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Get familar foo, Get real familar!
NAME- Scot
SEX- male
HAIR- dirty blonde
EYES- blue
HEIGHT- 5'10
WEIGHT- 112 lbs
LOCATION- the ghetto nigga
ETHNICITY- white boy
STATUS- single
HOBBIES- freestyle rapping, listening to music like 24/7, talking with my friends, swimming, street basketball, and most other sports
Turn'n up the system to-

Sean Paul, Infiltrate

Woman nuh waan nuh bait
Dem Naah guh feel violate if yuh accelerate pon a date
Dem waan yuh infiltrate
Woman dem waan yuh tear dung dem wall an dem gate
Yuh nuh hear whey mi state

Verse 1:
Woman nuh waan nuh coot, from a knock boots
Whey yuh waan yuh fi tell har fi tear off di suit
Dem nh waan nuh dude, whey never inna di mood
An dem nuh waan nuh little bwoy wid nuh gal attitude
Mi say, a nuh nutten fi wi hide
Inna di gal dem pathway man a slide and a glide
Is a natural ting fi wi collide
Bedroom argument, leg fi divide, catch di ride

Woman nuh waan nuh bait
Dem Naah guh feel violate if yuh accelerate pon a date
Dem waan yuh infiltrate
Woman dem waan yuh tear dung dem wall an dem gate
Yuh nuh hear whey mi state

Verse 2:
Natural like a fruit pon di tree
Gal a get ripe, so rudebwoy forward nuh badda flee
Now she say she name Queen Bee
But yuh mek har beg an wait pon har knee an a plee,
Well She want har clothes fi tear
Need a little loving an she waan yuh draw near
But yuh fear, inna yuh heart yuh nuh waan fi guh there
Disappear and Sean Paul will appear
Yuh nuh hear

Woman nuh waan nuh bait
Dem Naah guh feel violate if yuh accelerate pon a date
Dem waan yuh infiltrate
Woman dem waan yuh tear dung dem wall an dem gate
Yuh nuh hear whey mi state

Verse 3:
No time fi debate, dem dont want fi wait
Dem want a little loving fi dem appreciate
Dem want a good man, fi caress dem han
Di gal dem want a man wid the rightful program,
Well Yuh fi listen to the Dutty
Gal dem deh deh wi haffi tek it an wuck it
So nuh badda talk bout mi mind too smutty
Sean Paul, mi got a lot a sweat fi wi bussi
Dem nuh mussi
White boy word of the day

Pronunciation: "tre-p&-'dA-sh&n
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin trepidation-, trepidatio, from trepidare to tremble, from trepidus agitated; probably akin to Old English thrafian to urge, push, Greek trapein to press grapes
Ghetto word of da day

Forskezzy- (For sk EZ) a prositute the ultimate ho- easy forskezzy
Sunday. 1.4.04 7:24 pm
haha nathan, what an interesting youth, homes calls me at like 6:00 and tells me to come over when ever i want, you know just show up, so i desided to come like 3 hours later haha, talk about fashionably late. We pretty much just chilled, went on his computer, watched some of the Cowboys game, and listened to that baby got back song, yah it was cool the first 3 fucking times, sheez i mean when nathan gets hooked on a song hell just play it untill you hate it, thankfully his dad kicked him off and we played desert storm for a while, acctully he played and i just watched and told him what to do, Nathan of course being the selfish, stubborn individual that he is wouldnt listen to me and would wonder why he kept dying, one could say he acts his height haha. As the night progressed we pretty much settled down and just watched tv, haha nate and I fliped through the channels and looked for the rated R movies with the strong sexual content and nudity haha, man were so bad, we watched this really funny movie with this cop lady who had sex like every other scene, no real plot just sex haha. Nathan, woke me up at like 12 by shining a serch light in my fucking eyes. We went down into the basement and played this awesome game, you get a person to stand behind a tube sled and have the other person bull rush the person behind the tube haha good times, good times. The game strange as it sounds kept us occupied for a good hour or so while his mom went and got us the pizza. All of the sudden his dad yells for us to come upstairs, and sits him and his sister on the couch, he pulls out a peice of paper and asks whos is was and where they had gotten it from, the paper was a rap i had written (see the "Record Deal?!?" entry) and sent to nathan, appearently he had printed it out and stuffed it in an encyclopedia, i mean excuse the FUCK out of me but ARENT FUCKING BOOKS POST TO BE OPENED?!? Oh well, even though i had to go home, they still havent called my parents yet, who knows i might just get off scot free hahahahaha get it cuz scots like my name hahaha ahh man i kill myself! God im so fucking dry ill catch up to you later dawgies.

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Emotional outreach
Saturday. 12.27.03 12:34 am
isnt life soooo funny, everyone always gets their chance to burn. You and I used to be best of friends i loved you more than anything, we would always laugh at each, i could tell u anything and u would always listen, i remember how u made me feel when u smiled at me, even when things seemed hopeless u always made me smile. I remeber how indescribable being loved by you is, I told u id always love you and i still do, even if u dont anymore. Idk what happened, things just happened so fast and it broke my heart, lately ive been even more hurt than i was before, i havent told u because i wouldnt want u to go through what u had to again, when u told me we couldnt even be friends, its like you took a part of me the part of my heart i had saved for you, you ripped it out, and im no stranger to this but i dont think ive ever loved someone or will love someone as much as i loved you, im not even like a real person anymore im just a buddle of twisted emotions, when ppl dont treat u like a person for years it makes you feel like your not a person i cant just grow out of this, it effects everything nobody ever seems to understand how much what they do hurts theyl never know, after all these years things start falling apart emotionaly, and nobody sees u calling for help and those who do make there judgements and carry on pretending like everythings right, nothings right without you, just horrible times where i just want to die just get away from everything. I said u didnt care enough, maybe i was wrong, i wanted to be wrong, i loved you so much and everyone in my life who ever told me they loved or cared for me had hurt me, and so did you i geuss i loved you a bit too much, i just didnt want to see you go, every time it looked like you were about to slip i would get nervous, i would get so scared, scared that you would leave, and u did. You told me you would always love me to and u would always be there for me, to pray for me, to talk to me when i couldnt hide how i felt, and always be by myside nomatter what, i thought love was post to last forever, u kept me alive everyday and now your gone and that special part of me that only you could bring out is to.
But i always will love you

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Friday. 12.26.03 12:50 am
i havent written in this thang since like august, and look now its Christmas, hmmm where to start theres so much, Ok guys get this my fucking mom signed me up to be a fucking elf, and at all places the hospital filled with wrinkley old ppl who look as though they would fall apart if they tryed to smile. Needless to say i wasnt very optimistic about the whole ordeal, the lady gave me the rundown and gave me my uniform, i thought to myself r u fucking kidding me there is no way in hell im fitting into this, i told the lady to give me a bigger costume, so what does she do she takes my custome and give me hers and tells me we all have to make sacrifices AGH what a bitch u know, so im stuck with skin tight tights that leave nothing to the imagination if you know what i mean which isnt nessicarly a bad thing, but when im around a bunch of child melesting old half dead geysers, well it becomes an issue. The lady put me in charge cuz i was the only person who wasnt semi or fully retarted, voicing my opinion i find that fucking retarded in itself, what kind of deranged butthole would leave handicap ppl to watch over ppl who need a fucking machine to breath, its the like blind leading the fucking blind u know sheez i mean what was she snort'n. AGH anyways i found the kids to be more touchy then the geysers all they wanted to do was hang on me like a fuckin jungle gym, children should be seen and not heard, but they shouldt be seen climbing the fucking cristmas tree, percosous bastards i got in trouble because i was post to be watching them, im like get the retards to watch them (i had enough trouble with this old lady who needed to be changed because she had been over excited grosssssss) so the ladys like theyre watching each other, so scot had to make sure the kids didnt escape, make sure the old folks were comfertable, and make sure santa had enough FUCKIN coco. Jesus christ what had i done to deserve this, i was stuck with the 3 worst kinds of ppl on the planet, children, fucking old ppl, and retards, not to metion my crackhead supervisor who made the rest just dandelion ha. Things went from bad to worse, after about an hour i had lost control the retards were playing with beads, the old ppl were prattling about "the good ol days", and those bothersome hooligans were bitting me and wipping their snotty crusty noses all my socks, i get clostraphobic when im around to many small children, i find myself dissy and short of breath, i flipped i couldnt take it anymore im like a wild animal im most dangerous when cornered, i started screaming THERES NOOOOO SUCH THING AS SANTA!!! IM NOT A FREAKIN ELF!!! YOUR PARENTS HAVE BEEN LYING TO YOU!!! THERE IS NO SANTA!. Granted i felt bad about it, i made some children cry and gave this old lady an asthma attack, haha jk, that would have been cool though hehe. Anyway getting away from my elf eppisode, i got quite alot of presents, my cheap ass bastard grandparents managed to squeze a dollar out of the retirement fund, gee thanks alot guys, after much thought i desided to use the dollar to make a 20 minute phone call to complain to them, after the 20 minutes was up i called them collect, thats right AND I DIDNT USE 1-800-COLLECT, WHICH DID NOT SAVE THEM A BUCK OR TWO!! MUWAHAHAHAHAAHA!! I just said i hate you over and over again until they hung up, fags shezz when i grow up i sure hope i dont turn into a prick, i can picture myself in a nursing home spiting baby food on other patients and biting nures who get to close haha, im going off topic though OMG after 2 years my dad finally got me my Iverson Jersey, my dad calls him iverson (like shiver) haha anyways i got it, the birds are signing, Katie Rodreguiz is hot, and all is right with the world [YO katiE talk to me talk to me talk to me BaaayBE haha] =). Mother got me a whole bunch of shirts from Abercrombie, there like mad tight, i look like the gay guy from Will and Grace, haha even crazy lady wrinkles (my name for the grams) had something to say bout it, shes crazy she thinks im her dead husband which is really kinda sad, but she gives me girls clothes so ya. AGH anywayyy she comes in my house univited, with one of those rugs you put around your toliet as a present, telling me i look like a prositute, i say to her gramps do u even know what a prositute is and shes like oooooh yaaa! and im like GRANDMA!! haha crazy old bag, i know shes been strong but its really her time to go, shed be doing us both a favor hahaha! Well guys im gonna go finish Pirates of the Carribean, boy oh boy that Johny Depp is one hot tamale! I wish i had like a final thought for u guys, how bout respect your elders......SIKKKKE FUCK YOUR ELDERS hahaha litteraly thats right rape them for a change see how they like it! HaHa Peace Chicken Grease =)

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Friday. 8.22.03 11:32 am
hahaha last night was awesome me and tom went to see swat again (I just cant get over that part when LL lifts up his shirt sooooooososososooooo SEXY!) So anyway me and tom went to the movies intending that we were gonna sneak into Freddy vs Jason, so we bought tickets to swat which was a good back up just in case. Freddy vs jason had already started so we were hanging out waiting for grown ups to walk in with, one of the staff members thought something was up so he called the manager on us! Hes like if we catch YOU we will throw YOU out and YOU wont get a refund (hahahahahha it was funny how much expression he added to his you's)! So me and tom had no choice but to watch swat which we were fine with, even though i sall it back in like June (hahahaha HaCkSoRs!). The movie was cooler on the big screen (i had seen it on my computer) specially sitting in the 1st section 3rd row. I sall a preview for this really sexy movie called Once apon a time in Mexico which i gotta see! Its an awesome movie, i just wish the rich french guy got away and LL cool J took off his shirt more (soooooo SEXI SEXI SEXI)! After the movie me and tom kinda hung out, waved to pretty girls, and made fun of this PERSON in a doorag(i say person cuz we couldnt tell if it was a boy or girl haha). Me and tom hit the arcade and played some shooter games. Tom was owning everyone redneck style hahaha mean while i was holding the gun horizontally (the "black" way hahaha). I just pretended to shoot the screen and people who walked in, i never actually played (thats right i am THAT GHETTO!) but i was bout to when toms mom showed up, we were talking on the ride home bout seeing freddy vs jason and we might before school starts (i get this weird sick vive when i see people get cut open muwahahaha jk........ maybe.......) So i get dropped off at home and watch Girls Gone Wild WOOOHOOOO! ll cool j is still sexier!!!!

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Friday. 8.22.03 1:03 am
Omg what a horibble chain of events. Today i was cooking lunch(chef boyardee) and i stepped out of the room to see something and ended up talking to danni or something, all of the sudden i smell this really weird smell and i go to investigate and im like shhhhhhiiiiiitttttt biiiiiiiiitccccchhhhh FUUUCCCCKKKK!!! my chef boyerdee is on the stove buring! i walk in and sure enough my speghetti and meatballs are on fire. I threw some baking soda on it and put the pan in the sink. The smoke alarms all over my house were going off and i had to take them apart and put them back together, and just when i think im safe my bitchass neihboor comes over and asks what the problem was and why the alarms were going off; and being quick but not always the safest to think i say it was a birthday cake, then my neihboor says whos birthday? and im like m m m m m MINE! so then shes like ohh really better let me talk to your dad, and im like hes not here right now, and then she asks where my mom was and i say ummmm........ in the shower, and then she says ill call her later to just make sure and im like NO!! shes on a cruise for a week! and then she says i thought she was in the shower an im like i must have forgot, so being even more nosiy she askes whos watching me and im like a a a a n n n n n n NANNY! and she says let me talk to her (god dosent this lady ever give up!!!) So i say she cant talk cuz she dosent speak english shes from Germany, so my neirboors like how can she be watching you if she dosent speak english?!?!? and i told her i speak german so shes says good then you can be the translater and im like look there she is rite now!! so my neihboor looks behind her and i shut the door on her face!!! God ud think an old lady would have better things to do then try and bust a 14 year old!

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Yankee Stadium
Friday. 8.22.03 12:02 am
Wow yesturday was awesome i went to yankee stadium,we were supposed to go Aug 7th to see the Rangers (my favirate team) but the game got rained out, so we went to see kc instead witch was still lots of fun. I woke up that day at like 7:00 after going to bed at 5:00 and after not sleeping for two days so im sure you could only imagine my mental state of mind at the time.I read in bed till bout 9 then nathan shows up at my house and we all pile into the suburban; right off the back(back is that right?) nathan asks me to use my Mp3 player so naturally i agree, not knowing that hed be listening to the real slim shady 21 times in a row! God i had fucking ear plugs in and i could still her it! Then we sall this really funny lady at the toll booth who had the funniest laugh she looked so stupid with like a beehive thingy on her head and those old glasses your grandparents used to wear back in the 50's, im serious this lady was priceless! So when we finnaly get in to nyc we bought our tickets which was easier then i anticipated, nathan wanted to get a hotdog and my dad wanted me to with him so he wouldnt get lost (hahaha i find that rather funny). Nathan ends up paying for a hotdog with no bun or condoments (by choice) and we make r way inside, we got their early so got to visit the players!!!!! I got some great pictures and my brother got Nick Johnsons autograph on his tickets, lol i touched Aaron Boone with my hat! Then some tanaqwa look'n black lady comes down and tells us to leave! WTF!!! So we found our REAL seats which werent that bad, idk seating but i know they were prime over by first base. The soda there was $4 a bottle so i guzzled down two bottles of gaterade and ate the doritos i packed. I was break dancing and i think i got on tv but im not quite sure, anyway the yankees won and the car ride back was hell nobody would be quiet, god it was awefull. So when i get i right away i turned on aim and get me some chicken nuggets hahaha 50 or so . Nathan calls me and asks if i can sleepover so i get my parents to say yes which really surprised me (man im so persausive specially w/ girls). I get over to nathans and we go online and play ps2 for a bit, we get up to his room and pretty much chill out and look at all the girls im gonna womanizer next year hahaha a perfect ending to an almost perfect day. Oh ya and in the morning nathans dad kicked his ass with a box of lucky charms and called him a waste of a cumshot. HAHAHHAHAHA!

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