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Age. 26
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Ethnicity. Filipino
Location Enon, OH
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date: June 14, 2007
time: 3:04 PM
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Maligayang paglalakbáy! (Have a fun trip!)
Thursday. 2.15.07 2:45 pm
My sister left for the Philippines this morning.
Well.. I just found out that her flight was delayed for an hour...soo... well... the plane that she'll ride will be airborne by 12:30.
oh. and I found out that she's gonna stay in Japan for like 2 hours! urgh! lucky! lalalalalala... anyways... I'm gonna miss her! T.T

pft. oh well... it's only gonna be 10 days.

Good luck on your entrance exams! ♥


erm... us...being cam-hos last night. hahaha~

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ew!! what did you do Aiba?! ='(
Tuesday. 2.13.07 12:29 pm
OMFG! I'm crushed! OH NO! My Aiba-ness! how could you do this?!?!?! *dies*
[clicky to understand]

TT.TT howw! you totally ruined it! T.T


hmm~ yay! this is soo nice! wo0t! another snow day for moi~
lalalalala! oh oh! about the party the I attended saturday.... IT WAS SOO FUN! :D we hang out in Jessie's house for a while and ate pizza and stuff... then we went ice skating outside! but it was like -2F (-18C) that night and it was really really really freezing... I thought that my butt fell off already xD
oh yea~ but the good thing is! OMG! I know how to ice skate now! weeeeeeeeeeee~ and I only fell ONCE! but now I have a boo boo on my knee. I named it btw. :D it's my JuJu the boo boo~ lalalala and i can skate far away from the walls. omggg! soo happy~ lol anyways... we went back to the birthday girl's house and just hang out in her room. LOL it was soo much fun coz there's like more than a dozen girls (and there were 2 boys there... boyfriends of my friends) in that room and we were playing truth or dare... lol and one dare was to drink toilet water! lol Tyler (Torie's bf) was sooo grossed out that he wouldn't look at Angie! (the girl who drank toilet water) But we found out earlier that it really wasn't toilet water... xD ew ness still. ew. hahahha but I wasn't really listening to everyone talking about weird stuff and asking weird things for truth or dare... I think I actually fell asleep on the floor xD but then... by 11pm... Allie told me that we needed to go home since her mom would get mad at us if we stayed @ Jessie's house soo late... so we went home.. It was soo sad coz that party was soo funn! TT.TT hmm anyways...me and allie stayed the night at her house and watched some movies (Fever Pitch and Uptown Girls ) and stuff. So... I think I slept like 4:30am. and I dunno what I'm trying to say here now. =.=

lol oooooh well~ but I'm soo happy that it's a snow day today! ^^ but not that happy that it's Valentine's day tomorrow~ lol. ewww the school's gonna be a mess tom.!! hahaha.

[random: ew. I hate YUNA from FFX ]


[edit= Wednesday. 2.14.07 12:05AM]

HAPPY VALENTINES, Nutang(ers)!♥♥♥


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Field Trip To JVS
Friday. 2.9.07 9:55 pm
I just KNEW that this field trip will be bad.

We had another 2 hour delay @ school today...so... by the time school started... it was already 11:10. We had a field trip scheduled @ 11:30... and we still needed to eat lunch... we were instructed to pack lunch so I did... I had yogurt and cookies <3

hmm lol anyways... I didn't finish eating coz I'm still not in THAT mood. So... we rode the 20-minute bus ride to JVS (Junior Vocational School) and the flippin snow + sun made my head hurt a lot! (my head hurts until now. =[) and yea... snow's everywhere...there's snow on my sneakers...URGh. and it was flippin cold! lol and i almost slid on the way to the cafeteria of the school. lol. that would have been fun. x]... hmm... then... we pretty much toured the whole school until 1:30... lol and after that...we were outside...waiting for the buses and all... and there's this snow near me... I thought it looked cute...so I touched it and was playing with it. AND I FLIPPIN GOT IN TROUBLE. urgh. my american history teacher was like... "KATRINA! don't play with the snow!" oh duck! the first time that I actually LIKED snow and I got in trouble... Isn't that fun? URGH HATE YOU HATE YOU!

and now... I'm suffering. STUPID HEADACHE!!

lalalala~ well.. the rest of the week was awesome though! (tues, wed, thurs)
Monday= attendance @ school wasn't counted (as explained on the previous entry)
Tuesday = SNOW DAY!
Wednesday = SNOW DAY!
Thursday = 2 hour delay!!
Friday = 2 hour delay!!

<3 gotta love snow, eh?

oh. btw. I may not be here tomorrow... gonna go to my friend's party! :) lol ice skating again~ <3 hahah knees... please be prepared of the feelings that you're gonna go through...and sowee for that x]
the party's gonna be 6pm- 11pm... then after that.. Imma go stay the night @ Allie's house. :) soo...see ya'll on sunday!


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Wednesday. 2.7.07 10:37 am
Hoo Hoo Ha Ha!

*dances around*

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Monday. 2.5.07 5:19 pm
urghhh! just as I predicted! school SUCKED today!!! hmm... It was like effin -4° outside and school was not cancelled!

Okay... here's what happened...
My youngest brother (Joshua) went home early from school today because there was a gas leak in their school (elementary). He only stayed at school for like an hour. Then the school called my mom and told her to pick Joshua up.

My sister's (Erika) school was on the news today! [clicky!] It was like 40° F in some of the classrooms! and they used space heaters as big as my hand x]

and finallyy...

My younger brother (Joseph) and I went to school, like good kids x]. It was effin cold out so maybe that's why they didn't record if we were late for school or something. It was cold in every class! I can't even sit on a chair without freezing my butt x] The heater broke in the media room! it was soo cold that I can't even type right! My hands were like shaking and all :(

Students rush to their book bags and grab their cellphones and call their parents! urgghhh! and every freakin 5 minutes, the speaker thingie buzzes and calls the names of the students who will go home since their parents are here to pick them up! and wow. My AmHistory teacher even agreed with us that there school be no school today. x] it was rare that he agrees with us.

Good thing that I had an appointment this afternoon~ I can't stay in that school for today! I was longing for my blankie x] and it was soo hard concentrating!
LoL when I left the science room for my appointment... my teacher was like "Have fun at home today!" in a sarcastic tone. "We're gonna send you hate mails!!" x]

Joseph went home with us since no one's gonna pick him up from school (I had an appointment and mom's coming with me). Lucky kid >.>

sooo yep. Mrs Romes (media teacher) told us that we might not have school tomorrow since the parents are really mad at the school now x] and it will be -10°F tomorrow morning! yay! *does the snow dance*

[edit] HOMG! [clicky!]

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Sunday. 2.4.07 7:49 pm
so yep! I finally finished editing my NuTang <3

I don't wanna go to school tomorrow! I NEED A SNOW DAY!!
lalalalalalala~ last week was HECTIC! and the week seemed soo slowww! I finished writing the "Constitution" thingie for American History... I need to get my grades up on that one! I'm scared! Interims is gonna be here soon! I don't wanna break my record on having straight A's!
anyways... back to what happened last week~
hm... we had a timed writing on Reading/Language Arts too~ it was fun... I enjoyed it. I'm soo happy for myself since I really didn't like writing essays back when I was in 6th grade! LoL All my essays that time were done with the help of my mom... I regretted doing that! I wanted to do it on my own.. but I was too lazy
*sigh* why do I keep getting distracted?!?
hahaha~ anyways... kayyy... Did some Webquest for Science~ and a lab for genetics stuff... I enjoyed that lab too! Since I like solving problems and stuff~
oh! and finally! I finished the IVTV for Media! I'm soo happy!
hahaha! okay! ENOUGH of school stuff!

I finished watching One Litre of Tears. It was sooo sad! I can't believe that I cried on all 11 episodes! Aya is a very strong girl! I look up to her. ohhh... and I want a guy like Asou! ;P

I guess that's it for now! hahaha this entry didn't, probably, even make sense! x] hope you guys understood it!


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