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Why Me?

Age. 31
Gender. Male
Location , WA
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I can chatter box!
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Kendo sticks
Friday. 5.28.04 9:14 pm
Kendo Sticks!
so much fun

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shinde... ima!
Sunday. 5.9.04 1:07 am
You belong to the world of the self-destructive.
You belong in another of my worlds. The world of
self-destructive tendencies, either through
actual physical destructiveness or emotional
breakdowns that you keep bottled up inside,
thus hurting yourself. You feel that life is
nothing but pain, and you see red in everything
with the memories of the blood you have
bled(literally or figuratively) for your
hurting. You live in a hidden land that few
will ever understand or see in you, because you
keep it to yourself and only let a few rare
people into the truth of your reality. Er...I
don't condone my own actions, so I really don't
know what else to say. Of course, you could
also just REALLY like blood....or you might be
homicidal, not suicidal. ^_^;

Where do you belong?(ANIME IMAGES)
brought to you by Quizilla

why should my life end when there are so many other lifes around me
any blood spilled is not intentional, just enjoyable
i mean that with sincerity and innocence ofcoarse

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shinimasu kudasai
Tuesday. 5.4.04 6:52 pm

Which Naruto Character are You?
quiz by orangeday.net

i wont change
just try to shut up and watch everyone else around me do as they please
but everyone knows how hard it is for me
to let my life be controlled by them

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runaway brother
Wednesday. 4.28.04 5:53 pm
i was the only one laughing when my brother ran away....
maybe its cause i knew he was gonna just come back, maybe not.
all i did was laugh at my familys worries and the despised me at the moment.
my brother took a pack of top romen and half a loaf of bread (the bread that was for his diet) and all i could say when i found this out was Its good to hear he is staying on his diet!.... but my sister only glared at me more calling me the biggest jerk in the world, maybe i am, but thats not important. My dad called the police and they put him on the runaway list and my dad printed off over a 100 flyers with his picture on it and a whole bunch of information about him. they spent hours driving and looking instead of making me dinner... sadness. but he finally came home at 9, he was hiding in the backyard the whole time, im afraid to go home and endure all their frustration from such an event. but im still laughing hahaha

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I Broke It!
Friday. 3.19.04 10:19 pm

I broke my sword........ ...........

I want a new one... a nice shiny one

i wont break it, i promise

Fate is the blind outcome that you try to see
You lead it only where you want to
You feed it your every choice without will
It is the result of each fulfilling sin
That burns deep within your soul
And is guided by the morality that you think you have
When the sins stain your hands without conscience
And blind your eyes with deep satisfaction
You have brought the consequences upon yourself
Your soul is shaken by the tormenting realization
The only way to escape the fate that stalks you
Is to escape the reality that you live in
The reward you never even wanted
Is the punishment bestowed by heaven
God will not turn his head from such corruption
You will taste justice through a pure death
The wrath of heaven will liberate you painfully
Tenchu will be unleashed

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my new toy
Sunday. 3.7.04 2:36 am

my new toy
and no, im not spoiled, just loved
come on, i needed it to go with my sidekick!
so far i have 800 songs to choose for those times in class when you dont want to pay attention

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