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Let My People Go
(a) Clean room
(b) Do homework
(c) Update website
(d) Find Trent Reznor poster
(e) Buy microphones
(f) Finish East of Eden
(g) Practice piano
(h) Buy/search for violin
(i) Get a job
(j) Go to doctor about suspicious looking, possibly malignant mole
One word of advice...
Saturday. 5.7.05 1:07 pm
Never walk down Market at 10:30pm.

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Day Two:
Tuesday. 3.29.05 2:57 am
Isolation proves successful.

The day was spent staying inside. I wanted to go outside since it was a relatively nice day. I called up my friend but it was too late to do anything. I became increasingly bored as the day passed on. I started reading East of Eden, of which I have been reading since 8th grade. I still need to finish it. I'm about half way done. Then, I tried tuning my violin. I got scared because I kept having to pull the strings tighter in order to tune it; I feared that one of the strings would snap and hit my face and kill me. Alas, none of them did. I semi-successfully tuned my violin and put it away. I began playing this computer game I had been interested in years ago, and it proved successful to waste about 45 minutes of my time. Then I became bored of it again. I then played Typer Shark, but after 60 minutes they made me pay for it or stop playing. The rest of the day was spent eating chocolate chips, cup o noodles, garlic bread, and numerous bottles of water were consumed. I feel disgusted. Then I went on a downloading spree. I downloaded two albums and some other stuff. I had a slight urge to go on a cleaning spree but I lacked the energy so I ended up being lazy.

I got some letter from the White House. Apparently I'm nominated for some Young Global Leaders Conference or something. You get to go to the White House and New York, but you gotta pay like $3k. Shiet, I ain't payin' for that. It'd be cooler if it were free. I wonder if I could put that on my college application though: "I was nominated for such and such." I bet a lot of other kids got nominated too. It's probably one of those things where they send the same letter to all the kids but just change the name.

This spring break is proving to be fruitless. I was supposed to go swimming but it kept being postponed. I still want to get some incense and dedicate one day to muni subways and trains. I also want to find those victorian houses. Oh, I gotta add to get that bag with the black child on it that I saw on Irving. Other things I wish to do are ride a cable car, go back to that neighborhood I walked through when I got lost, get that book by J.G. Ballard (oh yeah I found out he also wrote Empire of the Sun, interesting), watch those movies, see the Ring Two with Robert and also Sin City, etc.

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Day one:
Sunday. 3.27.05 6:35 pm
And the isolation begins.

I wish to accomplish these things over spring break.

>Learn violin.
>Finish my Russian lessons.
>Clean my room.
>Lose weight.
>Talk to friends online more.
>Perfect Moonlight Sonata and start a new song.
>Find out what chords are.
>Watch these DVD's: Empire of the Sun, The Doors movie, Citizen Kane.
>Reflect on life.
>When the sun is out, I want to buy that incense in Chinatown.
>Do the extra credit for Mrs. V.

That's about all I can think of so far. Probably like 1/6 of that will actually get done. It's ok because I like making lists. Oh speaking of lists I need to update my List-O-Movies. I'm really hungry. All I had to eat was a poppy seed muffin and some tapioca. Tapioca is...an aquired taste. I only really like the juice, I could do without the balls. I want to start recording my dreams. I dream almost every night. And they're all really vivid too. I've only recorded one dream of mine. I feel left out cuz everyone plays an instrument and is good at it. I play an instrument but I kinda suck at it. Like, I can only read music and I can't keep a beat and I don't know what chords are, etc. But the violin is my new instrument, bitch. I'm going to hella learn it. Yes, yes. I want some Nine Inch Nails tickets. But I ain't paying $100. That's ridi-cu-lous. God damn ticketmaster.com. Never try to get any tickets from them. This morning I woke up before 10 to buy Weezer tickets and I went to the website and RIGHT when it turned 10, I clicked to buy a ticket and they said they were SOLD OUT. How can it sell out within not even the first SECOND of going on sale?! Fuckin' retarded, I say. Boo.

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Life Blows pt. 2
Wednesday. 3.23.05 11:52 pm
It's raining a lot. And life sucks. I want to be alone. I wish I didn't talk to people.

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Life Blows
Monday. 2.28.05 1:35 am
Everything has turned to shit. I hate this. Why can't it just fucking work out? God.

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70's Americana
Thursday. 2.3.05 11:51 pm
I realize that I haven't updated this thing. I don't plan to on a regular basis, but when I do, I'm sure you'll enjoy it (not). So anyway, I've been going out a lot more. Only because now I have some more friends and good people to hang out with, yeah. I like to get out of boring Millbrae and just hang around in the place where I belong. I think you need to understand how it feels to be going to a place where you do not belong in at all. I mean, Millbrae is like socially dead...conservative, rich old bastards in their million-dollar homes, it's so pristene and quiet. God. The damned white kids with their mercedes SUV's when they can bearly even drive yet. It sickens me to no extent. And then you have the lack of resources. Let's see, there's 1 (one) Wendy's, 1 (one Albertson's), 2 (two) Starbucks, uhh that's about it. There's a BART station there, it's quite nice. Too bad the service blows and no one ever rides it so they might shut it down anyway. Fuck. Here's what I like: the sound of BART driving past (a sound you can't really get in Millbrae), buses that actually go places (muni or samtrans), people on the streets (lots of them), street noises, watching the trains go by in the subway, large public areas like civic center, the main library, the little shops on haight, muni because they actually give you transfers unlike the fucks at samtrans, being able to get almost anywhere on a bus, and big buildings. Oh and also Chinatown. Chinatown is a great place. When I get older, I am definitely moving there or around there. No question about it. Anyway, as you can see I do not like ol' boring Millbrae. Even Daly City is better and Daly City is still pretty boring, unless you go up to where the movie theatre/BART is, but that's like on the borderline of San Francisco anyway. I can't wait to get out of this hell hole. Actually, it's not as bad as I'm making it sound. But, I like to complain so here I go. Honestly, if I could live anywhere in the world I think I would live on Haight St. or somewhere cool like that. But, what are you gonna do?

Go to Europe. Backpacking! Making your way from Ireland to Russia visiting all of Western Europe. Yes, me and Patrick, mark my words! I also want to go to China too, but that will be some other time.

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