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Tuesday. 11.14.06 3:15 am
Work is slow and school requires time. I am behind in my reading and my assignments. I tottally forgot that i was suppose to get something together for th whole group tonight. Sheesh! I think I am addicted to nutang. I am A type perosnality and i guess I am an overachiever. I was popular in highschool and also in college. I guess that is good enough for me...

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Excuse me, WHAT DID YOU SAY???
Wednesday. 11.29.06 12:24 pm

Cop Or Cock - video powered by Metacafe

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Emotions and Alcoholism
Wednesday. 11.29.06 11:17 am

Researchers have developed a new study which measures the brain activity in the frontal regions of the brain. This part is said to be responsible for the differences in emotions with respect to our personality. Of course an imbalance in this area could indicate an imbalbnce in emotion and motivation.

Researchers are concerned with how our emotionality relates to alcohol dependance. They have been using an EEG (electroencephalogram) to test the brain activitiy of the individuals in their test group. A person with depression will have a condition known as EEG asymmetry. The key is to figure out if this is related to alcoholism.

"We found that alcoholics had lower brain activity in left frontal areas relative to right frontal areas, as measured by EEG, when compared to nonalcoholics," said Hayden. "This is interesting because left frontal activity may reflect brain systems involved in acquiring rewards and the positive moods we feel when we obtain a desirable object or goal. Conversely, right frontal activity may be involved in inhibiting behavior in the face of negative consequences and the anxiety we feel in those circumstances." This imbalance, she speculated, may be genetically based -- at least partially.An important next step in this line of research would be to see whether the same is true of frontal brain activity in alcoholism, possibly by looking at the children of alcoholics."


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What kind of father
Tuesday. 12.26.06 12:11 pm
What kind of father does not buy christmas gifts for his children??!! I am so upset!!!

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Lead poisoning is a serious matter!
Sunday. 11.5.06 11:21 am
Sun Nov 5, 1:41 AM ET
47 Chinese children have lead poisoning

BEIJING - Forty-seven primary school children in eastern China have been found to have excessive lead in their blood, the latest such case to hit the country.

Tests on the children from a school in Fujian Province's Qili Village by the Disease Prevention and Control Center determined the high lead levels, the official Xinhua News Agency reported late Saturday.

It said one 7-year-old boy was been hospitalized for moderate lead poisoning, and that the Meiheng Smelting Co. in the village was the suspected the source of the lead.

Environmental problems have escalated recently as China's economy booms, with some of the disasters prompting violent protests against local and provincial governments.

In September, Xinhua said at least four children — among hundreds of people sickened by emissions from a lead smelter in western China — likely suffered permanent brain damage.

A Chinese environmental official was quoted as saying the factory was emitting 800 times the acceptable levels, and accusing local authorities of failing to do anything.

About 250 children were hospitalized weeks after the mass poisoning case was uncovered in Hui county in Gansu province, Xinhua said. It said they were being treated with vitamin supplements and most were in stable condition.

Many of the China's environmental disasters have been blamed on companies which, counting on lax enforcement of regulations, find it easier and cheaper to dump poisons into rivers and the ground instead of treating them.

Children are always a target for death and disease. How do we keep our children safe?

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Some ways your child can avoid a weight problem
Sunday. 11.5.06 11:39 am
I have always been worried about my kids weight. The two older ones are fine. My daughter watches her weight naturally because she is a teenager in highschool. However my 11 year old is having difficulty. He is not obese but he is not skinny either. He is now developing a complex because he does not look like his brother and sister (weight wise). I try to encourage him by telling him he is getting taller, which he is and by also telling him that he needs to exercise more. He is so lazy. That is the problem. I want to take him to the gym but they dont allow 11 year olds to work out. He cant even use the bicycle or the treadmill until he turns 13. Personally I dont have the time to get him on a workout schedule unless he comes with me which he cant.

Here are some ways you can help your child avoid a weight problem:
Never put your child on a low-calorie deprivation diet. You can lower dietary fat, but maintain calories by increasing the consumption of fruit, vegetables, cereals, and breads. Children who eat full meals do better nutritionally than children who merely snack. Your child should come to the table hungry, learn how to control hunger, and wait for his meal to be served. Remove snack temptations around the house. Don't use desserts and sweets as rewards. Have family meals, and set a good example by eating a wide variety of foods. Make mealtime pleasant. Don't use this time for criticizing and scolding.

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Google your name
Sunday. 4.6.08 3:26 am
I was always curious what people would find if they were to google me. Surprisingly enough, Nutang got me listed on google. When I type in my name, my nutang blog comes up. That is so awesome! Thanks Nutang!

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borrowing bandwidth from the PENIS next door
Sunday. 6.24.07 2:42 am
My internet is out and I cant pay the bill right now. So I am borrowing bandwidth from my neighbor. I dont think he knows it because if he did, he would secure his connection. Anyhow lucky for me, he is an idiot. The guy fell down and had this cast on his leg for a long time. He walks on it with out a crutch and even tries to run on it. That is really bright.

Why do I call him a penis? No, not because he uses that head to think.... it is because his modems name is SUCKDICK. WTH...?? Who names their modem that?? My neighbor. That is who.

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