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Anime Fall 2008 - My list
Thursday. 8.28.08 8:30 am
I will not do a preview because, again, That Animeblog has done a great one. Go check it out if you haven't, I really enjoy the comments made by the bloggers on each title.

After cutting right and left (kidding, but I did start with 20 series), I have 12 series that made the final list.

1. Nodame Cantabile Paris-hen: I'm glad it won't be a 24-26 episodes serie. The fault of the first serie for me was that it started to drag.
2. Skip Beat: It's a shoujo and I like the premise of the manga.
3. Hakushaku to Yousei: Romance, 19th century England. Good enough for me.
4. Shigofumi OVA: If some group pick up this 1 episode OVA, I'll watch. The serie felt heartless by the end, but I'll still pick it up.


5. Yozakura Quartet: Comedy, supernatural, heroes. I'll try it.
6. Hyakko: Comedy, slice of live. I'm giving it a chance.


7. Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka: It's romance and I can enjoy the premise, but it's an eroge adaptation, so I'll read about it first.
8. Kyou no 5 no 2: I liked the OVA, although I don't like echi, but it was done so good. I don't know if they'll manage to maintain the quality in a serie.
9. One Outs: Sports. I like sports animes. This one is about baseball.
10. Tales of the Abyss: I liked the trailer, the story sounds good. Although it's adapted after a game, I found myself interested.


11. Clannad ~After Story~: I'm past half of the 1st serie and I'm pretty sure I'll watch this one.
12. Ef ~A tale of melodies~: I'll start after I finish Clannad. I hope it's not soap-opera melodramatic.

I apologise for the mistakes.

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Slayers Revolution - 07
Monday. 8.25.08 8:08 am

This episode was released by the group VivaLaRevolution.

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Gargoyles OP (no voice over)
Thursday. 8.21.08 4:20 am

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Slayers Revolution dropped
Wednesday. 8.20.08 7:12 am
Unfortunately, FUNimation Entertainment has send cease & desist orders to the fansub groups that were translating Slayers Rev. Eclipse and Static Subs have decided to drop the project, as stated on Static Subs's website. IY-F has also dropped the project, due to the same c&d, so for now there's no english translation for this show.

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Michael Shanks on Burn Notice Clip
Thursday. 8.14.08 4:21 pm
Michael Shanks, the actor best knows for playing Daniel Jackson on the Tv-hit Stargate SG-1, makes a guest appereance in Burn Notice. He potrays a villan and is going to give Michael (the main character) a tough time. MovieWeb.com has posted a clip from the episode that airs tonight:

A bigger clip can be found on Michael's official website Michael Shanks Online

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Slayers Revolution - 06
Sunday. 8.10.08 2:43 pm

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