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Autumn Days
Monday. 10.6.08 8:24 pm
It's raining leaves. The wind blowing through the trees creating a shower of green, red, and gold. The last days of summer finally disappeared as the crisp air bites into the world. The once open feeling of the house, has suddenly become claustrophobic as the transition between open windows changes into a cozy land of simmering soup and fires.

How can the mood of a day, the energetic whirl sink so deeply into your skin and move you without your permission or knowledge?

This is my favorite season. I love the fall, the celebrations, the changes in daylight and temp, but the transition is also a bumpy one as I get moody and melancholy for no reason. My body twitching with cabin fever that has yet to start, but I know is coming. My mind a whirl of creative energy as I plot and plan to fill the wet cold days with indoor activities, and at the same time I am at a loss, feeling lethargic and the boredom I once complained of in childhood descending upon me.

Mmm there is a story in here somewhere.

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Way to go mom
Thursday. 9.25.08 10:49 pm
Went to a swim meet tonight with Katie, and Kierra. Cheered some for Stevie, and Jordan. Then after we dropped Katie off at home, mom just went on a huge rant blaming me for my car situation.
Honestly, I don't even see how she can blame this on me, and say it's my screw up.

Ruined my whole day.

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We shall be free!
Wednesday. 9.17.08 11:14 pm
I like to read books about drifters and wanderers and poets. They all seem to make me feel a little less insane, and a little more real. I was reading Ralph Waldo Emerson last night....it's some book about self-reliance and things like that, and it just makes my brain tingle to read what he has to say. "Every revolution was a first thought in one man's mind, and when the same thought occurs to another man, it's the key to that era."

I want to travel every where my feet can take me. I want to find myself in as many different ways as humanly possible. I want to see, I want to believe. I want the world to know that I have something to bring to the tables. I've got words to spread and images to be seen. I've got my fingers and they are trying to hold the world and I don't know how long it will take to get there, but none-the-less, I'm in for the ride.

I will one day be the ocean rising and falling with the waves of the world. I will one day shine like the sunrise and cast beauty like the sunsets. I will breathe as deep as the sky and i will sing as loud as the birds. My heart will never, ever stop loving, i was meant to be this way.

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Things you can fall asleep thinking about.
Monday. 9.15.08 6:25 pm
I feel like changing.
I feel like crunching the leaves beneath my feet.
I feel like pouring out my soul and drinking up hearts.
I feel like getting on the road and letting it take me where it does.
I feel like drowning in sound and laughing out load.
I feel like shouting at the skies and not feeling a bit of crazy

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A slight confession
Sunday. 9.14.08 3:25 pm
I really, really miss certain people.
There are the obvious ones.
And the ones I don't think I'm supposed to miss.
I wonder if they're thinking about me right now..

I like where I am in life
Sometimes I wonder if I would like it better if things were different though
The downsides of being young & unknowing

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All I have to say is...
Monday. 9.8.08 11:09 pm
I was bold. Me.
I feel a rush, and very triumphant.

A VERY great weekend.

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