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Age. 28
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location San Jose, CA
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Random Stuff
Continued rants on Old Women Stuck on the Roof
Sunday. 2.18.07 6:55 pm
watching: Silence ep.3
listening to: Color of Your Spoon - OLIVIA
mood: REALLY happy XD

Ok........I know you're out there. Nosy people who love to read private details about other people's lives.

So first off, let me warn you. If you really dislike listening to crazy lovesick teenage girls rant, do NOT enter the pw: "inoshishi" into the entry below this one. ^_^

Secondly, in the protected entry 2 or 3 below this one (I'm too lazy to check), is pretty much full of my swearing at a girl at my school. The basic gist is that one girl at my school started spreading rumors about me online. I found out in school, and I actually started crying. It was really awful, and she said a lot of mean things about me that weren't true, like, "[insert my real name]'s so bossy and stuck up, just because she thinks she's a little smarter than everyone else". I cried through 2 classes, and my teachers were so scared they sent me to the office. I found her during lunch and I totally chewed her out. I think I was too mean though, because she started crying too and apologized to me. I couldn't forgive her though. =/

So that day, I was in a really really bad mood. I'm sorry if I was mean to anyone. I tried to be cheerful, but I'm not sure I succeeded... :(

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Weird Old Lady on the Roof
Sunday. 2.18.07 5:37 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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New Layout (about time too) and a random phone call
Friday. 2.15.07 9:27 pm
You guys have been waiting for this, haven't you?! XD

The new layout is still undergoing construction/plastic surgery. I'm just too tired to edit it now. =P

So first off, let's talk about a weird event in my life. Yesterday, somebody sent me a text message saying: "Happy Valentine's Day! Hope urs was a good as mine."

I thought: "Oh, how sweet, one of my friends sent me a message." and didn't think any more on it. But the today, I got a phone call from the number. It was the voice of a guy I didn't know, and he was like, "Where are you?!"

And I was getting confused (and it was the middle of class) so I said, "Excuse me? And you are?" And he was like, "Stop kidding around!" and then he hung up.

Yeah, life is weird. And he called me again later, and I told him politely that he had the wrong number, but he didn't believe me. Weird guy...O__o

And now, the highlight of this post, my graphics!!!

Valentine's Day:

Random stuff:

Commission for Sayumi:

Note: I made all 3 icons; I was just too lazy to post them individually. =P

My current forum set:

Btw, if you REALLY want the password to the private entry below, leave a message in the shoutbox or comment. I may or may not give you the pw. ^_^

P.S. If you're really interested (a.k.a. nosy) my boyfriend really doesn't look like a girl. I mean, he towers over me (1 feet difference in height) and generally has scrapes and bruises all over because he's a real klutz (I save him from getting run over by cars). Our typical "romantic" bonding time is me walking him home and stopping him from tripping over himself. He tripped over someone else in class today and cut himself on the arm. I had to take him to the nurse's office... >_<;; But he did get me roses yesterday. X3

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Sylphie RANTS
Thursday. 2.15.07 11:11 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Comissions, layouts, and a general mess
Sunday. 2.4.07 2:36 pm
watching: Shounen Onmyouji ep.10
listening to: Heart - Yuna Ito
mood: none, really...


I'm blogging!

Ok, no one cares...>_<;;

Anyways, Kuri inspired me to blog today, so I dedicate this entry to her. Feeling honored Kuri? XP Generally, my life is kinda messy right now...so I'll share with you a recent event in my life.

This Wednsday, my parents met my boyfriend. =__=;; Ok...that should be exciting, yes? Well, it wasn't. Totally anti-climax. The first thing my mom said was: "ÄãµÄÅóÓÑ¿´ÆðÀ´ÓÐÒ»µã¶ùÏñ¸öÄк¢×Ó¡£" Translation for the Chinese-illiterate: "Your friend kind of looks like a guy."

Ok...I'm trying to forget all about that. Put it out of my mind. Yes. There, much better. =P

Ok, recently, I've been doing comissions again. It's a lot of fun. ^^ Well, before I do that, to test if you guys actually read my whole entry, I have a hidden stash of icons that you guys can look at. If you're reading this, you can look at it by clicking here. Okay, I've rambled on long enough. Bring on the graphics! XD

Comission for Amie (Amethyst) on Shoujo Crusade:

Random avys I made:

My forum set:

Layout I coded for someone:

Ok, I'm tired. Sylphie's signing off~

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Icon Dump
Sunday. 1.21.07 12:54 am
watching: 1 Litre of Tears ep.3
listening to: Possession-JYONGRII
mood: Depressed...NOT!

Shock! I don't have a new layout today! Well, I might make one later, but yeah...I rather like my current one. ^^

So, before I get to the fun part of this post, please direct your attention that-a-way: --->

See that lovely banner that's in my Blurb of the Month section? Well, you'll have to wait to find out what that is exactly. Heh heh heh... +_+;;

Also, I'm watching 1 Litre of Tears right now. It's such a good drama! It's so sad, but really touching. I can't help but root for Aya as she fights her disease. I'll be watching the drama all weekend probably. XD

And now, something we haven't seen in awhile, a report on my life. I know, all of you are silently screaming: "YOU HAVE A LIFE?!!!" Yeah, I understand, I wonder too, actually. =P

So, this is not going into my real-life blog because I can't risk my best friend seeing this. But anyways...the thing is, my friend Thomas confessed that he likes her (my best friend) on Friday. But not to her. Nooo, he *had* to tell me and make me feel really awkward during lunch, because I was sitting with the two of them. I totally felt like I was getting in the way. XP

Eep, it's getting late. Better hurry up and get to the graphics display. xP

And I can't stay awake any longer. Night everyone~ <3

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