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Gone Bush
Monday. 12.26.05 12:45 pm
Christmas Day in Aus is so awesome, I couldn't imagine eveeeeer having a cold christmas...would be so wrong.

My Day
Woke up at about 7 and waited for parentals to come running into my room, yelling, "it's Christmas, it's christmas!". Get up at about 7:15 and Dad plays Santa Claus. Hands out presents to shit-for-brains aka my brother, myself, my mum and him. Then chastises my mum for trying to rush christmas morning, when she realises the time and freaks out, thinking we're going to get to my aunty and uncle's place too late.

All is well, though, as we rock up to aunty G's and uncle Peter's place at about 10:30, just in time to help set up a cabana at the bottom of their garden and transport allllllll of the food into it. Man, flies are the worst part of Australia christmas, they are sooo aggressive! You literally have to use one hand to constantly wave the flies away from your food and the other to try and eat what's on your plate....aaaaargh! As usual, being that my uncle's side of the family is Greek, there was waaaaay too much food, turkey, chicken, ham, beef, bean salad, stuffed pumkin, 5 types of desserts, addictive home-made rocklea road. Was awesome.

After lunch we sat around and drunk beer (the guys anyway), champagne, and this nice red wine called rose (there's meanta be an accent on the 'e') and chatted for a bit. Then when I was good and tipsy, we headed down to the creek that's about 20 metres from their garden and went canoeing/kayaking. I ended up soaking wet! All I did was lie down flat on the kayak, to make it easier for my dad to pull the kayak out of the water, onto the bank...not realising that the tail end would dip under the water and flood the entire thing. I thought it a good idea to lie in the sun on the trampoline, to dry off...and got mild heatstroke lol.

After my recovery, we headed back to the creek and Shane, my uncle's adopted son...he's about 27 (and pretty hot ;) ) and shit-for-brains, decided it would be a good idea to swing off the rope, into the water. Shane was pretty good at it, doing somersaults in the air and landing into the water perfectly, but shit-for-brains ended up doing a belly flop....Ha! My aunty and the other female in-laws managed to convince the little kids that jumping from a rope into the creek was not much fun at all and that they'd have more fun playing in the beach area....they bought it....kinda.

Then we went back and sat on the front porch, where it was nice and cool, and drank tea, while the lil kids (and not-so-lil kids) played X-box. I also found out that My uncle's other adopted son, who I met for the first time that day and who I had thought was hitting on me, is actually gay......yeah, I felt pretty duuuuumb.

It ended up taking us about an hooour to leave, but we eventually did...so now I'm home and getting rested for my upcoming 40 hour week at work, oh joy. I hope everyone had a great christmas and that santa was nice to you and that you all remembered the true meaning of christmas-being thankful for everything you have and cherishing family. Merry Christmas all, I'm off to figure out how to use my new digital camera.

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Tuesday. 11.22.05 9:52 pm
I'm not sure what to do...
I've been invited to this house-party Friday night by a friend from work, there are a few small issues, though.

1. She doesn't have that great a reputation.
2. Her bf used to be a drug-user and I don't trust him or feel that comfortable around him.
3. I don't finish work Friday night until 11:30pm and it woulda take me an hour and a half to get to her house by TRAIN.
4. She lives in Cabramatta, not the greatest area.
5. Unless I can convince a male friend to go, there's nobody male I know who's going who I can trust to look out for me and make sure nothing hasppens to me.
6. If I want to leave, I don't have a ride home, so I'm stuck there till the next day when I can catch a train.

Reasons I would go:

1. Kate's going and she's pretty level-headed.
2. Kate said they'd (I don't know who, her and Nicole, I'm guessing) would meet me at Cabramatta station and walk me to the party.
3. It's the night of my last exam and I wanna get drunk.
4. If Michael will go then I'm pretty sure he'll look after us girls.

I need eveyone to tell me everything they know about house-parties and reasons why I should and shouldn't go.

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Sunday. 11.13.05 8:48 pm
I don't know what to do about uni...
I really don't have even one real friend there...there are aquaintances who I talk to occasionally, but I feel really really uncomfortable around everyone, I can't be myself. I don't get it, am I that much of a freak? Why can't I find somebody I can relate to, who likes me and doesn't think I'm weird? Things at work are great, I get along with everyone and we all go out and have fun and stuff, but at uni it's all just going pear-shaped.
I figure I have 2 options:
1. Become a bona-fide loner and hope that if I say nothing and keep low, people won't notice I'm there and I won't seem so freakish.
2. Throw myself into socialising with everyone I know at uni and hope thing turn out.

Edited to add:

For all those dying to find out the option I have chosen, it is...*drum roll*
Bona-fide loner! Yaaaaaaaaay! *applause*

On brighter news
I gave my ipod to Lana to put all her kick-ass music on, cos I'm a lazy loner who won't even call the computer guy to get her software fixed. Also...well, there was more, but I don't remember right now. I have to go study for my exam which I have not studied for which is in 3 hours, eek!

Edited to add

I don't need anyone anyway...friends are so over-rated

Edited to add

Maybe being the depressed-loner-uni student can be my "thing"?
My exam's in half an hour, am I ready? Fuck, I hope so.

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Friday. 10.28.05 10:22 am
Tonight's the night of the cruise-Rock The Boat, so exciting!
We're meeting up at some station you wouldn't recognise if I told you the name of anyway and then we're going to drive to the hotel and get ready to party!
My mum even gave me a botle of Bailey's...hmm...I'd prefer Absolut vodka, but you think I'm going to turn down free liquor?? I don't think so.

Everything's going great with Brad, we're still just taking it a day at a time and talking when we can. Not sure if he's going to come see me next year, he said he'd try....hmmmm...I'd prefer something more difinitive than 'try'....but a return ticket is around $3000 and I kno he doesn't have that kind of money, plus he'd be taking time off work and there's other expenses too...and he doesn't even know when or if he's going to make it back to OC from San Francisco....so I'll have to be content with 'try', for now.

In other news, I dyed my hair yesterday morning! It cost me $120 (ouch!) for a chocolate brown base, caramel highlights and a cut, but it looks amaaaazing. Kate's going to bring her digital camera tonight, so I'll try and put some pictures up, if not, just IM me, if you know me and I'll send you them through email. Hmmm....I think I might buy a decent camera this summer, when I have some money. I also need to get the software sorted out for my mini ipod, I think the computer guy gave me trial software and it fucked up on me once the trial period was over. Wiped allll of my music from it and I can't put any back on :( Lana offered to put her music on it, I might take her up on that offer.

In uni news....well, I don't really feel close to anyone at uni anymore. I don't know what happened, I've started to isolate myself from all of my old friends, I sit by myself most of the time in lectures and I eat by myself. I clam up when I'm around people in my supposed group of friends. I think it's because too many people I don't know have entered what was my group of friends. Every time I turn around, there's a new person who everyone seems to know, except me. I'm the kind of person who likes to be part of a small, close group of friends, I'm not comfortable being around a group of people I don't know. Eli doesn't really talk to me anymore, Katerina's always with someone I don't know, Sarah's leaving for Canberra after this semester, so I don't know what to do. I sound like a 3rd grader...I should just get over it and be more outgoing. I don't know...atleast things are good at work, I'm pretty much friends with everyone and even thought I'm a brat at work sometimes, they all know that's just me....

The only person I really have to share all of my deeper thoughts and secrets with is Brad...even when I'm being the biggest, whiniest brat there is, he'll still tell me I'm pretty and cute and make me laugh. I love that he's always trying to make me feel better when I'm down and he always tries to put a smile on my face, even when it's 3am there and I made him get up to call me.

Bridgitte got her tattoo, of 3 stars in a circle on her wrist, it looks awesome! It has significance too, there's one each for 3 members of her family who have died, one being her Grandma, the other 2 I'm not sure about....I can't wait to get mine next January!

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Monday. 9.19.05 11:40 am
Everything huuuuurts. My shoulder's neck, back, legs, feet, arms......everythiing. I think i've been working too hard, I need to rest...I neeed.....a massage....hmmm...that'd be niice.

I went out Saturday night for the first time in like...evaaaah. It was pretty good, I got a lil tipsy (they say I was drunk, but really I was fiiine). I ended up almost falling asleep on Trent's shoulder...he's so sweet, he got his friend to go get me water from the bar. I almost didn't get into the place. I don't own any proper ID, so I had to like pull out my keycard and my uni card and my enrollment for voting card and shit and even then the bouncer didn't want to let me in. I promised him I'd get proper ID for next time, though lol.

I'm getting so tired of work, it's driving me nuts. Tonight I had to do twice as much work as I should have, cos we were understaffed...again. The management culture seems to be that it's best to cut costs than look after the staff. Where's the sense in that? I work in the service industry, staff is worth gold. Without us, they wouldn't have any customers, cos nobody wants to be served by a machine. Yet, they treat us like we're a liability...psshh...I need to find another job, they don't pay me enough to deal with their bullshit. They need to remember that happy staff=happy guest. Without us, they'd be up shit creek...no kidding. All the experienced staff should just resign at the same time...then they'd see *sucks a lemon*

~edited to add~
I'm getting a tattoo! Next January, I think I'll get a tiny butterfly on my foot, or a silhouette of a sitting cat...not sure yet, though, asked brad wat he thought, he thinks it'll look cute. There is no way I'm getting more than one, though, I don't want to look trashy. There's enough white trash here, as it is

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Tuesday. 9.13.05 12::20 am
If you were walking home late one night, by yourself, and 2 policemen pulled up beside you and offered you a ride home, would you accept or declne?

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