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Age. 30
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Ethnicity. Chinese
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[Life Is Good~]
09/03/11 14:16
I am...

feeling: Happy
listening to: Nada

So my exams are finally all over! Yay!!! :D Kuri is such a happy bunny it's unbelievable x]

I just ordered a large pizza with a side salad... I swear watching American sitcoms have made me want to eat junk all the time :3 But this should last me the entire day ahahaha yeah...

I showed my family the vids I've been making on Youtube, the first thing my mum said about the first one was: what are you wearing?!!?!?! ...Lol, I prob should have expected that x] My clothes on my Rubbish vid passed tho wahahaha x]

But either way, the second thing she said after watching them was: oh you've lost weight! ...Oh Mummy how I do love you!! Hahaha I swear she's absolutely adorable^^

But I really have lost weight recently, yay! Except last week I ate like a pig and did no exercise again so methinks I need to either stop eating or start jogging again otherwise I'll balloon out again :3

This time I want my weight to go and stay gone! x]

Aside from that, my birthday is coming up soon! I'll be the big 2-1. Legal all over the world wahahaha. I think I'm finally ready to become an adult :) I feel like enjoying my birthday this year rather than fearing it and trying to find Neverland.

I guess God's timing really is perfect! Haha. I had such a terrible start to the year, but now... things are looking up again, definitely^^

And it's just recently that I have finally realised what I want to do with my life and for once, even though it's not something that will earn me a shedload of money or anything generic for Chinese (but hey, when have I ever done anything generically Chinese?) but they are both totally supportive <3

Finally, I put ads up on my page a few days ago... Haha, this is the first time I've used Google Adsense... I wonder how it works? But either way, I don't think my site's popular enough to make much money off it, but every little counts right?^^

exams are over, sun is shining, i am in such a good mood and waiting for good food, oh life is good!


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03/03/11 01:06
I am...

feeling: Happy
listening to: Nada

Today is my wifey's bday!! Happy bday to her! <333

I stayed up to wish her a happy bday in UK time and am now knackered so gna go to bed^^ But on other news, I posted a new vlog~ Personally I like it a lot more than my other one! Please take a look guys! ^^

It's about the wonders of the German recycling system, which I tried to make as amusing as possible hahaha. So without futher ado, I present to you...


Sooo tired... bedtime!!

joy is having God in your heart ^^


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[From B-log to V-log!]
27/02/11 00:55
I am...

feeling: Excited
listening to: Nada

So my life has been queer lately and I've been upset and feeling weird and stopped blogging... Well now, I'm okay again and I've received so much support through dear friends online and off...

And I recently began to try out sth new!

So as of 25th Feb, I officially debuted on YouTube under a new channel with my very first vlog!! :D Please take a look~~^^:

Wow the YT embed code has shortened itself immensely! Haha...

So that's my life so far in a nutshell, the crap that I've gone through, I kinda don't really want to bring up or mention, so we'll leave it alone and pretend that I've just been really bad with blogging again lately ok? ^^;;

How've you guys been?!?!

the sun will finally shine again... but what if i like the snow?


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16/01/11 13:21
I am...

feeling: Peaceful
listening to: Glory Album - Jaeson Ma

Lemme tell you guys what love is, the meaning of life, knowing peace. And who deserves all the glory in the world: God.

I purchased Jaeson Ma's "Glory" album on iTunes today. It was amazing... it is amazing. Every lyric cuts me deeply and it is like the songs were written for me personally; God's love song to me.

In every song there are so many amazing quotes that it leaves me breathless and all I can think of is how much God loves me and how loved I am and how much I should love others... And I can't help but love.

This is just one of the 8 amazing songs on his Glory album. This is the only album I have ever heard where all songs are amazing and touching and....

The best £5.99 I have ever spent in my life.

Me and God? We're like *that*, y'know? He's my father, my brother, my best friend, my life. And how can I not just love and spread a fraction of His love when I am filled and overflowing with love from God because He loves me so much He died for me and it's so overwhelming to just be in His presence that I can hardly breathe.

Passion, Life, Love, Glory, Intimacy, Peace, Miracle, Gratitude.

Thank You, God.

...i can't change my circumstances, but i can change my attitude to one of graditutde...


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[On The Road To Recovery]
07/01/11 16:10
I am...

feeling: Peaceful
listening to: 我们呼求 - 赞美之泉

Sooo I'm back to Germany^^

Luckily it's not that lonely here anymore. I'm chatting to a lot of friends each day and pretty much meeting up with them at least once a day. It'll help keep my mind off things.

Thanks to the 'contract' of sorts that I've signed as well, I can call and text ppl as much as I want and I am getting calls back from people too :)

Maybe it's time to become social again~

I actually have another blog that's more of a replacement of my personal website that got deleted. I think I've told you guys about it? But I realised, the entries I write there tend to be more emo and poetic.

Sometimes, it's not meant to be taken too seriously and literally, because it's somewhere for me to just spew out some deep shiz... I guess... it was too serious. And it was something that caused major arguments between me and my ex.

I will continue to use it though because it's my personal space. I can't just stop writing because it upsets people, because it upsets me as well.

Either way, where he used to check my blogs like five times a day, I don't think he's come back to read it once yet so it's okay now... But some stuff, I still have to keep private, I guess.

Maybe because not enough time has yet passed, but there's a part of me that just cannot delete the folder I made for him on my laptop. But you know, it usually takes three days (max a week) for me to get over someone, so why is this so hard?

Enough people have told me to just forget about him but I really need to hear it from him: that he doesn't like me anymore and no longer wants to be with me. But so far we haven't had a chance to speak in private and he doesn't contact me at all, so...

I guess I'll leave it to God.

I'm going to try out a German church with my friend this week. Looking forward to it! Should help me improve my German too^^

I also just found out I have an exam on the 24th Jan. Wtf.


...good luck to me...


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[Private Version of Entry Below]
01/01/2011 10:27
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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