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There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast foods.
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Wednesday. 7.27.16 5:43 pm
In bed with a book and my cat. There's a rainstorm outside.

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Progress for progress sake
Monday. 7.25.16 1:46 pm
Bridal Showers and Baby Showers annoy me.

Not the celebration of the event - it's the separating of the sexes to celebrate 'appropriately' that bugs me. I'm extremely introverted and I just don't understand what's so great about inviting only half your friends to a party. Dudes can be just as excited if not MORE excited about these things than girls. While the lovely ladies who have invited me to these upcoming celebrations are wonderful they are both more friends with my husband than with me. So, while he would have loved to have been by their side and maybe even help plan I've been invited because I have boobs. -_-

*rant over*

I've been needing to updated my wardrobe for a long time. I plan to buy one clothing item every paycheck until Christmas. A skirt, a shirt, a pair of shoes, a hair thingamabob ....etc. It makes me kinda excited. :D

I still haven't made it out to a volunteer site just yet. BUT! I did take the baby step of printing out and completing the volunteer forms. My top two contenders are the library (reading to kids!) and the Nature Refuge (garden recovery!). I'm torn between the two because they're both kinda awesome. I think I'm leaning towards volunteering at the library and getting a membership to the refuge so I can go hiking on the weekends. We'll see what ends up happening.

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I'm lonely
Wednesday. 7.13.16 9:56 pm
So; I guess one of the main reasons I found my way back to this little haven is because I'm lonely.

When all my friends started getting married everything was great; but now they're having babies. Don't get me wrong; it's also great, but I find myself drifting farther out to sea everyday.

Married life is great when I get to see my person, but because of their work hours I get to see them twice a week for a few hours at a time. I'm also incredibly introverted which makes new situations with unknown people a lot scarier than you'd think. I end up waking up every morning to a sleepy spouse who went to sleep a few hours before me, going to work (my one social outlet 😑) and then coming home to an empty house.

I believe I've forgotten how to make friends. Worse, I believe I've forgotten how to maintain friendships.

So, in order to try and liven up my life a little I'm going to try something new.

1) Volunteer on weekends
-Fort Worth nature reserve
-animal shelter
-Red Cross
2) Join a club
-book club
-movie club (is that a thing?)
-knitting club
3) Personal Date Nights
-movie dates
-bookstore dates
-city garden dates
-museum dates
4) Take a class
-ice skating

I will obviously not do everything; but maybe I could try one from each category between now and next summer.

It's a thought anyway....

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It's in the details
Tuesday. 7.12.16 11:01 pm
So, I'm just going to ramble because that's what I do.

I feel like if life is a storm this past year I've been in the eye. Basically safe but basically not. I suppose it could be better described as a neutral zone.

Wedding craziness was stereotypically crazy what with family drama, unexpected thunderstorms (it was outside) and the usual uneasiness I get when I spend money. But! It went off without a hitch and was pretty nice if I must say so myself. For our honeymoon we backpacked through Europe for two weeks. Dublin, Wales, London and Paris. A bunch of stuff got knocked off my bucket list but honestly even more got added so I'll just have to figure out a way back one day.

Work is repetitive and boring so there's honestly not anything to discuss there. I'm kinda lost as far as future plans are concerned at the moment. I've sorta lost my passion as far as work future is concerned. Maybe I need to find a way to travel for my job. Or be surrounded by books. Or be surrounded by books when I travel. Lol - the dream....

I've been cooking more. No more fast food meals for me! It's actually be extremely fun trying new techniques and foods. More on this to come!

My family. Mom & dad are doing well. Though right now for the sake of their jobs they currently live about 2 hours away from each other. They take turns costing on weekends though and it's seemed to make them closer so it's not all bad. My brother however has disentangled himself from us 😞 I only have one brother so it's been kinda painful. Basically; my parents paid for him to go to school for a number of years (they did this for both of us; but I only took two years, brother took more than double). And when I say paid for school I don't just mean tuition. I mean rent, groceries, all bills, cable and Internet. Now it seems he believes my parents forced him to go to college and that they were unrealistic to expect him to provide them with updates. So, now he hates them. To the point where he didn't come to my wedding because they would be there. I suppose there's only so much you can do.

Elessar currently works evenings and I work days and with my intense introvert-ness it's been a bit trying on me. I know I should get out more and attempt to connect to the world and engage with people but I think I've forgotten how to make friends. I dunno. I'm told it's simply self doubt eating me alive but that anxiety sure is something when you're on the way out of the house on your own. I'll keep y'all updated on progress here as/if it comes along.

Well- I suppose that's it. Sorry for the ugly spelling and punctuation. This entry was written on an iPhone.

Hope you find yourself happy!

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