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Marching Forward
Wednesday. 8.27.08 11:33 pm
And the work continues. I joined a bunch of networking sites, joined a japanese language Meetup, worked on my piano, vocals, and japanese today. I also took pictures of our pool's progress. Tomorrow we are going to have concrete in our backyard instead of dirt! I'll post the whole ordeal when it is all done by the end of this week.

I worked out a budget with my Mom that basically states that I have to make at least $20000 by the next September 1st with just my music ability. We'll see how that goes. The ball rolls on...

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Turn up your volume!
Wednesday. 8.27.08 12:25 am
Hey! Go check out my new song on my myspace! It's a cover, yes, but it's AMAZING. I'm hella proud of this! It's a cover of Sarah Slean's 2008 single Get Home done on guitar with vocals. It's quiet, sweet, and just all around fantastic. Enjoy! I also made a video that has louder music. But it gets a little fuzzy at the loud points. Check that out too.

Work today was great. I sold a lot of things, everyone was in a great mood, lots of laughter... it was just good.

Life is just good.


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Golden Year
Monday, August 25, 2008
Work was like a two sided coin today. The first half of my day was amazing. I had great quality sales, I was happy, it wasn't ridiculously busy. After lunch, it sucked. I had hardly no sales, and the tension of home seeped into my professional life somehow. I finished up my day and went home because I knew I had a vocal lesson at 8.

Or so I thought. My vocal lesson was actually scheduled for 6, so I called my teacher and told her I'd be there at 7. I made it there, learned and killed the new song Just the Two of Us (I kept thinking of the WIll Smith version for some reason). When I got home, my parents gave me a compromise:

"Starting September 1st, you have one year to become successful.

This is your golden year. Make it count."

This means that I will not be going to school for a year so I can pursue this career seriously. I'm going through the budget tomorrow with Maternal Unit and writing a contract to make things final. All that's left after this is to defer (or attempt to) my status at college and I'll be good to go.

I've got my gig all lined up on August 30th with the Ben Navaee Gallery. I'm going to be playing my acoustic and singing from 3:30-5:00 PM. Come look at some amazing art and check me out!

I'm responding to ads like crazy for music and hoping for the best. No word on the orchestra yet, but I have faith. I am staying positive and I will persevere.

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One day at a time
Sunday, August 24, 2008
First things first! Thank you for all of your well wishes for the start of my career and upcoming gigs! I really appreciate it! I'm starting to get better at using my Garage Band recorder. The latest use of it went towards recording another Japanese cover in piano only. The song is called FAKE and it's got an awesome jazz feel to it. I sent it to the volunteer orchestra. You can listen to it if you so desire:

FAKE - Edward

I went to the Fan Expo today and met up with my quarter-century old brother and his friends. We walked around, laughed at some bad cosplayers (there was a fat Iron Man with elephant toe. Not camel toe, ELEPHANT TOE), marveled at the booth babes, looked at booth merchandise and haggled with merchants and got some free stuff (comics, poster holders, Ice Breakers), and played some Rock Band.

I kicked serious at singing the songs that were selected in Rock Band. I drew a crowd each time. Especially during Ballroom Blitz. It's like that song was made for me. The flamboyant vocals, the fun tambourine part... good times. I bought a CD single from Japan for $5, which is a steal in comparison to Pacific Mall. I got home, recorded a song that I'll post later on, and worked on my myspace. There's no songs on there yet, but if you want to look at it, you most certainly can.

My future is still a source of pain for the family, but we're just going about it one day at a time. My brother is my biggest fan though, so that's a nice comfort. I have a gig set up for August 30th at a cafe/art gallery, and the symphony has received my files, so I should hear back from them soon. I'm putting myself out there and examining my worth, just as planned. My parents are pleased about that at least.

I'm working tomorrow from 9-6 and Tuesday from 10-5. I have an orientation at 8:00 in the morning on Tuesday. I'm planning on coming for a bit and then sneaking off to work. If that's possible of course. More updates tomorrow!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008
Sorry I didn't update yesterday. I finished work at 6, ate dinner, and was about to post when I passed out in my bed at 8. I woke up at 9 today. So much for updating. I got my hair cut and colored around noon and had a lovely chat with my hair dresser. She cuts the hair of a woman who's husband is a producer, so she'll try to pull some strings.

I've completed the music for one of my songs... now it just needs lyrics. I'm working towards a theme, but nothing good is coming of it. I checked out some online ads for musicians and sent in my stuff. Hopefully I'll hear back from people soon. I also just got a myspace (I had one a long time ago, but now I'll have a serious one) and I'm going to upload songs when I feel that they are good enough.

I had a heart to heart (or in this case, a head to head) conversation (confrontation) with my parents tonight about my future. They understand where I'm coming from but they really want me to have a safety net (get at least a college diploma). They also want me to be appraised (like I'm some piece of jewelry) for my talents to see if I can truly make it in the music business (fair enough). Plus I have to write a budget. That's what I'm going to do tomorrow. That, and I'm going with my brother to the Sci-Fi convention. We'll see how that goes.

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Working on it
Thursday August 21, 2008
I'm currently working on an electronic original track. Should be done by the weekend.

Tomorrow the store opens! Yes that's right! After 4 days of setting up the store, we now have a STORE. I can say that I had a hand in setting up the jewelry and one of the cubby walls. Those are my babies. We had in-store training from 5-9 tonight and it went really well. I'm loving the people I'm working with and I got to impress everyone with my dancing and selling abilities. Nothing says funny like making an ass of yourself. Chad gave me the weekend off, so I'm going to get my hair cut and maybe coloured on Saturday and head on down to the convention. Sunday I will relax and write some more music. I think I'm going to get a myspace page shortly and really start networking.

Tomorrow is the birthday of my oldest brother, so... Happy Birthday, Brother Unit #1!

Child Bot #1: Rust-Free for 0.25 Centuries.

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