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The View From Up Here Is Excellent!
Theme Notice!
Wednesday. 5.11.16 11:59 pm
Look at this...posts on two consecutive days! This will be a quickie regarding my layout/theme. It needs correcting and I am working on it. Every thing is lined up perfectly in the .html document I used to create the design on my desktop. However, it appears that the NuTROL bar and bars at the bottom are throwing off my CSS.

It's not a huge deal but it isn't quite how it should look. So if you come here a few times there may be changes. It isn't just in your mind...it's really happening. Although with the frequency with which I get visits...I doubt many will notice HaH.

I plan to write up an actual blog entry SOON. Perhaps tonight yet if I get the design to my liking in time.

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Another shot at this?...Again
Tuesday. 5.10.16 2:43 pm
Okay...so my previous attempt at a comeback didn't fare so well. I've been so busy with 'normal' life stuff that I've barely been able to write any new music let alone get started on my third novel. And this last one SUCKS because I not only enjoy the writing of a novel..but also the amazing feeling of awesomeness when I've completed writing one.

Another reason for the time away was damned Windows. Not matter how I try to maintain a working Operating System..it just doesn't work. I finally had the downtime to rectify that! In the past I installed Linux as a dual boot with Windows on another partition. Somehow, despite being on a separate partition Windows caused issues. Each time, for some reason I cannot comprehend, the loading screen which would allow me to select with OS to boot with (which 99% of the time with Linux...Windows was just for when I needed to load it so that I could run a Windows-only program that didn't seem to work with WINE or another Windows emulator) suddenly disappeared and started booting straight to Windows. I've read that Windows 10..and perhaps 8 had a way of 'removing dual boot'. So I still had my Linux OS installed in a partition but could not seem to actually do anything with it.

My solution? I installed a fresh copy of Linux Mint (I only like my mint fresh) and reformatted the entire hard drive. I have my previous computer's hard drive in an HD adapter which allows my PC to access my former hard drive as if it were just another physical disc. I still have access to the Linux partition and Windows partition on that 'backup' hard drive. And fortunately under Linux you can view/use files on both Linux and Windows partitions. Linux plays nice...Windows...barely pays.

So fortunately I finally had the time last night to download Mint, burn the .iso as a disc image on a blank DVD, go into BIOS to make my PC boot the DVD drive first rather than the hard drive and then the Mint disc gives you the option to install. I have it fairly well set up. I will still have to download some tools that I use frequently. But the stability of Linux makes my PC run faster which allows me to work faster. It's far less aggravating to do the things that I'd like to do in the time that I actually have available.

So I am hoping for a much more extended return here...perhaps my own layout again. I really miss having my own layout that I've created. And I've missed hearing/reading from other members around here. I hope to be around much more often!

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