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Welcome!! I am trying a new layout and I don't know how this is gonna work out exactly... or even if it will... but what the heck.... right?? You can't make an omelette without first breaking some eggs!! This is gonna take me a while to fix so please be patient with me!

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About Me

I am a 41 year old mother of two. Anthony (age 9) and Aeryn (age 14). I have two dogs and two cats and a WONDERFUL significant other!! I am an environmental activist and an advocate of volunteering your time to do things to make our planet a better place for the future!! Although I live in Spokane, Washington now... I will forever consider Seattle to be home and I do go back several times a year for actions and other events.


I have many hobbies and things I do for fun. I belong to a medieval recreation group and have (finally) achieved my knighthood in archery. If my body holds out... I hope to get my second one in combat... though that will still be a ways off because i get really nervous about whacking my FRIENDS with kendo shinai.
I am also an artist. I do A LOT of art builds for various activist groups I follow because they know I'm good at making the signs they need. I've done signs for political causes, social justice causes, and mostly... environmental causes. My main medium is paint and recycled cardboard.

Environmental Activism

Besides my family... i have one true love in life. Environmental Activism. I was locked up as a teenager... and while I was there... we were told to find something we are passionate about... and find a club or group to sign up with. I was SOOOOO pissed when they wouldn't let me join Greenpeace...
Nowadays... I belong to a group called Spokane Rising Tidewhich is a part of Rising Tide North America. We have done environmental actions from protesting Megaloads in Sandpoint, Idaho to planning a MASSIVE action (Coming In May) Portland, Oregon. BreakFree will be held in Anacortes, Washington and you can Click Here for more information on that!!
A Few Actions I've Been A Part Of
Megaload Protesting In Sandpoint, Idaho
sHellNo's Luminary Flotilla in Elliott Bay, Seattle, Washington
Not Another Haiyan March and Blockade in Seattle WA
and coming up in may I will be a part of Break Free PNW in Anacortes, Washington

What's Next??

In June... I am going to a really awesome summer camp for activist on Vashon island. I've been to Action Camp before but it is REALLY REALLY fun and you can never learn too much as an activist. After that though... my calendar is still pretty open for the moment. There are bomb train hearings in Spokane but I never know for sure what I'm going to do till right before the event!!!

Journal Entries

My proudest moment as an activist was at the People's Climate March. My son, who was 7 at the time stood up with a chant sheet and got the ENTIRE crowd to follow his lead in the chants. I have never been more inspired as a parent as I was to hear my baby yelling. BOMB TRAINS?!?! and a hundred people responding to him. INSANE!!!!
Why Do I Do What I Do?
As an activist, i get that question... A LOT! Over time my answer has gotten shorter and simpler... but no less true. I fight for my planet at the risk of my life and freedom because someone has to. Nothing changes if no one stands up for Mother Earth. We may be different colors, we may have different spiritual paths and lifestyles... but one thing we ALL need to remember is that we are ALL HUMAN BEINGS and without Mother Earth... we do not exist.

  • I believe that what I do will have an effect
  • I am stubborn
  • I have many useful skills
  • I am dedicated to my cause
Tuesday. 4.19.16 6:19 pm


This is the cut and paste of an email I have received. it is the SECOND EMAILof
Ibrahima Kane
11:15 AM (4 hours ago)
to me

I am reaching out to you from our digital agency in New York, and I am writing to you as we have a client interested in http://www.nutang.com blog for sponsored posts.

Could you please get back to me by email to discuss in details if this is something you consider?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you.

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Hooolllly Crap!! Life is BUSY!!!
Monday. 4.18.16 10:17 pm
Sorry I haven't been oin much lately. Between trips to Portland oregon and tacoma WA... and being mom and all the other crap I do.. i have had ZERO time to update my blog...

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Strange Kid Conversations
Thursday. 3.24.16 7:49 pm
mood: amused..

Ok... I'm pretty sure it's officially true... Kids are damn funny/strange creatures.

My 9 year old son and his best friend were goofing off today after school playing Pixel Gunner. I thought they were still building a scene in Minecraft....

Anthony (my son): Mom, can I have some cheese pizza? (leftovers from yesterday)

Me: Sure... go for it!

Anthony: Damien... do you want some??

Damien: No thanks... I'm trying to kill something.

Anthony: It's not dead yet??

Damien: No...

That's just one of many funny things I hear every single day.

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Laughing my ass off.... but why?!?!?1
Monday. 3.21.16 12:41 pm
watching: Katy Perry- Roar on YouTube

Ok... i dunno if you've seen this video... but there's a scene in it where Katy is painting an elephant's toenails.... I don't know why this amuses me enough to make me laugh hard enough to bring tears to my eyes... but it does. I am apparently a STRANGE humanoid...

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I am known by some as the Queen Of Bad Jokes....
Thursday. 3.17.16 2:37 pm
and the Pun Goblin by others.... It's because i have a remarkable talent for popping up with them at the best (or worst) moments... so starting today... I'm going to have a Bad Jokes section of my blog. It won't necessarily be updated daily... but it will be updated every time i hear a new joke that qualifies..... Check out my writings for said feature... it will improve over time... i promise.

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Trick The Boy With Yoda Logic!
Tuesday. 3.15.16 8:23 pm
mood: amused

watching: TV

Anthony: Mom, can I have a Mt Dew??
Me: Yes, bring me the box so i can open it.
Anthony: Ok. (takes his sweet time)
Me: Hurry up, kiddo...
A: I'm trying...
Me: There is no try.. only do or do not!!
A: No... there's is no do... only try or do not
Me: So.. there is no Dew??
A: Right!
Me: OK! (put the Dew up)
A: HEY!!!!!
Me: You said no Dew....
A: *grumble*

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Monday. 3.14.16 1:37 pm
mood: excited

watching: Supernatural

Holy shit..... Portland was SOOOOOOOOO fun... I slept all the way there... AND most of the way back but the meeting itself was productive and fun. I am now involved in yet ANOTHER creative arts working group and will be working with someone who not only do I have a lot of respect for and I love it!!! Environmental activism and creativity are my two favorite things on the planet... and now i get to do BOTH for two different group... And on top of that... SPORT (SPOkane Rising Tide) has nominated me (mostly because I'm the only one who knows HOW) to be their website person. Anyhoo... i have a ton of work to do. Seeya!

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Weekend Update
Sunday. 3.13.16 1:02 am
mood: excited

watching: NCIS

Did good at the Adria event today... We couldn't shoot archery because of the rain... but overall... it was fun... I did good in combat... tried (and FAILED) in the bellydancing class... (I'm more cerebral than physical, i guess) and I ate more than enough food to give me heartburn. The next event... is mine.... I'm running the show.... Go Me... or something... The Cupcake Catastrophe... complete with spring loaded catapult from hell,

Tomorrow is gonna be partly boring and partly fun.... I leave at 0730am for a road trip to Portland, Oregon. Got some action planning to do so I'm really excited. The boring part of the day will be the driving. Portland is in the northwestern corner of Oregon... I'm in the Eastern side of Washington.. We're looking at 5 to 6 hours of driving each way.... and this is a one day trip... Go us. Good thing I'm used to long car trips, right?? I plan on packing my pillow and sleeping all the way there so I don't necessarily need to go to bed early... I'm packing my day bag and my Oh Shit!!! Kit just in case we need it. In case you've never heard of it... an OSK is an emergency survival kit and with mine, I can build shelter, start fires and even barbecue..... Anyway... i gotta go put my stuff together.... If i can't use my internet in Portland ( I should be able to... i can use it in Seattle) to update... I'll update on Monday morning!

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