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so not ready for class in the morning
Sunday. 8.28.11 10:28 pm
I'm sitting at my computer trying to look over notes and such for my anatomy class in the morning and I really can not focus. My brain is going crazy.

So alot has happened since last time............

I got a job (yay money) lol I actually work at a gun shop (go figure). It is pretty cool, there are tons of nice people who work there and the people that come in are all really cool. The boyfriend also got a job (yay him!) and with that and us both going to school its kinda difficult to find time to just spend with each other. We are making it work tho.

Mom and I kinda got into an argument tonight. So basically we were talking about how long people should be together before they should get married. She said it really depends upon the couple. I agree with her about that. But I still believe that there should be a minimum of three years (and a year of those living together) before a couple can really say they are ready to get married. Its fine if you disagree with me but listen to my point first. When you know someone for the first year all their "shit" (shit= small annoying crap that will drive you crazy or their weird little habits and bad things they do) will start to appear a little. I think it really takes about two years (at least) to get all of your "shit" on the table. Then you live together and find out how it is to see that person day in and day out. I think that a minimum of three years dating and being with someone is a good amount of time to start considering marriage. Now don't get me wrong, if you were with your husband for a few months or whatever and got married and are together and the happiest ever, I am very happy for you. The only thing is I have seen multiple marriages and relationships that have escalated too quickly with the couple really not knowing the other person, and it ends up in divorce and sadness and failure. I also think that this can be avoided if the people of our day could take marriage a little bit more serious. If it cost like twenty thousand dollars for people to even file for a divorce, I think people would take marriage a lot more seriously

just my opinion


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Today is a good day :]
Tuesday. 7.26.11 7:11 pm
I started my job today :D

it was alot of fun. The people were really nice. I work at a gun supply shop, they also have a range and do fishing and hunting stuff. The computer system they use is a little overwhelming but I think I will get it :p

Im really tired lol. Im starting off at about 15 hours per week at my new job. I really hope they like me and they keep me :]

On a different note. Gas is so high!!!!! omg its ridiculous!! I seriously have to but like 35 dollars a week into my tank to get around. jeesh!!! my mom has an avalanche truck.....she has to but like 80 dollars a week in hers.... its really bad.

I wish i had a jumbo size smart car :p

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change is not always good but its not bad.....its just change
Thursday. 6.30.11 5:00 pm
So alots been going on recently. Within the past month I have had to spend over 500 dollars on getting my car fixed (yeah that hurt). I also lost my only income (working at our family business). Its been kinda a scary time in my life.
My younger brother is in New York visiting my father and his family. I didnt go this year, I have gone up there every year since my parents have been divorced and its weird being home. I miss my grandpa who died this past October. At this time of the summer usually I would be in NY on a boat with grandpa getting clams and fishing in the ocean. Coming home to eat strawberries with him and pulling out hundreds of photos and him explaining who every person in the photos. I miss him alot. Sometime I dont think of him as gone. I just think of him up in NY mowing the grass and taking the boat out. I think that I will go up there and the house will be the same and nothing will have changed. We used to watch "So you think you can dance" together on tv when i would come up for the summer. I cant watch it now because it makes me sad. Im afraid of going back up there and him not being there.
I leave for the beach this weekend with Tyler W and his family. Im excited to spend time with him and to get a vacation.
I miss the people I used to be close to. I know change is good but change doesnt mean we cant be close friends.

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blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh rant rant rant....
Saturday. 3.12.11 7:05 pm
The only thing im going to say is that Im going to be reallllllly happy when i can move out.

f-ck you for ruining my day and enjoying doing it.

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fluuuuuuuuuu eck!
Saturday. 2.26.11 3:21 pm
So I broke up with Tyler today. The facebook world has already started to catch on lol. I don't really want to talk about it...but it would be nice to blog :3.

So wednesday night I got the flu from tyler. Then thursday morning he brought me medicine and ate lunch with me at work after his classes. We were fine all of thursday. Let me back track a little and tell you about how my car has been acting very strange. It started this past sunday and It is jumping at low rpms and when im at a dead stop. So tyler promised me to fix it on friday. I kinda was nervous about driving it all week but I trusted him and decided to get through the week.
So yesterday morning rolls around and I feel awful!! but tyler and i had talked and he was going to get my car from the store and fix it and drop it off after i got done working. So i got my sick butt out of bed and got ready and was on my way out when tyler called me. He said that he was just going to stop by work for a little while and he didnt want to fix the car that day but he would do it tomorrow. He said he wanted to go home and take a nap. I was upset. I told him not to even bother with the car.I was driving my car for a whole week, potentially making the problem worse but trusting tylers word to fix it on friday. Not to mention I could have not gone to work and stayed in bed but I knew thats where he was getting my car from. So i being mad told him not to bother to come see me at all.
So I got through work until 2pm. Tyler didnt call me once since that morning or text me (knowing I was sick). When I got home that night I felt even worse and fell asleep on the couch till 6pm. I then had to get up and get ready to go to fellowship where I taught at 7 30. I got through my teaching and barely made it home before I started throwing up. At that point I still had not heard a word from tyler since that morning. I puked every five minutes until i fell into a rough sleep at 11. At about 12 30 tyler calls me and wakes me up to tell me how well a show he played that night went. I then spend an hour huddled on my bathroom floor getting sick and wishing I would die. When I talked to tyler I agreed we would talk the next day about how mad i was because at that point i was so emotional and worn out. So i finally fell into sleep at 5am. I woke up today at about 9 30. I took a shower and then texted tyler. We then talked for a bit. I told him I was upset about my car and about him not bother to check on me. He then said the words that made me snap "im not going to be there to hold your hand through everything". ummm excuse me? I was sick. I just needed a call saying you loved me or i would have even been happy with a stupid text message. Plus I want someone who will be by my side when things are bad. I needed him and he bailed on me. And when i broke up with him the only thing he said (texted) was "wtf". He does not care and I want someone who does care for me.

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happy new year everyone
Friday. 12.31.10 5:33 pm
May it be prosperous and blessed!

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