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What are you reading?
Friday. 3.1.13 4:57 pm
As an avid reader of complicated, multi-part fantasy novels, this is a question I hate. How do you explain to someone what the 4th book of Malazan Book of the Fallen is about? Or who the main character of The Warrior-Prophet by R. Scott Bakker is?

Whenever this question gets asked, my mind usually goes blank and then I end up responding dumbly with "a book", which just makes me look like a twat.

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Jesus can't take the wheel. He doesn't know how to drive.
Thursday. 2.21.13 3:05 am
Sometimes it's frustrating having to censor myself to my family about religion. I have most of my extended family on facebook, and it's really hard reading all their entries and not commenting on them. Sometimes I just can't help myself. My cousin (who is 19) has naturally fallen into the trap that most christians fall into. The idea that God is somehow auto-pilot for your life, and that you have to wait around for divine inspiration about what to do with your life.

I fell into this trap as a teenager, so I know all about it. The answer, for me, was becoming an atheist. But even for a christian, you should know better. There's nothing in the bible that says that God is going to make every little decision for you. You're an adult. You have to choose your own path in life. God isn't auto-pilot, he's just supposed to be a moral compass that you point your life toward (if you believe in that sort of thing).

Even worse, are the adults, "wise" in the way of a christian life, that always try to tell teenagers that they'll find their answers in the bible. Which would be totally true if you were a 2000-year-old jewish person. Unfortunately, the bible isn't much of a roadmap for a modern life. It can't tell you what college to attend, or what career to choose, or if you should date that girl from the coffee shop. The bible is a moral guide, not a practical guide. It tells a christian the kinds of choices they should be making, but not the details. Those, you have to come up with on your own.

Obviously I think it's all a bunch of malarky anyway, but the best I can manage when talking to my family is to be vague and try to slip some common sense into their unhelpful aphorisms.

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