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Age. 46
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Scots-Irish-German mix
Location Newmarket, Canada
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An aha moment yesterday...
Tuesday. 1.27.09 3:58 pm
For the past year and what not, we have been going to Henry's, to burn our images onto a CD. But then, yesterday it *finally* dawned on me that since we have Vista and we have a USB cable for our pictures.... yeah. So, now, hopefully when our internet is back, I'll post more pics. And... videos. =) So... you can finally see or hear what we sound like! Woo!

Oh, and if you go on Youtube, and look for 'auburnbeauty33' you can see Coll and I mauling her cat. lol Seriously, we are just hugging her and talking like complete idiots. =p


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Quiz time!
Tuesday. 1.20.09 4:01 pm
Huzzah. LOL

Alcoholic Drink

Heh. =)

Neskaya.Net Quiz: What Will Your Baby Look Like

Um.... wtf?

Neskaya.Net Quiz: What Type of Rose Are You


Neskaya.Net Quiz: Hello Kitty Zodiac

What's Your Hello Kitty Zodiac?



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Hello everyone....
Tuesday. 1.20.09 2:20 pm
Hello. Well... Obama is in. Coll and I were talking about him yesterday in our room. We were saying how our Prime Minister Stephen Harper had better treat Mr. President with respect upon his visit(s) to Canada. If Kissy Kissy (our name for him... he kisses up to the media a lot...) doesn't, I will send him bad karma through the television screen.. ROTFLOL.


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Sloppy Joes make me irritable.
Tuesday. 1.13.09 1:43 pm
watching: nothing
listening to: lady gaga "poker face"
mood: better

There lies the rub. "Sloppy" sloppy joes. Cripes.

I think I need a lorazipam.


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I am such a goth. =p
Friday. 1.9.09 4:34 pm
Sooo... I got a code and now I have a Deadjournal. I post here and there! Woo.. =)

Hope to get the i-net soon... I am literally suffering withdrawl... =O


Oh shit. Here' the link for my DJ. LOL I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached to my body. =p --> http://youreviltwin.deadjournal.com/ <--

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Wednesday. 1.7.09 4:22 pm
And yeah.. I'm a Bowie fan. Haha... um.... I changed the design because I am slightly bored of the dark red thing... I want to try something... erm.. pokemon. Movies got cancelled because of the snow. Typically, in my part of the world or country or whatever... um, at this time of year... yeah. SNOW! lol

Here is sort of what it looks like. Well.. this is Toronto but.. Newmarket is a little higher up.


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