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Derrick Wee


Beneath Inconsistency and Imperfections.

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people who kept complaining about why
can't they comment, which is because you
just have to type the first four code given.
hah i know its stupid but this is how it works!



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Love, death, pain and fear
Tuesday. 12.1.09 4:57 pm


Why do we destroy the things we love most?
Why do we hurt the people we love?

These are eternal questions that play itself out over history, over time, over different places.

It is one of the Great Pains at the root of the human spirit.

Anyway, finish watching My Sister's Keeper on my lappy.
My Gawd, feeling so crappy now. Feeling so sad after watching it.

The pain, death, love and fear.

Are you afraid of death?
Where would you go to? Have you ever wonder?

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Meet up
Monday. 11.30.09 4:34 pm









No words, just pictures, Yes i'm lazy (:

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Miss my long hair badly.
Wednesday. 11.25.09 2:30 pm


Picture taken quite awhile ago, over at idreamin studio.

When i had longer hair, most of the people asked me to cut shorter.
They said : you shouldn't have hair covering your face!
So i went to cut a little shorter, and played with it.
Next moment my friend cut it even shorter! Its nice though.

And many of them love the new haircut, i was getting use to it by then.
But recently, i had friends saying long hair suits be better.
I wonder why and i went around asking others.
Conculsion, some prefer short and some prefer long.
The issue here is i really dont know which i prefer? Hmmmm, slap me in the face.

Come again, i miss my longer hair :(

Anyway here's something to share. Running back.
Am i feeling this way too?

These days you barely even say my name,
like you donít really feel the same
Iím wondering whats to blame.
These nights, I fall asleep wondering where you are?
It feels like weíre falling apart ,
And itís totally breaking my heart.

Cause if being with you means being alone,
and never knowing when youíre coming home.
Then I guess Iím better off on my own

But I cant move on
Cause that means forgettin, forgettin, everything we had
Instead I keep running, keep running, I keep running back
Cause I keep forgettin, forgettin, you treat me so bad
So I keep on comin, keep comin, I keep comin back

I keep comin back (I keep running back)
And I keep running back (I keep comin back)
I keep comin back (I keep running back)
And I keep comin, I keep running back

My friends say that I should leave you behind
And stop wasting all my time
They tell me that Iím out of my mind

But I know that what we both share is real
And that I been willing to deal
With the way that youíre making me feel

Cause if being with you means being alone
And never knowiní when youíre coming home
Then I guess Iím better off on my own

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Have Faith
Wednesday. 11.25.09 9:17 am

If there's one important thing I need to learn, it's this:

Have more faith in the people who love you.
Many times, they want to reach out to help you.
But they also know that many things, you have to learn on your own.
Sometimes, they will have to bear the pain of watching you fall.
But they will be there to pick you up. Always.

Words don't always have to be spoken to be felt.
Although it would be nice to hear those words spoken aloud, but anyone can do that.
You don't need faith for that.
Faith is believing in something that you cannot see,
believing in something that you cannot hear.
It comes together with Trust and with Love.

In times where it seems too much to bear - all the more you should be still and listen.

Have faith in the people who love you.
And ask to be blessed with a discerning spirit.
Have faith, have hope, have joy.
The Joy of the Lord shall be your strength.

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Late Night
Sunday. 11.22.09 6:09 am

My body is damn tired. But for some reason,
I haven't been sleeping early the past few days.

I think it's coz' there's so many things on my mind,
so much so that I feel sleeping early is criminal.
Then again, even if I don't sleep yet,
I ain't doing the things I'm supposed to be doing.

Derrick's doing his procrastinating thing again.
C'mon, chop chop, get to work now...

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Late night supper
Thursday. 11.19.09 2:52 pm


Liyun came over, headed down to Holland village for some food hunting.
Spent quite awhile in Cold Storage and now we are god damn bloated!

Cooked Pasta, Mashed Potato with Blackpepper sauce, Drumlets and baked beans for supper.
And for myself, had lychee for dessert.

Anyway gotta thank Ckae for those Clinique Products.
Gonna really take good care of my skin from now on.


Time check : 4:05am
Simply just chilling with our stomach filled with junk.

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