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My Weekend of Content
Sunday. 6.5.05 10:21 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Hello Gangsta Man!
Wednesday. 6.1.05 10:59 am
Hey. What is up?

I went to Business class 6 minutes late. The teacher finally said something. I was running late oh well. i had to drop something off and the teacher wasnt there. Furthermore, the class was boring. We took notes but I didnt due to laziness reasons.

Next I went to gym for the first time in seemingly a long time. We did pushup test. I did bad , my counter CM , was very strict much to my dismay. I got "35" . whatver it is cool with me then. Then we played wiffleball. so stupid.

I went to CG. class sucked. nuff said.

I went to English. we did this thing in which we had to pick songs that commemorate our high school years. I thought of guns n roses-welcome to the jungle. this girl stole it from me because it is so good, much to my anger and disagreement. I am still scouting the class for beef. Want beef? Vegetarians are welcome!

I am out, see you next week!

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Its that time again!
Friday. 5.27.05 6:36 pm

i am so pissed that Hornets got 4th pick. they should've gotten 2nd. i am so pissed.
in this draft there is the big 3---those who can make an impact immediately, and then the draft class is ok. like no superstars. the big three are Marvin Wiillaims, Andrew Bogut, and Chris Paul. Enough analysis here is my mock draft.

1.Bucks-Andrew Bogut
2.Hawks-Chris Paul
3.Blazers-Marvin Williams
4.Hornets-Gerald Green
5.Bobcats-Deron Williams
6.Jazz-Raymond Felton
7.Raptors-Fran Vasquez
8.Knicks-Chris Taft
9.Warriors-Channing Frye
10.Lakers-Tiago Splitter
11.Magic-Martell Webster
12.Clippers-Sean May
13.Bobcats-Charlie Villanueva
14.Wolves-Danny Granger
15.Nets-Andray Blatche
16.Raptors-Rudy Fernandez
17.Pacers-Antoine Wright
18.Celtics-Hakim Warrick
19.Grizzlies-Joey Graham
20.Nuggets-Andrew Bynum
21.Suns-Jarrett Jack
22.Nuggets-Rashad McCants
23.Kings-Francisco Garcia
24.Rockets-Salim Stoudamire
25.Sonics-Johan Petro
26.Pistons-Monta Ellis
27.Jazz-CJ Miles
28.Spurs-Louis Williams
29.Heat-Kennedy Winston
30.Knicks-Randolph Morris

31.Hawks-Lawrence Roberts
32.Clippers-Julius Hodge
33.Hornets-Daniel Ewing
34.Jazz-Angelo Gigli
35.Blazers-Wayne Simien
36.Bucks-Ronny Turiaf
37.Lakers-John Gilchrist
38.Raptors-Jason Maxiell
39.Lakers-David Lee
40.Warriors-Ike Diogu
41.Magic-Jawad Williams
42.Warriors-Nate Robinson
43.Nets-Brandon Bass
44.Magic-Stefano Mancinelli
45.Sixers-Luther Head
46.Pacers-Bracey Wright
47.Wolves-Eddie Basden
48.Sonics-Uros Slokar
49.Wizards-Dijon Thompson
50.Celtics-Sean Banks
51.Jazz-Aaron Miles
52.Nuggets-Deji Akindele
53.Celtics-Ryan Gomes
54.Knicks-Donell Taylor
55.Sonics-Travis Diener
56.Pistons-Shavlik Randolph
57.Suns-Luke Schenscher
58.Raptors-Ismail Muhammad
59.Hawks-Josh Pace
60.Jazz-Chris Thomas

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Thursday. 5.26.05 2:37 pm
I'm gonna actually update now. Everything in here will strictly be school related. I don't know who reads this, wh o doesn't read this. who scans this. who doens't scan this, et cetera. i don't need to know because i will voice my mind and whats going on in my school regardless. ok, here is the beginning of a new era of frequent updated journal.

Today in school. Here is my breakdown.
Usualy wakeup to alarm clock at 6:47 am. but today i wokeup automatically 10 minutes early and turned off clock so i can sleep without interuption for another 20-30 minutes. wokeup again automatically at 7:05. planned on getup. but what da heck i somehow fell asleep again. and then i wokeup at 7:14. i have good memory ! so i got up went to the bathroom, after i went to the br, i just sat down for like 10 minutes, cause i was so tired and lazy. then i went down and ate blueberry french toast and took medications. at 7:22. i finished at 7:33. went upstairs packed, used bathroom etc. finished at 7:45. went downstairs. wasted time getting drink and food and stuff. so i left home at 7:47. got to school at like 7:50, the bell rang as i entered first period. im so fast.

during first period, finished the movie FIST. the movie was alright at the end. kinda cool. um that class was alright.

then went to gym, tried to go home to get physics homework, but was too afraid to get caught. i have enough saturdays. so i borrowed my CV's homework. went to auditorium, to listen to assembly. that was ok, but too short. went to computer graphics class. that class sucks, i have no one to talk to. WS and JY want me to get annihlated by a 3 headed dog. they dislike me immensely. they openly hate me and ignore me cause they think im annoying whatever. EY is such a loose cannon, whatever. he is only person to talk to, and he thinks im annoying, but he is sometimes annoying too.

then went to english. this is the good part and the bulk of today's entry. i went there, took a hardass vocab test. im doing so bad in that class. i got 3 of the 5 pronounciation wrong. f--k! i am so pissed. why did i mention it! crap! im so much smarter than that. dang! whatever. um we watched a video from asian girls along with MS and MC. they made it as their final project. it was good, like special effects and shit. but why da fukk did they insult me in it. talk about cheap shot. i fake laughed out of respect, but then i steamed with embrassment and was so pissed. was that really necessary. at first i didnt know what they were talking aboiut in the video, i thought it kinda reminded of parody of me? but f it. then they continuted in video, and i heard people pointing at me and laughing. and then im like shit. its true. it is about me!they were like imitating me talking in video. like stuttering with gayass accent, "duh duh duh duh duh do you have beef with me?" "um um um um um um um um um is is is this offending you? is is is this offensive?"what the heck. i never say that, nor liek that. i do say the word beef in this context more than others. but f it. who cares. i want revenge but i dont no if its worth it. whos idea was it? they say i should chill out, but i was embrassed and i hate that. and it wasnt even necessary. i hate cheap laughs at my expense...AB! dang i hate some of the stuff in this class. im not like threatneing that before the year ends im gonan like mess up the class or something. but im not gonna leave silently. i have many revenge to settle. and f diss tracks, they not gangsta enough to comprehend it. i dont wanna succumb. im hoodlum 2005. america's favorite streetchild. i will leave as america's favorite streetchild. some of these girls are annoying, and i am at least it try to be nice and it dont work, and you know im not ignore, so im either gonna be really nice or really mean to these people from now on. nothing personal just the rules of the industry. oh yeah, i finished my songs for my final project. i hand in to morley a cd. it got scratched and stepepd on. so i gave her my ipod. the ipod is hard to use you know what i mean so i breifly taught her. so when i picked it up later, she was like i couldnt find my songs. she probably mis navigated the menu. i saw the screen she was listening to 50 cent , with some lyrics be ling "nigga enter my hood",..."these clown ass niggas"..."my knife cut yo skin"..."bitch just get in my car" i swear those are some lines she mustve heard. shit i hope she doesnt treat me differently cause she thinks i support these lyrics. i will give her my cd on wednesday, and hopefully the class will here, and if one person hates on it (it sucks, i rushed it) then i will hate on that person. like i said i will either be really nice or really mean to u. no more mr neutrality. this is a war in this classroom,. you either on my side or against me. go side with your team., if your in my class, i hope your reading this ebcause uenxpected attacks never end up good

next i went to physics. this class is cool. why does no body wanan effinw ork with me? i no im not too intelligent. and i slack and i can get irritating. but cmon i beg u. i ended up workin with RM SR AS KH. i like that group. dunno what we gonna do. KH is an a---holic. im exagerating, but that is her new identity. she should "s.w.", because i know she the type of cat that try new things.i will test her limits of makign deciisons in life, and show her ropes to surviving street life. in this class, screw the people who made video dissing me in english, along with the other AS, not the AS who is in my group, also screw no one else. whatup to the people in my group, CV, MM, CM, and etc. like DT. DT is a character, but he is "the man" like think about DT is the man! you should amke reality tv show about that dude!

next i went to calculus, and the test was hard. oh well. um so we took the test. and that was it. in that class, what the heck MA, my arch nemesis in battle rapping sits in front of me for past 8 months. he never talks, but on bus to 6 flags he was a gangsta menace frontin n shit. im not gonna hate on him, as long as he admits that i kicked his ass in battling. but im not gonan like ask him to confess, he just a kid in my math class.

i went to govt next and listened to 2 boring ass debates. all due respect to the presenters, who i honestly dont remember who it were. that class was wack!

talk to you later
i think im gonna make a power rankings of girls and boys in our grade of who i respect the most, and who i want, need, or have beef with the most. i might start it soon, and you know i will do it, because this is my log and i dont even use names due to legal reasons. and plus im a nice guy, i never want to hurt anyones feelings sincerely. i dont want mine hurt either, so why was the video made, but i digress. peace out. oh yeah the rankings thing? kinda controversial. so i dunno heh.i love beef! i love controversy!

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Hello IM BACK,
Wednesday. 5.25.05 5:19 pm
Schedule Analysis Part II

Period 1:
Intro to Business
I got a c+ on report card, which ruins my chances of getting final exemption. im late everyday. f that. f this class. this class sucks. right now im listening to bont thugs n harmony. its a really deep voice dude rapping really fast...but i digress...anyway we are watching the movie FIST right now with sylvester stallone, whos literally 30 years younger , the movie made in 1978. he looks the same. what da heck. anyway effed up phenomenons like that occur in hollywood. the people are pretty cool. SP is cool to talk bball with. AK sometimes has attitude problem, but he is the man. i was talking to him for like 1 minute, then he disappeared i thought he went to bathroom or some thist. then i lookout window. i saw him driving his blue hatchback away. i was like "yupp, keep on doing your thing". he is like a conartist. i do gets pissed when he asks for calculus help when he does better than me. why does CD think im annoying when the person annoyed me before, and i was cool about it. but whatever, the person is cool. MR is cool and he is in my next class.

I am the king of the mountain in basketball in this class. i am listneing to camron song with happy go lucky chanting in beat. but i digress...anyway i dont really play bball, but i slaughtered KD 15-5, I beat MR, RS, DT. they are bunch of sore losers except MR. KD is biggest sour grapes i have ever met. i have never met such a sore loser. he keeps on talking trash after i messed him up. he like ok, lets fight in boxing, ill ruin u". im like whatever, i beat u, accept ur loss. its not like im rubbing in the beatdown in. whatever im better than him. RS is a crybaby too. and his girl is a female dog. i hate that girl, she thinks im trying to steal her man to something. she needs to realize we need to end asian on asian violence. DT thinks hes like kobe or some shit, but he is fred hoiberg in reality. i just realized CM, EG, ML, RG, CV, are in my class. they are smart n stuff, n i never talk to them in gym except CV. i talk to them in academic class. wtf since when were they in my class especailly CM. what da heck CM is in my gym class? i talk to the person in physics english n govt though.

Computer Graphics I
this class sucks! what the heck! like seriously.who the heck invented this class. WS is an ahole to me. deservingly so. i annoy him, i try not to. but i honestly cant help making worthelss comments to him. sobebody help me. JY should be quiet about calculus. cot dang. EY is weird. they say i act like him. please dont. he can be annoying as heck. just playing. maybe not. whatever.

AP English
this class is alrite, but i hate this girl! she has made the class revolt against me. i used to be cool with these people, and like now many think im annoying. whatever. im just keeping it gangsta. i hate, detest, loathe AB! she has psychologcally damaged me. i will damage her, cant guarenteee is pschylogically though, maybe other means, but i digress. CD used to be cool with me, but now she thinks im annoying, im just returning the favor but no ill will towards her at all.CM is in my class! i actually acknowledge that unlikewise as in gym. i hate SB, what is that chicas problem. somebody shut er up. i mean dang! oh yeah did i mention i hate AB!!!there are the smart asians. JH, CY, LY, n the etc. there are KF, she is cool, more cool with me before, but now i also supposecly have pushed her buttons to the max. i cant help it, im a provocative dude. i will try to be cool with her. she is chill though. TP and KT are fluctuating. Why does KT seemingly try to get me in trouble. like subtely embarss me when teacher is listening. i am uber-nice to her. speaking of uber. theres another guy in my class
; MC. he taught me what uver meant. he is like a baby einstein. go mc. he doesnt rap, which he is lucky thought cause iw oudlve challenged him to contest. TP better not turn on me. I am so frickin nice to that person. shes chill though like icee winter. ja is cool like spring breeze. she has unintentionnaly, at least i hope, gotten me into predicaments. but i am a forgiving man. i have no beef with her, because she is nice to me. then there are these other girls, who the heck are they? i have no beef with them. oh yeah, the other asians, PR and DK and them. they are smart. what is 5+5? but i digress...

AP Physics
this class is so frickin hard. i like this class though. why do i keep on talking to my ex enemy KH. dunno i feel urge to communicate with her, whether its regular convo or diss comments. i never really diss though. i am nice man 2005. RM is chill, i am so regretful. id ont wanna piss em off. i try and i try. he has such good tolerance. i make so many stupid comments to him. i try to not be random to him. i try and i try. i try to offer him food and to talk nets with him. i try and i try. i dont wanna sound like one of them poems u read in english classs. so i will continue. cool MM and SR are in this class. because they are not conventional smart people, like in terms of not hard workers but get job done. also they have sense of humor like "street sense" that i am accusomted to because i am a ghetto beast. MM is good manager. SR knows a lot of random shit like bball and rap. this class is so hard! i never have anyone to work with. i wanna work with a smart person like CV. but AS (u should add an extra s to AS) because he is an ass! he hates me. i dont care. oh. i work with KC. she has good tolerance level. i try not to let her down. so i am uber nice to her. who is she. what does she want from me? nothing. she is chill though. oh crap theres another AS. he is awesome. its not the other AS.

to be continued

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Saturday. 5.14.05 10:07 pm
Hey Whatsup?

Some Updates:

Im going to 6 Flags on Wednesday. Wanna Win another Basketball. Dont wanna go on Kingdom Ka.

I am going to the TCNJ

Rockets lost by 40. Dang.

I am a Ghetto Beast...

I am America's Favorite Streetchild


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