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day unknown
Tuesday. 8.17.10 12:43 am
i don't know how long the fishes have been here but i guess it has been almost a month? they are my pretty guppies. muahahaha....

when the guppies first stayed in the tank for a week, we observed and made lots of stories out of it. i wanted bitch to get pregnant and i was being impatient. so each time we stare at them and bitch is still not pregnant, we would make stories like bitch is a career woman, every time a guy approaches, she would reply:' later. i am too busy swimming. career comes first.'

and then now, she said bitch is pregnant and i don't seems to feel anything. bitch still looks the same except with a fatter tummy, like fatty and smaller fatty. so i don't know. maybe need to wait for it to drop the babies, then maybe i am a little more excited.

sometimes, it's really nice being a fish. all you ever do is to keep swimming in the tank, and then rest, and then swim again and then time for food, then swim and rest. it's so nice and carefree. but she said it's so purposeless. emo.

to peanutmelon: i 'killed' quite a few fishes before i could keep them alive for so long. there are times when i think it would be better if they stay in the tanks in those pet shops 'cause the pet shops would try their best to keep it alive. but then, there is a fish stall in a shopping center i always go to and the fishes there are emo-ish.

they keep fishes separately in plastic bags with oxygen inside and hang it up. i thought they would pour the fishes back into the tank at the end of the day and feed and repack it the next day. but there are times when i see the water in the bags are extremely dirty and fishes are dying and then i realised that they actually keep those fishes in the bags and just leave it there until it dies or someone bought it. you can also find dead fishes in pet shops , with its bodies floating aimlessly until it's being thrown away.

since the fishes have to die anyways, i would rather they enjoy before they die, rather than starve to death in bags or waiting for someone to take them home in pet shops or have strangers knocking at the tanks all the time, scaring them constantly, or a big group of fishes in a big tank filled with rocks and grass and no where to swim. i would think that living in fish tank in my home would be so much better than all that. :D

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intro- the six fishes
Tuesday. 8.10.10 7:48 am

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

this is the fishies' home. initially, there were only sunken barrel and the bed of sand. then i bought for her the tiny boy which costs like $8 and she put it in there, together with that batman she got from happy meal. we assumed this is the only tank in the whole wide world that has a batman and a tiny boy inside.

(we tried making stories between the two guys like how batman is trying to save the boy, but it still ended up being only decorations.)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

this is smaller fatty. it's green in colour and its smaller than fatty.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

this is fatty. they are called fatty because they are the biggest in the tank.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

this is spikey, because of the tail.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

this is bitch because she stayed in a tank full of guys and she is the only girl.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

this is no dots. obviously because there are no dots on it.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

and this is two dots. :D

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

my plant. i don't know what plant it is but it looks like a tiny aloe vera?

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

and my money plant!!

haha...from this post onwards, all my posts shall be on my pets.


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Monday. 8.9.10 11:04 pm
i wonder what would happen if i turn this to my pets blog?
i have 6 fishes, an aloe vera type plant ( i think) and a vase of money plant as pets.
i shall put all the pictures of my pets here
but i need to learn how to upload photos here first
and i shall update and talk about my pets
and start making them cuter than how they already are
ok. maybe not the plants. but the fishes.
i always call them fishies. it sounds nicer
i shall try to make it an interesting site
rather than these boring stuff that i have
ok. now, for starters:
my six fishies are called fatty, smaller fatty, spikey, (cacat spikey died), no dots, two dots and bitch.

i think you will know why they are called like that once you see their pictures. ( but i still need to learn how to upload pictures first)

the plants has no names but i still love them as much. ok. i shall try making my site a better place starting tomorrow. i hope.

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Thursday. 8.5.10 2:46 am
my bank account is left with only 200++ and i am going to make it last till december. how? i don't know. but i assume there is always a way to do it? let's experiment with it. :D but i need 80 for textbook. k la. 120 for half a year.

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Monday. 8.2.10 12:17 am
keep it little,
keep it slow,
i don't really care.
just keep it away from me.

i can stand no more
the endless chants
the endless thoughts
how they surround everything, anything.

the concern thoughts
the caution made
i understand how it's for me
but still, endless kills me.

let it end, let hope.
but i can't, shall not.
she will be hurt, but me?
i bite my lips, please stop.

bit by bit i tried to walk
little by little i struggle
just when i thought i moved a little
the chains pull me back to the wall i stray away from

i know. i really really know.
it's for my own good.
but will you ever know
how painful those chains are?

tell me please, what do you see.
have you ever tried seeing the way i did
or did you just take a look and assume
it was something of your history?

let's make it work, i pray.
i will study hard, i swear.
little by little, I'll prove.
i know my ways, you'll see.

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Thursday. 7.29.10 4:27 am
yeah....!!!! i m back.... after having holiday for so long, i am glad to be back. but i am not glad to be back to school though. school makes me emo and suicidal. but i am glad i am back. no internet. so can't update much. :D but i am happy. i think...

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