Amazon.com and cutting out the middle man but customers are either only coming in small orders or have complaints and shipping issues which in turn gave them more trouble than easy-ness. Everyone forgotten that Amazon.com DID NOT clear out the middle man. They are in fact THE MIDDLE MAN. They are the middle man between the authors and the readers, artistes and the listeners. As such many people often mistook the issue.
---------- This is how the 1st Dot-Com burst came about. ----------

Moving on to this Facebook issue. Facebook's financial evaluation is starting to get shady and inaccurate. Many professionals start evaluating all these online sites and Facebook's nett worth is actually US$15Billion which is around SGD $29-30 Billion. WHICH is nearly half the worth of Yahoo. For a social network to have a valuation of this amount is starting to get worrying. There's no stable financial support behind Facebook and most of the investors are made up of advertiser's. Google's stock is also rising up very fast and overtook IBM. IBM's revenue is approximately 8 times more than Google BUT Google's stock is rising to a point that it has overtook IBM.
Problem now is that investors are starting to over evaluate the whole market and soon it might become the craze that happened in year 2001 where everyone starts their own online stores and went burst because they could not sustain. Soon things will start to get overpriced and half shit companies will start popping out thinking just because they can attract their own audience thus they can carve a niche.

From my opinion, the Facebook issue is just a temporarily craze which will die out very soon and many investors will suffer, these applies to other similar small companies starting out in the same line. It's just like Friendster.com . Once people starts to get bored of them, thats basically the end of them. Nothing they can do to revive themselves. Look at friendster now, coming up with so much gimmick such as fangroups, mediabox, internal blogs, trying to overturn facebook and myspace but somehow people just do not bother to turn back to take a look at them again. I think web log(blog) sites are also becoming like them, blogspot.com, wordpress.com, nutang even. All these have a chance to fall if the growing bubble were to burst so hard that no one actually knows what hit them.

My very 1+1 cents worth of thoughts written.

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She is the reason why?
Thursday. 10.18.07 11:27 pm
Leila Tong or her chinese name is 唐宁.

She is the reason why i still watch TV Serials.
She is a hongkong actress. I think BEST EVER!

Everytime there is her show i will make an effort to watch it. I don't know why but got very attracted to it. But of course she is pleasant to look at.
ALSO just watch her shows and you will know why. She is damn uh nice. Hehe.

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Learnt Flash in a flash!
Wednesday. 10.17.07 1:11 pm
Daryl came over and basics of flash is learnt in 30mins . xD.

Sooo happy! i can do bit of flash now. =DD. Now all i got to do is explore more, creative juice squeeze more. Importantly, read more actionscript~! I mean i could have pressed F1 button but :D Daryl's explanation and the LIVE DEMO is even better. LOL ... I treat him to like WEE NAM KEE CHEEEEKEN Rice. We walked. Yes walked. From my house to the eating place. Its kinda faster than taking transport in my opinion. It's his first time there leh. zzz.. Initially he dont even know where to take dinner so i guess around my area, thats the best probable place to eat. He met his friend dad at the eating place and then his friend's dad met other friends. Singapore, lived up to its name as a little dot. xD


Earlier in the day, went over to Zhen Xiong's place. Got my new shirts =D. It arrived! My fav is the War and peas. They are from www.threadless.com sweet.
Then went to cut hair. Dont know he and his Chapter 2. When i meet Zhenxiong, we will always play winning eleven. LOLOLOL. Today lack of time but we squeezed our ONE match. 5-5 LEH! I use England he used Germany. hehe. Just as when i leave home to meet daryl, Shuting arrived. lololol.

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Winson is a retard leh!
Tuesday. 10.16.07 5:56 pm
Winson is really either retarded or just trying to be funny. Really.
Being a medic in the army, there was once he was at the ward. He told me he saw that everyone inside there was kinda moody(around 5 people or so), he asked all of them, " Do you play WoW?" and all he get was a facial expression of "what the fuck is WoW and do you think i (*$&# care?" LOLOL he told me he felt a bit sad. I told him duh! if im the patient inside i would take the pillow and )(#*[email protected])$&!(@*# up his face.

Yes yes i slept at 9.40pm! Can't play DotA xD. Too tired.
Ed and weiyi was like on msn saying DOTA GOGOGOGOGOGO! and no reply from ian for the whole night. =D

TONIGHT! gogo!

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Only One Moment.
Tuesday. 10.16.07 6:37 am
As many of you would know, my blog bears my World of Warcraft guild name too, rvc is Revanche in short. Hehs. Being playing this game for nearly 2 years. Somehow when at times i flashback to the moments in the game, probably only once, i will think of the moment and smile. The rest are just like satisfaction and laughter for that moment. But there is only one time that no matter how many times i flashback, i would still smile.

Probably nearing end of last year, Revanche down Nefarian. Nef is not an easy boss and inbetween the learning curve, many issues cock up, people dont wanna attend the raid, demoralised and stuffs. That night i remember, Daryl, Weiyi, Wilson, Jeri, Edmund and Winson (think so), and lastly me (Joshua has curfew so he has to stay at home and play), hmm sorry if i left out anyone really long long ago. We are stucked at Nef for like nearly 2 months. so much despair and stuffs. We sat in a row, with other 30odd people at home playing too. You need 40 man to kill Nef. We were very uptight the whole time, from start till the end. Shouting out the incoming calls, the happening things around. Normally at home we would use Ventrilo to talk. Many people were crowding behind us and watching, i bet they would want to trade half their balls to be in our shoes. Cause the feeling is VERY AWESOME.

AFTER A 30mins FIGHT, we KILLED NEFARIAN! I tell you, everyone stood up practically and yeah hugged. o.O

I remembered Jeri said, " Finally, we came so far." yes we really came a long way. Especially Weiyi, Wilson and Jeri. The whole night everyone just cant stop laughing and chatting away. It's like nothing could spoil our mood. NOTHING.

End of raid, while waiting for others to come down to the area where we play at the shop to have supper, the few of us went to battleground to kill some other players from other factions. As usual we cleared the whole team and usually people would run back with the flag to race against time BUT WITH OUR A TEAM! THE 10 OF US WOULD ONLY WALK BACK WITH TEH FLAG IN A STRAIGHT ROW. its like anyone whom we see, we just kill it in a flash. It's a 10v10 fight so no arguments. Those are the really fun days. The REALLY REALLY REALLY fun days. Now even though we are considered quite well but nope, its never the same before. Same people different feelings. We still clear hard bosses but the feeling never lasts long. Stucked at vashj now but even if we kill it, i guess i would not feel as much as killing Nef.

Gaming isn't really that bad afterall if you also meet a bunch of people like them as i do . =D. I meet them and talk to them more than most of my classmates and old classmates. They are really nice people. Who else, Ivan, Yh, MARC ang(2 marc's play WoW), Keegan, Eric/Stuart are in australia. Mostly these few and those mentioned above, i meet very frequently.

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