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I'm turning these 2 poems in tomorrow
WED / 052709 / 10:22pm
The poems I have been writing have been inspired by William Blake.
Songs of Innocence & Songs of Experience.

Little Girl by Shaneen

She wears bright pink and yellow every time she is out,
Running through the flower fields, pulling petals, but losing count

Flowing hither and thither like her motherís cursive,
Rosy cheeks, civilized, and carefree, with no motive.

Angelic and impeccably untainted since her short existence,
She is oblivious; the real world is no more than a few hours in distance.

Years away from strength in struggle,
She will soon feel so much trouble.

She is pure, authentically overflowed with blissful glee,
I wonder if she will exist with the facts of reality.

Do you feel innocence in this?

Old Woman by Shaneen

She wears old patterns, long dresses, and comfy shoes
Attempting to pick a fight at bingo, win or lose

Slacking to and fro like a childís penmanship
Truthfully qualified in the mind of hardship

Homely, yet imperfectly decomposed
Corrupt memories of being hardnosed

Conjointly hitting walls and getting scars
Delicately ample of fiber bars

She is mixed, weary hearted and left astray
I wonder if she can take another day

Do you feel the experience in this?

I tried to make the two poems coincide, opposing each other.
Can you guys recognize the difference? & tell me what you think, please! :]

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I presented this poem in class today.
TUES / 052609 / 6:15pm
Confessions of a Teenage Heartache by Shaneen

Confessions of a teenage heartache.
This is truly more than I can take.
Iím head over heels, tripping over my own feet
And the puzzled look on my face still isnít complete.
Itís a whirlwind of emotions that I canít fight.
Motionless strength calls upon me to hold on tight.
Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional,
Though my weak repulsive mindset is annual.
Heís on the other side of the unbreakable glass
But my unyielding desire wishes to trespass.
It isnít hard to see why you keep me captive
You are unaware that my love for you is massive.
Wishing I was inclined to an unrelated matter,
I cannot deny this prolonged sickness;
Only to realize that the glass will never shatter.

Pretty good?

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You can be alone, but never lonely.
FRI / 052209 / 4:40pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Just a random thought.
MON / 040909 / 9:40pm
My ex boyfriend; I loved him as one can never love twice.

I just wanted to let the world know.

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